What are latex mattress toppers and are they any good?

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They've risen in popularity in recent years — but what are latex mattress toppers and are they any good? Latex mattresses and toppers are renowned for their natural cooling and allergen-repelling benefits. While memory foam is still by far the most common mattress topper material, latex can offer luxurious features not found in standard foam bed toppers.

An increasing number of the best mattresses are incorporating latex into their design due to the material's eco-friendliness, durability and support. However, latex mattresses are expensive, so latex mattress toppers are a cost-effective way to add the benefits of latex to your sleep setup at a fraction of the price.

Here, we'll take a look at what exactly latex mattress toppers are and their key benefits. Plus, we'll also look at where you can buy the best latex mattress toppers and the deals to shop ahead of the Memorial Day mattress sales in May.

What are latex mattress toppers?

The Birch Organic Mattress Topper in beige

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The best mattress toppers can provide softness, firmness or cooling tech to your bed. These toppers are thin mat-like pads that sit on top of your mattress to provide a comfortable sleep surface. While most mattress toppers feature memory foam, latex has become a popular topper material as it can provide the luxurious benefits of latex without having to splurge on an expensive fully-fledged latex mattress. 

Most latex toppers are made with other natural, organic materials, such as organic wool to add extra breathability and cooling properties. Some come with a cotton cover for a soft-touch sleep surface and anchor straps to stop the topper from shifting or slipping. 

Are latex mattress toppers toxic?

One of the biggest draws of natural latex (and why it's found in all of the best organic mattresses) is its non-toxic, clean and sustainable properties. Natural, organic-certified latex mattress toppers are of high quality and meet environmental and safety standards. A lot of latex mattress toppers are GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) , which means they do not contain some prohibited chemicals such as certain flame retardants (e.g. hazardous fiberglass), formaldehyde, and polyurethane.

Are latex mattress toppers cooling?

Natural latex is porous, meaning it's inherently breathable and cooling thanks to the airflow it encourages. Not only do latex mattress toppers sleep cool, but they're also great at adding some extra ventilation to a mattress that sleeps too hot. In the case of Dunlop vs Talalay latex, Talalay latex sleeps slightly cooler than Dunlop as it's more perforated. 

A lot of latex mattresses come with covers made from organic materials such as wool and cotton, which are breathable and moisture-wicking for a cool, dry sleep surface. 

The Birch Organic Mattress Topper in beige

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Are latex mattress toppers hypoallergenic? 

Latex is naturally resistant to common allergens found in the bedroom, such as dust mites, mildew, and mold, meaning that latex mattress toppers can help prevent  allergens affecting your sleep. They are also sometimes treated with antimicrobrial treatment (which prevents common allergen build-up). 

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How long does a latex mattress topper last?

Latex mattress toppers are known to be long-lasting thanks to latex's durability. In fact if you're wondering when your mattress topper should be replaced, a latex mattress topper can last up to 15 years. To put that into perspective, even the best memory foam toppers only last up to five years while feather or down toppers only last for two years. Wool, which is usually included in latex mattress toppers, is also durable and can last a decade. 

Where to buy the best latex mattress toppers

Latex mattress toppers are available from many homeware retailers such as Wayfair, IKEA, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. You can also find some deals on latex mattress toppers on Amazon. However, we always recommend purchasing from the brand's website as it guarantees you benefits such as a warranty, free shipping, and a at-home sleep trial. Here are our top picks for best latex mattress toppers:

Natural Latex Mattress Topper: $325 at Saatva

Natural Latex Mattress Topper: from $325 at Saatva
A mattress topper ideal for back sleepers, Saatva's Natural Latex mattress topper offers enhanced airflow and responsive, buoyant support. It's also hypoallergenic and treated with Saatva's trademark antimicrobial treatment to protect the topper against mildew, mold, and dust mites. There's currently no Saatva sale on this topper, but you do get a 180-night sleep trial, free shipping, and a 1-year limited warranty.

Organic Latex Mattress Topper: $150 $99 at Turmerry

Organic Latex Mattress Topper: from $150 $99 at Turmerry
This topper has 5-zoned targeted support, is made from organic latex foam, and comes with four customizable firmness options: soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. You can currently save around 20% on this sustainable topper, with a queen size discounted to $193 down from $239. 

Plush Organic Mattress Topper:  $348.80 $279 at Birch Living

Plush Organic Mattress Topper: from $348.80 $279 at Birch Living
A pillowlike mattress topper with a plush feel, Birch's organic 2" bed topper is made form spongy natural Talalay latex and has a multi-layer design featuring organic wool for soft breathability. Right now, there's a 20% off deal that reduces a queen to $399 (was $498.80).

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