What mattress does the Hilton hotel use — and where to buy them

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After a night snuggled up in a sumptuous hotel bed, you might be looking for a way to recreate the same level of luxury in your own home. Some of the very best mattresses can be found in hotels, and we'll explore what beds they use in the popular and luxurious Hilton hotels.

All Hilton Hotels are fitted with innerspring mattresses with plush tops, specially crafted by sleep brand Serta. Here, we'll explore what design features make the custom made Hilton Bed so comfortable, as well as outlining exactly how you can get your hands on the best budget-friendly alternatives. Not the bed you're after? Head to our guide exploring what mattresses do hotels use if you want to recreate a luxury weekend away without leaving your bedroom.

What mattress does the Hilton use?

The Hilton US

The mattresses used by Hilton Hotels are a luxury innerspring model, designed and manufactured exclusively for Hilton by popular sleep brand Serta. The custom made Hilton Bed was created to provide a supportive rest for a wide range of sleepers, so all guests could drift off comfortably. 

The Hilton Bed has a traditional feel, so expect a bit of bounce. But don’t worry if you share a bed – Hilton promises “maximum motion absorption," which means you shouldn't be able feel every toss and turn from your restless bedfellow (or vice versa.) This is thanks to the patented quilt design and plush top, which Hilton claims can improve circulation and limit tossing and turning.

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The unique interior coil construction provides head to toe support, keeping your spine aligned throughout the night for fewer aches and pains in the morning. This support reaches right to the tips of the bed, with extra coils to prevent sagging at the edges. You should be able to stretch out completely, as well as sitting safely and push off seamlessly the next morning without the mattress collapsing beneath you.

The Hilton Bed isn’t quite as expensive as some other hotel mattresses, but it’s still a premium purchase. A queen size Hilton mattress is $1,645 at the Hilton to Home store. We have spotted occasional mattress sales at Hilton to Home, but these tend to appear around the major holidays.

The Hilton Bed:

The Hilton Bed: from $1,195 at Hilton to Home
A luxurious innerspring with full-body supporte and a plush quilted finish, the Hilton Bed has been exclusively designed by Serta to provide a good night's sleep for all guests at Hilton Hotels. If you want this level of hotel comfort in your own home, the Hilton Bed is $1,645 for a queen, or you can add a box spring for a combined total of $1,845.

The Hilton EU

Hilton Hotel appears to use the same mattress across the chain, with the European website listing an identical-sounding luxury innerspring bed. But while the construction is similar, the sizing is different, with the EU Hilton Bed available in single, double, and super king, as well as queen and king. (If you're wondering how the two regions compare, you can explore our guide to the key differences between US and UK mattress sizes.)

However, the EU Hilton Bed isn’t currently available for purchase – but it is listed as coming soon on the Europe Hilton to Home shop. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that customers in the EU won’t have long to wait before enjoying Hilton comfort in their own home. 

In the meantime, customers in the EU can enjoy the comfort of a hotel bed, even if it doesn't come from the Hilton. Check out our guide to Westin hotel mattresses, for a similar feel that's available in the EU.

Affordable alternatives to Hilton hotel mattresses

The Hilton Bed is more affordable than some hotel mattresses (check out out our guide to Marriott hotel mattresses or the Four Seasons mattresses to learn about a more expensive hotel bed.) However, that's not quite the same as "inexpensive". If your budget can't quite stretch to the Hilton, here are some competitively priced alternatives.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Innerspring Mattress:

Serta Perfect Sleeper Innerspring Mattress: from $499 at Serta
Serta is the brand behind the Hilton Bed, so we recommend sticking with them for the most comparable sleep feel. With a dense coil system providing zoned comfort and support across the body, you can pick your finish for a level of comfort that caters specifically to you. A queen with ultimate support and a medium pillow-top should feel similar to the Hilton Bed, and it has a lower MSRP of $999. But keep an eye out for a Serta mattress sale, as you might be able to snag it for less around  a major sale day.

Serta Mattress:

Serta Mattress: from $399 at Serta
Another Serta choice, the Serta Mattress combines individually wrapped coils and a gel foam for a cooling night's sleep. You can pick from firm, plush, and plush pillow top feels – for a Hilton Bed equivalent, consider the plush pillow top. It's $699 for a queen size, and you'll get an additional cushioned top layer that gently cradles your joints. 

The DreamCloud Mattress:

The DreamCloud Mattress: from $419 at DreamCloud
The plush and quilted cover of the DreamCloud brings to mind the luxurious finish of the Hilton Bed, but this isn't just a superficial similarity. In our DreamCloud mattress review, we found this bed has a hotel-like comfort at a mid-range price – thanks to the evergreen DreamCloud mattress sale, a queen will typically cost you you $665 (MSRP $1,332).

Other Hilton hotel sleep products you can buy

The Hilton also sells a box spring, which can be purchased alongside your mattress. This is available in two different heights – standard 7.25” and low-profile 6”. The box spring isn’t sold separately, so if you want it, make sure to add it to your initial purchase.

The Hilton Mattress Topper on a Hilton Bed in a Hilton Hotel room

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For an affordable alternative to the Hilton Bed, consider the Hilton Mattress Topper. A queen Hilton Mattress Topper is just $125 at Hilton to Home and while it's not the same as a mattress, the diamond quilted finish will give your bed a similarly luxurious look.

You can also buy a range of sleep accessories from the Hilton store, including Hilton exclusive sheets sets and pillows. This allows you to almost completely recreate the feeling of a night in a Hilton hotel, right down to your wake-up beverage - Hilton to Home also stocks The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Hilton Brazil Blend Coffee, $14.95 for 12 oz

Should you buy the Hilton hotel mattress?

As an innerspring bed, the Hilton mattress delivers a traditional feel with sturdy edge support that will appeal to anyone who wants to stretch out or sit safely before standing. The Hilton Bed isn’t cheap, but it’s more affordable than many other hotel mattresses, and you get to enjoy the sumptuous and patented Hilton quilt top in your own home. 

Unfortunately, the extras are average. The four to six week delivery period isn’t unusual for an exclusive mattress, but the 10-year warranty is on tad on the short side, especially as some comparably-priced beds come with lifetime warranties. But this sin't completely unusual – the Ritz-Carlton mattress is pricier again and only has a 5-year warranty. There’s also no mattress trial period, so if you’re not sure if this bed is for you, you need to plan a night at the Hilton to get to know it.

However, there are cheaper alternatives that come from the same brand. While it won’t have the exclusive Hilton feel, other Serta mattresses can be an affordable way to achieve something similar. 

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