Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 10000 Rs – 2021 New Edition

If you want to get the best of bucks and experience true surround sound, deep bass music, then here are the best Bluetooth speakers under 10,000 Rs. Whether it’s JBL, Sony, Sennheiser, or Harmon Kardon, here we have picked the best of them after reviewing and analyzing customer satisfaction. Although all of these big brands are known for providing true bass, treble, and sound quality products. But as the coming of new tech equipment, they are packing their speakers with awesome features like IPX7, long battery, multi-pairing, etc.

If you are a true audiophile and want to enjoy the awesome listening experience with the latest tech equipped Bluetooth speakers. Then I am sure you are going to find the best which suits your lifestyle from these top wireless Bluetooth speakers below 10,000 Rs of the price range.

Our Top 2021 Picks

Sony SRS XB31

Sony SRS XB31 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 10000
Best All In Pick



Top Bluetooth Speaker under 10,000 rs from JBL
Best Bass Pick


Ultimate Ears Boom 2

Best New Bluetooth Speakers Under 10000
Best Balanced Pick


Also, we have categorized them with the best suitable title for them according to daily use. Like if you are a travel freak or party freak or a person who wants to enjoy the mood swings with good music. Here we have covered all of them and I am sure you will get the best of your bucks.

In fact, we have covered the quick facts which will work as a little dose of knowledge for your audiophile part. So without any further delay let us go to the best wireless speakers under the 10,000 Rs section.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 10,000 Rs: India 2021 Updates

So, this is the table for the best wireless speaker under 10,000 Rs:

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1. Sony SRS-XB30  Best Durable

Sony SRS best pick of bluetooth speaker under 10,000 rs

Extra Bass
24 Hours Playback
Flashing Strobe & Light (Party Mode)

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Now take the party wherever you want with the Sony SRS-XB30 with its impressive sound quality along with the multi-colour LED light ring that gives you a complete party atmosphere.


Sound quality

The most crucial thing everybody considers is the sound quality. Well, the Sony SRS-XB30 never disappoints. The high-range and mid-range are quite clear, and the bass has some kick. There is an “Extra bass” button as well if you want to rock the party.


The ring that surrounds the speaker is a multi-color LED light that changes color from time to time. There are two other white LED lights included on either side of the speaker. The lights can be set to dance with the music, which looks quite amazing.

Other features

The device has a bass booster and can be easily paired to NFC devices. You can answer your calls, use Siri, or charge your phone as well through the speaker. It can be paired with other similar speakers as well. It has a Bluetooth standby feature as well.

2. Harman Kardon HK Traveler  Best Powerfull & Compact

Best wireless speaker under 10000 from harman kardon

Compact Design & Lightweight
10 Hours Battery (Inbuilt Powerbank)
Good Surround Sound

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

The Harman Kardon Traveler is a great wireless Bluetooth speaker that comes with a dual-microphone conferencing system along with echo and noise cancellation. It serves as a power bank to get your devices charged while you’re travelling.


Great design

The speaker is made of pure aluminum and has some quite clean and attractive looks. The speaker is flat and small in size, which makes it easy to carry it around. Leather is used on the top, which looks quite decent. There isn’t any rubber covering the charging port. Hence, you might keep it away from dust.

Sound quality

The device was great when tested with hard as well as soft music. The bass gives some excellent detail. The mid-range and treble are excellent as well, and the vocals are clear at low volume as well as high volume.

Other features

The speaker can run for up to 10 hours due to the 2500mAh battery. The device can be used as a power bank as well in case of an emergency. It works fine with your smartphone or tablet.

3. JBL FLIP 4  Best Bass Speaker

Top Bluetooth Speaker under 10,000 rs from JBL

IPX7 Waterproof
12 Hours Playback
Good Bass & Surround Sound

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

The JBL Flip 4 is a high budget wireless Bluetooth speaker under 10,000 INR. The speaker is waterproof and can run up to 12 hours continuously. Flip 4 has a lot of basses, and the overall sound quality is exceptional at this price.



The JBL Flip 4 has a cylindrical shape with durable fabric covering the internal speaker. The material lets the sound flow smoothly and keeps the dirt and debris out. There are extensive playing/pausing, volume up and down, and sync buttons as well on the fabric.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the JBL 4 is quite good for a budget wireless Bluetooth speaker. There isn’t any distortion, and the bass is quite well rounded. The mid-range is average, but the vocals never get lost.

Other features

The JBL Flip 4 has a battery of 3000mAh. The device is all-weather friendly and is quite loud when the volume is turned up. The speaker is powerful and produces a clear sound.

4. Bose Sound Link Micro Best Durable Pick

Best Bluetooth Speaker below 10,000 rs from Bose

Compact Design
Durable & Perfect Bass
IPX7 Waterproof & Longe Range

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

The Bose Soundink is an excellent 360-degree wireless Bluetooth speaker which is a little bit expensive but is worth your money. The speaker has incredible sound quality. The drawback is that it isn’t waterproof, which means it’s not the speaker you might want to take to the beach with you.


Design and build

The build quality of the Bose Soundlink is excellent as it is made of sturdy aluminum. The buttons are made up of rubber. The design is quite attractive and mighty. You can toss your bag here and there with the speaker in it without it getting affected. The buttons are on the top and can be used for multiple purposes.

Sound quality

The Omni-directional sound lets you move around while still listening to the same music as if you were facing the front of the speaker. The bass might not be much attractive when placed in the center of the room. But it should work great if set against reflecting objects.

The battery life is about 12 hours. The charging is a bit slow as it takes about 4 hours to charge it wholly.

5. Bose SoundLink Powerfull Sound for Travellers

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker under 10000

Rugged & Tough
8 Hours Playback Time
Water Resistant (Good Bass)

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

The Bose Soundlink is another best pick with which you can go ahead if you are looking for a more sturdy and tough build. The compact size and awesome sound quality with good bass makes it the perfect fit for the travelers.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Bose Soundlink is no doubt the best among all of the above picks, The body is made up of aluminum with tough plastic and rubber fabric which gives it a longer life in spite of the rough use. Its features and builds make it the best companion for any explorer and people who wanted to enjoy the music outdoor.

Sound Quality

The Bose is always known for its bass and perfect sound quality and this time also it has done an impressive job and music lovers have got another better option for an awesome gadget to add to their lifestyle. No matter what you want to play it with, the Bose Soundlink is producing an impressive sound all credit goes to the perfect combination of its bass, clarity, and sound quality.


If you want to go ahead with a perfect budget all arounder speaker under 10000 then it is worth every single penny. You can get it for a cheaper price thanks to the Amazon sale.

6. JBL Flip 5 Best Multi-feature Latest Edition

Best JBL Speakers Under 10000 Flip 5

Long 12 Hours Battery
Extra Bass & Multi Connectivity Mode
Water Proof IPX7

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

JBL Flip 5 is the successor of JBL Flip 4 which itself is a great speaker when it comes to sound as well as build quality. The design is slightly changed, but the sound quality is still impressive along with up to 12 hours of battery life.


Sound quality

The JBL Flip 5 has some tight bass on the low end. The mid-range is good with quite strong details and clear sound. Vocals are clear as well even with extreme bass. The long terms are quite impressive, just like the mid-range. The soundstage isn’t much attractive as it doesn’t give the depth that well.

Other features

The JBL Flip 5 is waterproof and dustproof. The fabric is quite durable, and debris doesn’t get inside. The battery life is excellent, and the charging isn’t slow as the Bose Soundlink. The 360-degree sound coverage is a great feature when we talk about listening to music on the go.

7. Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Best Outdoor Pick

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Best Wireless Speakers under 10000

Longe Range Upto 100 feet
Perfect Surround Sound
IPX7 Waterproof (Long Battery)

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

UE boom 2 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers available in the market. With the decent design and perfect sound quality along with excellent battery life, UE boom 2 is worth the price.



The UE boom 2 comes with a durable design. The mesh fabric is less porous as compared to the first generation of UE. The controls are easy to use. The power button is different from the UE Boom 1.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the UE Boom 2 is excellent, and the speaker itself is loud, which means it’s suitable for a party environment. The UE Boom app is unique as it lets you turn some equalizer effects on and use Double UP. However, you need to unlock these features in the app first.

The battery life is up to 15 hours.

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