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Big-name streamers are plentiful, and let’s face it, finding something to watch when you have thousands of options at your fingertips can sometimes be a little overwhelming. However, if you’re tired of the endless scroll and are looking for a service that is a little bit more focused on a specific genre, these niche streaming services might just cater to your unique interests. 

Whether you're a cinephile yearning for meticulously curated cinematic masterpieces, a thrill-seeker immersed in the spine-chilling allure of horror films, or love the world of Asian dramas and animation, these niche streaming services all have libraries that you might just want to check out!


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If you’re a fan of things that go bump in the night, horror-focused streamer Shudder is well worth your subscription dollars. This one-stop shop for all things creepy includes vintage chillers, contemporary indie screams, and original films and series including the newly-rebooted "Creepshow," viral sensation "Skinamarink" and the critically acclaimed "When Evil Lurks."

An ad-free subscription to Shudder Unlimited currently costs $6.99 per month, or $71.88 annually (equals only $5.99/month!) in the U.S. and Canada. Want to try before you buy? Currently Shudder Unlimited has a 7-day free trial for new users to check out their offerings. 

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Crunchyroll is the go-to streaming service for anime fans. It boasts a massive library of both new and classic anime, and also includes simulcasts straight from Japan, allowing fans to watch new episodes of blockbuster shows shortly after they air in Japan with English subtitles. 

Whether you're a die-hard fan of mega-franchises like "Attack on Titan," "Jujutsu Kaisen" and "Demon Slayer" or want to discover hidden gems and rising stars, Crunchyroll has something for you.

Subscription prices for the no-ads premium version, which includes subtitled simulcasts directly from Japan, start at $7.99

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Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki

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Can’t get enough drama? Viki has a vast library of Korean romantic series, Chinese historical epics, and everything in between. Interestingly, most subtitled content on this streamer is powered by community members who are fans themselves, who are able to translate shows with nuance and depth that might be missed by other translation services. 

Viki has two different subscription tiers: the standard Viki Pass, which includes ad-free access to 1000+ library shows like "The Last Immortal" and "Our Interpreter" and costs $5.99 monthly, or the Viki Pass Plus, which unlocks 1500 Asian dramas and series like "The Third Marriage" and also includes immediate access to all dramas and variety shows from KOCOWA like "Knight Flower" and "The Second Husband."

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There’s nothing that can match the thrill of live performance, but if you’re looking to see the best of Broadway from your couch, you can’t beat BroadwayHD. This streaming service has recordings of amazing Broadway shows from today and yesteryear, including "Kinky Boots," "Titanic the Musical" and "The Prince of Egypt" stage adaptation.  

Plans are on the pricier side at $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year for an ad-free subscription. However, when you consider how much just a single ticket to a Broadway show can cost, it's a little easier to see the value. 

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Looking for the best cinema has to offer? Consider Mubi your arthouse film paradise. This curated service only features a few films at a time, with a library that is constantly changing. However, when your featured films list includes Oscar-nominated movies like "Decision to Leave" and "Aftersun," you know you’re in a place where the art of moviemaking is truly separated. Mubi also has a robust library of international films, as well as cult classics, and hidden gems.

An ad-free subscription to Mubi costs $14.99 per month or $119.88 per year. Want to see what’s currently playing on Mubi? The service offers a 7-day free trial for new users to see what is currently on the streamer. 

Learn more at MUBI

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