Best Samsung Galaxy S24 cases in 2024

best samsung galaxy S24 cases
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The best Samsung Galaxy S24 cases are an essential purchase if you’re planning on grabbing one of Samsung’s new phones now that it's available for purchase. That’s because the right case keeps your new phone looking that way long after it lands in your hand for the first time.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is pretty durable all on its own, with Galaxy S24 models — specifically, the S24 Ultra — faring well in third-party durability tests.  Still, even with those safeguards, your Galaxy 24 could suffer from dings and scratches if it’s left without a case. 

While buying a case can be intimidating, it couldn't be simple. We have compiled this list to show you the best options currently available, while also giving you an idea of what is on offer at the moment. The truth is that no two cases are made equal, so it's worth knowing what cases exceed expectations.

 Thankfully, everything on this list can hold up against wear and tear like scratches, cracks, and dirt — and even a few standout features for seamless integration into your day-to-day life. 

The best Samsung Galaxy S24 cases

What to look for in the best Samsung Galaxy S24 cases

Before you buy your new Galaxy S24 case, make sure that you’ve selected one that fits your phone. The Galaxy S24 Plus and the Galaxy S24 Ultra are both larger than the Galaxy S24, and the Ultra has square corners rather than rounded edges. Cases made for those models — as well as the previous generation of Galaxy S23 phones— won’t fit your standard S24.

If you've got a larger Galaxy model, you can review our best Galaxy S24 Plus cases and our best Galaxy S24 Ultra cases to find a more appropriate option for your phone.

Aside from the fit, here are a few other considerations that make the best Galaxy S24 cases:

  • Profile: If you’re a minimalist who carries their phone in a pocket, consider thin, low-profile cases over more rugged options. Just know that you may sacrifice some protection. 
  • Drop protection: Most phone drops occur from about 4 feet, so if you’re especially prone to letting your phone out of your grip, look for cases that promise drop protection of 4 feet or more. 
  • Price: Our picks include Galaxy S24 cases at a range of prices, from $35 for those on a budget to $75 for those willing to spend. There are cheaper (and more expensive) options out there, but we’ve included a representative range of what’s available. 
  • Features: The most basic cases protect your Galaxy S24 from dings and scratches, but if you have more niche uses for your phone, you may want to consider models that have kickstands or MagSafe accessory compatibility.
  • Aesthetics: Your case can add style and character to your Galaxy S24, and there are options for those who prefer a low-profile, neutral option as well as for those who want a pattern or design that stands out. 

How we pick the best Samsung Galaxy S24 cases

To come up with our list of the best Samsung Galaxy S24 cases, we consider both word-of-mouth recommendations and in-depth research into case features, such as drop protection, appearance, unique functionality, and cost. Our picks include cases that fit a variety of user needs, preferences, and price points. 

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