What mattress does the Westin hotel use — and where to buy them

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For the best hoteliers, ensuring that guests experience supreme comfort during their stay doesn't come down to luck. The Heavenly Bed is the mattress used at Westin Hotels and Resorts around the world. Having been first introduced in 1999, it's clear it's still delivering in terms of comfort and support.

But what makes the Heavenly Bed the best mattress for guests? The Heavenly Bed is an innerspring mattress with a plush pillow-top, created exclusively for Westin Hotels and Resorts by sleep brand Simmons, the luxury mattress brand also behind the hugely popular Beautyrest beds.

Here, we'll explore how the Heavenly Bed is designed to deliver consistently dreamy sleep, and how you can get your hands on an affordable alternative. With the Memorial Day mattress sales just weeks away, many mattress brands have launched their discounts early, making now an excellent time to buy. Let's get started. 

What mattress does the Westin hotel use?

The Westin Heavenly Bed US

The Heavenly Bed has been bringing sweet dreams to guests at the Westin Hotel chain since 1999. Created by legendary sleep brand Simmons, the Heavenly Bed is a luxurious innerspring mattress with a plush pillow-top surface. 

After a year of rigorous testing, Westin discovered that a combination of sturdy innerspring base and cushioned pillow-top provided the perfect blend of comfort and support for sleepers. As an innerspring mattress, the Heavenly Bed will have a bouncier feel that makes it easy to move around, while the pillow-top will provide a plush, elevated sleep surface. 

Because it's an innerspring, the Heavenly Bed won't have the deep, sink-in feel of a memory foam mattress. But it also shouldn't feel like sleeping on a rock – expect a medium to medium-firm feel that will suit a range of sleep styles. At 14" tall, this is a thick mattress, so will provide ample support and cushioning side sleepers. Tall beds feel decadent, but can be trickier to get in and out of if you have mobility issues. 

The Westin Heavenly Bed in a hotel room

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All Heavenly Beds are made to order, so expect a slightly longer delivery time. Westin estimates it will take approximately four to six weeks. There's a flat delivery fee of $285 across the contiguous United States (sleepers in remote areas may have to pay extra for delivery). 

Be mindful that because each bed is made to order, you're unable to return your mattress. However, Westin seem fairly confident you won't want to send the bed back (in fact, Westin is "certain that you will love your Heavenly Bed"). But if you're on the fence, the lack of mattress trial period and returns is certainly a downside. Each Heavenly Bed comes with a 10-year warranty.

The Westin Heavenly Bed has an MSRP of $2,495 for a queen, placing it into a similar price bracket as the best luxury mattresses, We don't expect to see it on offer in the upcoming Memorial Day mattress sales, but other luxury beds will be discounted.

Westin Heavenly Bed US:

Westin Heavenly Bed US: from $1,645 at Westin Store
The Heavenly Bed is the result of a year-long test to find the best hotel mattress, and the luxurious innerspring is the mattress used by Westin Hotels since 1999. As a premium bed, a queen will cost you $2,495 (add a box spring and the total will come to $2,995). Westin sales are rare, but they do occur occasionally, so it's worth keeping an eye out.

The Westin Heavenly Bed EU

The mattress used by Westin Hotels in the EU is similar to its US counterpart, and you can expect a comparable sleep experience. Like the US Heavenly Bed, the EU Heavenly Bed is an innerspring with a pillow-top. A knit fabric cover gives it that classic Westin look. There are, however, a few differences worth noting.

First, the Westin Heavenly Bed EU measures 30cm tall, so it's roughly two inches shorter than the US mattress. It's still a relatively thick mattress, but not as luxuriously deep. In addition, shoppers in the EU will only get a 5-year manufacturer warranty, compared to 10-years in the US.

Other than that, you can expect a similar feel. The shorter build is easier to get in and out of so if you have mobility issues, the EU Heavenly Bed might be a better choice for you.

Westin Heavenly Bed EU:

Westin Heavenly Bed EU: from €2,195 at Westin Store
The Heavenly Bed is the mattress you'll find in Westin Hotels and Resorts across Europe. Exclusive to Westin, the innerspring mattress is a premium buy. A double mattress has an RRP of €2,095 (€3,095 if you add the box spring) and sales are very rare.

Affordable alternatives to the Westin hotel mattress

WinkBed mattress: $1,149

WinkBed mattress: from $1,149 $849 at WinkBed
The WinkBed is a luxury hybrid mattress that wouldn't be out of place in a high-end hotel – in fact, you can find the WinkBed in The Times Hotel and Gravity Haus Lodgings. You can pick between three firmness levels; Luxury Firm is the most popular, and will deliver a similar feel to the Westin Heavenly Bed. A queen WinkBed has an MSRP of $1,799, but frequent WinkBed sales means you never have to pay full price. Learn more with our WinkBed mattress review.

Saatva Classic Mattress: $1,395

Saatva Classic Mattress: from $1,395 $1,195 at Saatva
The Saatva Classic is our all-time favorite mattress, thanks to its outstanding level of comfort and customizable firmness options. In our Saatva Classic Mattress review, we were impressed with how this hybrid recreated a hotel feel in the comfort of your own bedroom. The queen Saatva Classic has an MSRP of $2,095, but Saatva mattress sales run throughout the year, with big savings around the major holidays. Unlike the Westin Bed, Saatva offers a lengthy 365 night sleep trial, so you can be sure this bed is right for you. 

Beautyrest Harmony Lux mattress:

Beautyrest Harmony Lux mattress: from $1,299 at Beautyrest
Beautyrest is owned by Simmons, the company behind the Heavenly Bed, so stick with them if you want a similar feel to the Westin mattress. Upgrade your Harmony Lux to the pillow-top ($1,599 for a queen), for something akin to the Heavenly Bed, or, if you're on a stricter budget, the Beautyrest Harmony is just $699 for a queen at Beautyrest. For the latest savings, check out our Beautyrest mattress sales page. 

Other Westin Hotel sleep accessories you can buy

Your Westin Heavenly Bed can be bundled with a box spring or purchased as the mattress alone. If you don't purchase the box spring, Westin recommends using a firm surface like a platform bed. Or take things one step further and recreate the entire Heavenly Bed, with sheets, duvets, pillows, and even bed skirts – the Westin store has everything you need for a full Heavenly Bed set-up. These added touches are a great way to make your mattress feel like a 5-star hotel bed for less. 

And we all know how hard it can be to travel with pets, so if you want to give your furry friend a vacation experience without the hassle, Westin has you covered. The Westin Heavenly Dog Bed is $295 at Westin Store and offers pampered sleep for small and mid-sized pooches.

If you had a better night's sleep at a different hotel, we can help you out there as well. Check out our guides to 'what mattress does the Hilton Hotel use' and 'what mattress does the Marriott hotel use' for more vacation-style comfort.

Should you buy the Westin Heavenly Bed?

The biggest downside to the Westin bed is the lack of trial period or returns. This is an expensive purchase, and once you've made it, you're stuck with it. If you haven't spent time on a Heavenly Bed before, this is a good excuse to book a stay in a Westin property – after all, you want to know what you're getting.

The Heavenly Bed is expensive even for a hotel mattress, although not as expensive as the Ritz-Carlton mattress or Four Seasons mattress, but if the best night's sleep of your life came in a Westin Hotel, you might think it's worth it. Slightly more affordable alternatives such as the Saatva, WinkBed and Beautyrest offer a similar feel, but also come with lengthy sleep trials and returns. 

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