I have a $500 budget for a memory foam mattress in Memorial Day sales – here's what I'm buying

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Only have $500 to spend on a mattress? Then it's time to take advantage of the Memorial Day sales. I'm spending my $500 on the Siena Memory Foam Mattress, 50% off at Siena Sleep. A queen is just $399, which is the kind of deal you don't want to miss.

But this isn't my choice just because it's cheap. The Siena Memory Foam Mattress has earned a place in our best mattress guide due to its quality build and supportive feel – that it's made by Resident Home, the same brand behind the popular Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses, is just the icing on the cake.

If you are on a tight budget, then the Memorial Day mattress sales are the best time to save on a high quality bed. Read on to discover exactly why I'm choosing the Siena Memory Foam Mattress, plus what to do with your leftover $101. Yes, pick the Siena, and you'll have change left from your $500. 

Siena Memory Foam Mattress: 

Siena Memory Foam Mattress:
from $499
Now: from $199
Saving: up to $500 at Siena Sleep

Summary: The best cheap mattress of 2024, the Siena Memory Foam delivers exceptional value for money. Siena is owned by Resident Home, the company behind popular bed bed brands Nectar and DreamCloud. This great pedigree means Siena is a brand you can trust for good build quality and reliable customer service.

While we typically recommend budget beds for guest rooms or short term use, in our Siena Memory Foam Mattress review we found the strong supportive feel makes it suitable for everyday sleeping. The dense foam is excellent at isolating motion (so you shouldn't feel your partner tossing and turning), but it doesn't hold onto heat – the Siena is surprisingly breathable for an all-foam mattress.

Surprisingly firm, it best suits back and stomach sleepers, who should appreciate the support at the hips. Side sleepers might find the Siena a little too hard, and while the build quality is high, it might lack the overall durability of more expensive mattresses. But overall, this is the best bed to spend your $500 on.

Price history: The Siena 50% off mattress sale is evergreen, so we never see this bed sell for full MSRP. Even a king or Cal king will slip under your budget, as they're both just $499 (down from $999). A queen comes in at $399 (was $799), and with your spare $101 you can pick up a discounted bedding set at Siena, including a mattress protector, sheet set, and a cooling pillow for just $99. 

Benefits: 180-night trial | 10-year warranty | Free shipping

As you've probably noticed, buying a queen Siena Mattress leaves me with $101 left in my Memorial Day sales budget. The Siena bedding bundle is a good choice if you want to refresh your bed, but for side sleepers, I have a better way to spend your leftover cash:

Viscosoft Reflex Gel Mattress Topper queen size: $109.95now $79.95 at Viscosoft

Viscosoft Reflex Gel Mattress Topper queen size: was $109.95 now $79.95 at Viscosoft
Add a softer touch to your Siena Memory Foam Mattress with the affordable Viscosoft Reflex Mattress Topper. A 2-inch depth is best if you're budget conscious and just want to take the firm edge off your Siena, as it costs only $79.95. But if you can, upgrade to the 3-inch. A queen is only $109.95 (was $144,95), and you'll get a plusher feel that cushions the shoulder and hips for side sleepers.

Can you get a good mattress for under $500?

It is possible to get a good mattress for less than $500, but you will have limited options to choose from. We consider a queen mattress under $500 to be a budget bed, and while there are good mattresses in a box in this price category, you have to shop smart to make sure you're getting a bed that can support your sleep needs. 

There are three key things to look for when buying a cheap mattress: does it come from a trusted brand, can you return it if it isn't right, and does it suit your sleep style? The Siena definitely fits into the first two categories, and if you're a stomach or back sleeper who prefers a firmer bed, it also fits into the third.

By shopping with these three features in mind, you can find a bed that's good for your sleep and for your wallet; a reputable brand ensures some reassurance of quality, while it's essential not to overlook your sleep style in the search for a low price. And if you have neglected one of these areas, a suitable returns window means you haven't made a costly error. 

If you have a more flexible budget, a small price increase can make a notable difference. For example, the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is up to 40% off at Nectar, so you can pick up a queen of the best memory foam mattress for just $649. Or for hot sleepers, the Cocoon by Sealy Chill is just $699 for a queen in the Sealy 35% off sale – a bargain for one of the best cooling mattresses.

Ruth Jones
Sleep staff Writer

Ruth Jones has recently joined the Tom's Guide team as a sleep staff writer, covering all things mattresses and sleep. Ruth previously worked as a sleep and mattress writer for our sister website TechRadar, and has a deep interest in sleep and how it affects our day to day wellbeing. Ruth is a self-confessed stomach sleeper with a penchant for medium-firm mattresses, and also loves a good eye mask for helping her to fall asleep easier at night.