Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: Price, release date, features and more

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7
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Updated July 10
- Galaxy Unpacked is happening today and our live blog is covering all the details as they happen.
-We got hands-on time with the new Galaxy Watch 7; read our initial impressions.
- The Galaxy Watch 7 debuted alongside the premium Galaxy Watch Ultra; here's how the two compare.

Our Galaxy Unpacked live blog is up and running. For the latest on the Galaxy Watch 7 and more, take a look.

The news Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 is here and looks exactly like the Galaxy Watch 6. Don’t let that fool you because, under the hood, Samsung made notable hardware improvements to the processor, holistic sensors, storage capacity and GPS antenna. Despite these upgrades, the wearable starts at $299, the same launch price as its predecessor. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Galaxy Watch 7, including availability, key features and how it stacks up against the competition including the (also) new Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 cheat sheet: The major changes

  • Processor: The Galaxy Watch 7 uses the latest Exynos W1000 processor, the same as the Galaxy Watch Ultra, with three times the speed and 30% more efficient performance than the previous generation.
  • Sizes: The smartwatch still comes in a 40mm and 44mm variant but there is no ‘Classic’ model with a rotating bezel. 
  • Battery and design: Battery capacity, water resistance, screen resolution and the overall design remain the same between the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 7.
  • Storage: Storage jumps from 16GB to 32GB.
  • GPS: GPS is now dual-band for greater location accuracy in urban environments.
  • Health tracking: The latest BioActive Health sensor is FDA-approved to detect sleep apnea. It also provides insights into metabolic health.
  • AI wellness tools: Users get a daily Energy Score back by AI and personalized wellness tips 
  • OS: Along with the Ultra, the Galaxy Watch 7 is the first Android smartwatch to launch with Wear OS 5. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: Possible price and availability

The Galaxy Watch 7 starts at $299.99 for the 40mm which comes in both Green and Cream. Add an additional $50 for LTE connectivity. The larger 44mm Galaxy Watch 7 starts at $329.99 and is offered in Green or Silver. Again, $50 more gets you the LTE version. 

Both models are available for U.S. preorder at launch and should be on your wrist by the end of the month (July 24, to be exact). 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 specs

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Header Cell - Column 0 Galaxy Watch 7 (40mm)Galaxy Watch 7 (44mm)
Starting price$299$329
ColorsGreen, CreamGreen, Silver
Dimensions40.4 x 9.7 mm44.4 x 9.7 mm
Weight28.8 g 33.8 g
Display1.3" 432 x 432 ppi1.5" 480 x 480 ppi
Battery capacity300 mAh425 mAh
Durability5 ATM, IP685 ATM, IP68
ConnectivityLTE (optional), Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 2.4+ 5 GHz, NFCLTE (optional), Bluetooth 5.3, Wi-Fi 2.4+ 5 GHz, NFC
CompatibilityAndroid 11 or higherAndroid 11 or higher
ProcessorExynos W1000Exynos W1000
SensorsSamsung BioActive sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer Samsung BioActive sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: What’s new

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

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From a design perspective, virtually nothing has changed between the latest Galaxy Watch 7 and its predecessor, which isn’t all that surprising given the lineup's history. If you want radical change, the Galaxy Watch Ultra, in all its pricy glory, is there for you. 

The 40mm model still has a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen and a 300 mAh battery. The 44mm uses the same 1.5-inch AMOLED display and 425 mAh battery as the 44mm Galaxy Watch 6. Don’t worry, though, these new devices should manage power better than their predecessors thanks to the new Exynos W1000 processor. Samsung says it’s 30% more battery efficient despite being three times faster than the previous version.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 BioActive Sensor

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The watch’s new BioActive Sensor packs a truly impressive amount of health-tracking tech into a relatively tiny space. With the help of AI, this sensor can help you better understand your metabolic health and even inform users who are at risk of heart disease based on their biological and lifestyle factors. It also provides more accurate insights into body composition than the previous models.

The Galaxy Watch 7 is additionally the first smartwatch from a major manufacturer with FDA-approved sleep apnea detection. Not only that, sleep tracking is smarter than ever and takes into account new factors like movement while in bed and the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

Users also get a new daily Energy Score based on the wide range of health tracking and fitness metrics monitored. And you get personalized wellness tips along with the ability to create custom workout routines with multiple activities included.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: How it compares to other smartwatches

Google Pixel Watch 2

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At present, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7’s biggest competition is other Galaxy Watch models including the previous-gen 6 and new premium Galaxy Watch Ultra. Read our Galaxy Watch 7 vs. Galaxy Watch Ultra comparison for an even more thorough breakdown of the differences between these two new Samsung wearables.

Compared to some of the other best smartwatches for Android, like the Google Pixel Watch 2, the Galaxy Watch 7 is an easy favorite thanks to superior wellness tech, a faster processor and (likely) better battery life. It also comes in two sizes and runs the latest Wear OS version. 

Of course, with the Google Pixel Watch 3 likely to debut in the coming months, there’s a chance it will outshine the Galaxy Watch 7, so, stay tuned. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: First impressions

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7

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We just got our hands on the Galaxy Watch 7 and have already begun testing it as we work toward completing our full review. Initial impressions are largely positive. I’m glad to see improvements to power management via the new processor but an increase in battery capacity across the board would’ve also been lovely to have. 

The lack of design innovation feels a little lazy. Sure, the Galaxy Watch 7 looks fine but it certainly doesn’t jump out as a ‘cool’ accessory to rock, unlike the new Ultra model. 

Many of the most notable improvements come in the form of better wellness monitoring and insights, which all seem promising. Of course, thorough testing is needed to verify their bonafides. 

It’s also a pleasant surprise to see the launch price remain unchanged from the Galaxy Watch 6, despite the impressive new BioActive sensor, doubled storage capacity and upgraded processor. The question is, does the Galaxy Watch 7 offer enough razzle-dazzle to tempt Galaxy Watch 6 users to upgrade? In my opinion, the answer is no.

Still, in the larger Android smartwatch space, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 is looking like the best bang for your buck, especially when it comes to wellness tech. Your move, Google. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: Outlook

We’ll have to wait until the Google Pixel Watch 3 debuts to truly determine if the Galaxy Watch 7 steals the crown from the Galaxy Watch 6 as the best overall Android smartwatch. And then it will be up to the Google Pixel Watch 3 to further up the ante. 

Also, it will also be interesting to see if this iterative Galaxy Watch update ultimately outshines Apple’s forthcoming Apple Watch X device. 

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