Hilton, Westin, Marriott – the best hotel mattress sales to shop this Memorial Day

The Marriott Innerspring Mattress on a bed frame in a Marriott Hotel room, a Tom's Guide price drop deals graphic (left)
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If the best night's sleep of your life happened on a hotel mattress, then you're going to want to take a look at these deals. This is a rare chance to save on a hotel bed, including a big discount on my particular favorite; the Westin Heavenly Bed is up to $1,000 off at Westin Store.

Luxury hotels keep guests happy by equipping their room with the best mattresses around, sourced from top sleep brands. Like the Hilton Bed, now 20% off at Hilton to Home, and the Marriott Mattress, up to $1,000 off at Shop Marriott, both designed exclusively by Sealy.

Hotel mattresses are very rarely discounted, so these Memorial Day mattress sales are something special. Read on to discover five of the best deals from five of the best hotels...

1. Westin Heavenly Bed: $1,645$1,245 at Westin Store

1. Westin Heavenly Bed: from $1,645 $1,245 at Westin Store
Westin Hotels spent over a year developing the Heavenly Bed, testing different formulas until they created the mattress they believed could deliver the ultimate night's sleep. The Westin Hotel Heavenly Bed is a cooling hybrid with plush upper layers and a supportive core, plus the luxury finish you'd expect from the brand. This is a rare opportunity to save on the Westin Heavenly Bed, so if you want to experience the results of all those months of research, don't let this sale pass you by. A queen is now only $2,095 (was $2,495).

2. The Hilton Bed Mattress: $1,195$956 at Hilton to Home

2. The Hilton Bed Mattress: from $1,195 $956 at Hilton to Home
Designed exclusively for Hilton Hotels and Resorts, the Hilton Bed Mattress features a unique internal construction intended to increase edge support – you can properly stretch out on this luxury mattress. A plush quilted top adds soothing pressure relief and is so comfortable Hilton claims it can even reduce restlessness (no more tossing and turning). There's 20% off all sizes of the Hilton Bed, reducing a queen to $1,316 (was $1,645), and you'll get a 10-year warranty.

3. Marriott Foam Mattress: $1,395$1,045 at Shop Marriott

3. Marriott Foam Mattress: from $1,395 $1,045 at Shop Marriott
The Marriott Mattress uses high-density soy-based foams, designed with a quick response to offer cushioning without the quicksand effect of other foams. A quilted damask finish gives the Marriott bed a luxurious look and a cooler feel, for comfortable sleep during even warm nights. You can save $350 on all orders over $1,000 at Shop Marriott, reducing a queen to $1,645 ($1,995). And there's $1,000 over all orders of $2,500, netting you a massive saving on a California king with a box spring. If you prefer a bed with more bounce and less sink, the Marriott Mattress is also available as an innerspring for the same price.

4. Ritz Carlton Bed Mattress: $2,390$1,912 at Ritz-Carlton Shops

4. Ritz Carlton Bed Mattress: from $2,390 $1,912 at Ritz-Carlton Shops
It's the precise attention to detail that makes this bed so special, according to the Ritz-Carlton, at least. This luxurious hybrid features a sumptuously soft top and head-to-toe support, with a breathable build offering comfortable sleep whatever the temperature. The Ritz-Carlton Bed is expensive even for a hotel mattress, so this sale is an opportunity to enjoy hotel luxury for less. With 20% off, a queen is now $2,752 (was $3,440), and we don't know when this deal will be spotted again. 

5. The Sofitel Bed Mattress: $1,499$1,124.25 at Sofitel Boutique

5. The Sofitel Bed Mattress: from $1,499 $1,124.25 at Sofitel Boutique
Designed to provide uninterrupted support from corner to corner, the Sofitel Bed is for luxuriating on, with a super-soft surface to provide cushioning at the pressure points. Made in the US but inspired by French chic, the Sofitel Bed looks and feels indulgent, but in the 25% off sale it's surprisingly affordable for a hotel mattress. A queen is now only $1,424.25 (was $1,899) and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Why do hotel mattresses feel so good?

Hotel mattresses are known for their comfort and quality, and a lot of that is due to the materials used in the construction. Hotel mattresses are used frequently and by a wide range of people, so they have to be durable and versatile. And easy to clean – a good hotel mattress should be fresh by the time the next guest comes along.

Another reason hotel mattresses feel so good is that they focus on every detail of the bed – sheets, pillows, covers... all of it is carefully selected to ensure the best rest. To help you achieve this at home, many hotel stores also sell bedding (or check out our guide to the best pillows, for some excellent options).

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