How much do Saatva mattresses cost and where can you find the cheapest prices?

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Saatva mattresses are a popular range of hand-crafted luxury beds, so a lot of shoppers will want to know how much these premium mattresses cost. The good news is that there are places where you can find a Saatva bed for the the cheapest price. In fact, you can now get $400 off all mattresses at Saatva with our exclusive discount.

The Saatva Classic is the brand's signature bed and our top pick for the best mattress of 2024 thanks to its high-quality design, but we've tested and awarded glowing reviews to a range of Saatva models. However, their premium materials mean Saatva mattresses come with a hefty cost, so we recommend being strategic about when you buy. 

Luckily here are plenty of Saatva mattress deals right now thanks to the Memorial Day mattress sales. Each mattress also comes with generous extras, including premium white glove delivery, a 365-night sleep trial, and a lifetime warranty. 

Saatva mattress cost: How much can you expect to pay?

Saatva mattresses sit in the price tier, including their most affordable models. Their flagship model (and our top pick for best hybrid mattress) the Saatva Classic,  is actually the third least expensive Saatva mattress, with a queen typically priced at around $1,795 to $1,595 (MSRP: $2,095). Currently, you can get a queen Saatva Classic for $1,695 thanks to our exclusive $400 off discount. 

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The two cheapest Saatva mattresses is the Saatva Youth, a dual-sided mattress designed for growing kids, and the Memory Foam Hybrid, a more affordable alternative to the Classic. A full-size Saatva Youth is $1,055 at full retail and $555 in the sale, while a queen-size Memory Foam Hybrid is now $1,395 (was $1,795).

At the other end of the price tier is the Saatva Solaire, Saatva's best smart mattress and their most expensive model. A queen-size Solaire has a full retail price of $4,495 and is now currently priced at $4,095.

Here's a full breakdown of each Saatva mattress's price range at both full retail and discount:

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Mattress MSRP Exclusive sale price
Saatva Youth $795 - $1,055$655 (for a Full)
Memory Foam Hybrid$1,195 - $2,630$795-$1,795
Saatva Classic$1,395 - $2,990$995-$2,590
Loom & Leaf$1,595 - $3,390 $1,195- $2,990
Saatva Latex Hybrid$1,595 - $3,390$1,195-$2,395
Saatva RX$1,995 - $4,390 $1,595-$3,395
Zenhaven$1,995 - $4,545 $1,595-$4,145
Saatva HD$1,995 - $4,390$1,595- $3,545
Solaire$3,295 - $6,590 $2,895-$5,595

Where to find the cheapest Saatva mattress prices

Saatva is an online mattress brand, so the only place you can buy an authentic Saatva mattress is at the brand's official website. There are no traditional retail stores to buy a Saatva mattress, but you can visit one of their 16 viewing rooms across the US. Here, you'll find the whole Saatva mattress range to try out in-person, so you can test each mattress before buying online.

Memorial Day mattress sale: Saatva

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As Saatva does not have the cost of retail stores, it passes on those savings to customers in the form of a regular Saatva mattress sale. You can find the cheapest mattress prices on their website, but discounts vary depending on the time of year or occasion. For example, the current Memorial Day sale knocks $200 to $350 off Saatva's most popular mattress, including the Saatva Classic. 

However, while these deals are available to everyone, there are exclusive discounts that offer even better deal. For example, you can now get $400 off all mattresses and sizes at Saatva with our exclusive discount by using our exclusive sale link.

3 top Saatva mattress deals this Memorial Day

1. Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress: was from $1,195$795 at Saatva

1. Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress: was from $1,195 $795 at Saatva
This is one of Saatva's most affordable beds, and our Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress review found this to be the best alternative to the Saatva Classic. The mattress scored high for temperature regulation and is comfortable and supportive enough for all sleep positions. A queen size is now $1,395 (was $1,795) with our exclusive link, which saves you $200 more than the current standard discount.

2. Saatva Loom & Leaf Mattress: was from $1,595$1,195 at Saatva

2. Saatva Loom & Leaf Mattress: was from $1,595 $1,195 at Saatva
Saatva's best memory foam mattress for couples thanks to its excellent motion isolation, the Loom & Leaf offers deep pressure and back pain relief to all sleep styles, but be aware that our Saatva Loom & Leaf mattress review found it does retain some heat. Right now, a queen mattress is $1,995 (was $2,395) with our exclusive discount link (the standard non-exclusive discount price is $2,095). 

3. Saatva Classic Mattress: was from $1,395$995 at Saatva

3. Saatva Classic Mattress: was from $1,395 $995 at Saatva
Last but certainly not least is the best Saatva mattress on the market: the Saatva Classic. Testers slept on this luxury hybrid bed for a year for our Saatva Classic mattress review and found this to offer breathable, customizable comfort with a luxurious feel. With our exclusive link above, a queen-size Classic is $1,695 (saving you $400). This is $100 cheaper than the current standard sale price, which only knocks $300 off. 

Are Saatva mattresses worth it?

For the past two years, Saatva mattresses have become more expensive thanks to inflation increasing MSRPs. However, while they don't come cheap, Saatva beds are reasonably priced considering they're some of the best luxury mattresses on the market. This is due to being an online-only brand with no significant overhead costs to cover.

Saatva mattresses are also high-quality, and we know from testing the luxury range that their quality matches their price tags. These mattresses are handmade to order in the USA and include a lifetime mattress warranty. Saatva also offers a 365-night mattress trial plus free white glove delivery with optional removal of your old mattress.

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