What is the Ritz-Carlton Hotel mattress and should you buy it?

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For a sumptuous sleep experience you might consider booking a night at the Ritz-Carlton. But you don't actually have to leave your own house to enjoy the world-famous Ritz-Carlton hotel mattress – head to the Ritz-Carlton shop and you can order one for your own bedroom.

But what is the Ritz-Carlton Mattress and is it worth the money? To start, it's a luxurious hybrid designed a focus on cooling and support to rival this year's very best mattresses. It's expensive – even for a hotel mattress – but as it's crafted exclusively for the Ritz-Carlton by luxury sleep brand Stearns & Foster, you'd expect this bed to provide a certain level of quality. 

Here, we take a good look at Ritz-Carlton Hotel Mattress, including whether it can deliver five-star sleep for you. We'll also check out some affordable alternatives, for a similar luxury hybrid feel but a smaller budget. 

What mattress does the Ritz-Carlton use?

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Mattress US

As we explain in our feature looking at what mattresses do hotels use, the Ritz-Carlton Mattress in the US has been designed exclusively for the hotel chain to provide a luxury sleep experience. Created by premium sleep brand Stearns & Foster, the Ritz-Carlton Mattress aims to provide a perfect balance of comfort, support, and temperature regulation.

To create this signature sleep experience, Ritz-Carlton began by sourcing the “most incredibly comfortable mattresses”. This turned out to be a hybrid mattress, combining breathable foam layers with a layer of individually wrapped coils (read more in our best hybrid mattress guide). Cooling is at the heart of the Ritz-Carlton Mattress, so you can sleep comfortably whether you're staying in Maui or Montreal.

The Ritz-Carlton Mattress on a box spring in a hotel

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As well as cooling, the Ritz-Carlton Mattress provides support for all the pressure points, helping alleviate pain as you sleep. As a hybrid bed, we expect a more traditional and responsive feel, but as 13.5" high, this taller mattress should have the cushioned support side sleepers need. The thick design is also good for couples, but those with limited mobility might find it hard to climb in and out of the bed. 

The Ritz-Carlton Mattress is pricey, even for a bed from a premium hotel chain – although it's comparable to the Four Seasons hotel mattress. A queen Ritz-Carlton Mattress on its own will set you back $3,440 at the Ritz-Carlton Shop – add on a box spring and it’s $3,960. Ritz-Carlton does run occasional mattress sales but these are very rare and tend to only pop-up around major holidays. 

In terms of extras, there’s no mattress trial with the Ritz-Carlton Mattress. However, it does have a 10-year warranty. We’d consider this short for a best luxury mattress, but for a hotel bed it’s actually surprisingly good. The Westin mattress only has a 5-year warranty.

The Ritz-Carlton Mattress:

The Ritz-Carlton Mattress: from $2,390 at The Ritz-Carlton Shop
The Ritz-Carlton Mattress is a cooling and supportive hybrid with the luxurious feel you'd expect from a top hotel chain. It's a premium buy – a queen size mattress alone costs $3,960 – but you do get a 10-year warranty. And, of course, that classic Ritz-Carlton experience.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Mattress EU

The same Ritz-Carlton Mattress is used in Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts across the world, but it's not quite so easy to get your hands on if you live outside the US. Ritz-Carlton does ship the bed internationally.but not to France, Corsica, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, or Brazil. If you do want your Ritz-Carlton Mattress shipped internationally, prepare to pay a high delivery fee.

Alternatively, shoppers in the EU might want to consider the Marriott mattress. Like the Ritz-Carlton Mattress, this is a luxurious hybrid and you can choose between a European and a British model.

The Ritz-Carlton Mattress on a box spring and bed frame in a hotel room

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Affordable alternatives to the Ritz-Carlton mattress

1. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling mattress: $999

1. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling mattress: from $999 $749.30 at Brooklyn Bedding
The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Cooling mattress offers a similar promise to the Ritz-Carlton bed: supportive sleep with excellent cooling. In our Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Cooling mattress review we found it hit the mark for pressure relief and temperature control, and with an evergreen sale, a pillow-top queen is $1,698.80.

2. Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid mattress: $839

2. Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid mattress: from $839 $539 at Cocoon by Sealy
For affordable cooling, it doesn't come much better than the Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid mattress. The 35% off sale runs throughout the year, taking a queen down to $899, and you'll get a bedding bundle thrown in for free. Learn more with our Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress review

3. Stearns & Foster Estate mattress:

3. Stearns & Foster Estate mattress: from $2,299 at Stearns & Foster
It's rare to recommend the Stearns & Foster Estate mattress as an affordable alternative but compared to the Ritz-Carlton bed this mattress is almost budget-friendly. Stearns & Foster mattress sales are rare, but shop at the right time and you might find a good deal. But even at full price, we found the bed offered "gorgeous luxury" in our Stearns & Foster Estate mattress review

Other Ritz-Carlton Hotel bedding you can buy

Recreate the Ritz-Carlton in your home with the Ritz-Carlton shop. The full sleep setup – including mattress, box spring, featherbed, duvet, pillows, sheets, and more – is $6,697 for a queen. It’s the closest you’ll come to staying at the Ritz-Carlton without actually visiting the Ritz-Carlton.

Alternatively, you can purchase your favorite sleep accessories individually. For a plush finish, add a featherbed topper ($480 for a queen), or for those crisp hotel whites get the Classic White Linen Set (a queen is $1,014). And before you climb into bed, why not wrap yourself up in the Ritz-Carlton Diamond Waffle Robe for $125?

Should you buy the Ritz-Carlton Mattress?

The Ritz-Carlton Mattress is a good choice for hot sleepers who want a luxurious bed. The innovative cooling build should keep temperatures under control even during warm nights, while the thicker build offers comfort for couples and side sleepers. If it’s the signature Ritz-Carlton experience you’re after, we think this mattress will provide it. 

However, the Ritz-Carlton Mattress is expensive, even for a hotel bed – the Hilton mattress is a more affordable alternative. And if it’s cooling you’re after, the Brooklyn Bedding Aura Luxe or the Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid can keep you chilled at a much lower price. 

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