Netflix just announced major deal with NFL — here are the exclusive games for this season

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Football fans will need to fork out for another streaming service this season if they want to watch every NFL game, as Netflix has just confirmed its previously rumored deal with the National Football League. 

The world’s most popular streamer announced today (May 15) that it will be the exclusive home of the NFL’s Christmas Day doubleheader. Put in the simplest possible terms, on Wednesday, December 25, Netflix will live broadcast two NFL games and will be the only platform offering access to these games. If you want to watch these Yuletide games, you’ll need a Netflix account. 

This deal doesn’t mark the first time the NFL and Netflix have teamed up — they have collaborated on original documentaries in the past — but it will be the first time that Netflix offers subscribers access to live NFL matches, making it a landmark agreement between the biggest name in streaming and the biggest name in professional sports (in the U.S., at least). 

In the announcement post, Netflix's Chief Content Officer, Bela Bajaria, said, “Last year, we decided to take a big bet on live — tapping into massive fandoms across comedy, reality TV, sports, and more. There are no live annual events, sports or otherwise, that compare with the audiences NFL football attracts. We’re so excited that the NFL’s Christmas Day games will be only on Netflix.”

NFL’s Executive Vice President of Media Distribution, Hans Schroeder, said, “We couldn’t be more excited to be the first professional sports league to partner with Netflix to bring live games to fans around the world. The NFL on Christmas has become a tradition and to partner with Netflix, a service whose biggest day of the year is typically this holiday, is the perfect combination to grow this event globally for NFL fans.” 

The four teams that will involved in these two Netflix streamed matches will be revealed later today at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT when the NFL confirms the full 2024 schedule. I’m just hoping my Los Angeles Chargers aren't involved, as watching them lose (as per usual) would surely put a damper on my festive spirit. 

Netflix is the latest streaming service to carry exclusive NFL games

Netflix is not the first streaming service to get exclusive access to a set of NFL games this season. The league's broadcast strategy is becoming increasingly piecemeal with dedicated fans wanting to watch every game being left with little choice but to pay for multiple services. 

For the 2024-25 season it’s already been confirmed that alongside Netflix’s exclusive Christmas double bill, Amazon Prime Video will carry Thursday Night Football, a Black Friday game and one wild-card playoff game. Peacock will broadcast Packers vs. Eagles in Brazil during week one, and ESPN Plus will have the exclusive rights to an international game. 

That’s four streaming services — not including NFL Sunday Ticket via YouTube TV — that football fans will need if they want to see every single play possible this season. So, while it’s exciting to see Netflix take its biggest leap yet into streaming live sports, it’s tinged with a little bit of frustration that it may result in increased costs for the most passionate football fans out there. 

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