Get Outside with Tom's Guide this summer

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It's that time of year when the nights are longer, the sun is shining and its warmer outside. That's why we're here to help you make the most of the brighter skies and spend time outside, whether you want to run, walk, or work out.

You can run throughout the year, but the late spring/early summer temperatures are more comfortable than the depths of winter, and working out in a park, beach, or in the garden can help you keep cool, even during high-intensity sessions.

Of course, you don't have to exercise to enjoy spending time outside. Even just taking a mindful walk can help boost your wellbeing and reduce stress. So, whatever your goals, we're spending a whole month focusing on how to get outside, move your body, and boost your wellbeing.

Discover new workouts

Woman outdoors performing a kettlebell swing with the weight in the air during kettlebell workout

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Step away from the gym and switch home workouts for these accessible routines that are require little equipment and are ideal for the outdoors. If you can, it's worth picking up a yoga mat and some adjustable dumbbells, but they're not essential. 

Grab the right gear

Trek Verve+ 1 ebike on a steep hill.

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You can venture outside without any equipment, but if you're heading out for a longer walk, hike, run, or cycle, you want to be armed with the top gear for support. We've rounded up some of our favorite hiking and trail running essentials, delved into water bottles, and even tested the latest ebikes to get you started. 

Keep tabs on your progress

Garmin Forerunner 165 on wrist looking at post workout stats.

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If you like to record your running route, track your steps, or keep connected on the go, investing in a fitness tracker or smartwatch can help. We've put some popular models to the test, comparing the results while running and walking, and rounded up some of favorite durable options for outdoor adventures. 

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James Frew
Fitness Editor

James is Tom's Guide's Fitness Editor, covering strength training workouts, cardio exercise, and accessible ways to improve your health and wellbeing.

His interest in fitness started after being diagnosed with a chronic illness, and he began focusing on strengthening his core, taking regular walks around the city, and practicing meditation to manage the symptoms. He also invested in fitness trackers, home workout equipment, and yoga mats to find accessible ways to train without the gym.

Before joining the team at Tom’s Guide, James was the Fitness Editor at Fit&Well, where he covered beginner-friendly exercise routines, affordable ways to boost your wellbeing, and reviewed weights, rowing machines, and workout headphones.

He believes that exercise should be something you enjoy doing, so appreciates the challenge of finding ways to incorporate it into everyday life through short muscle-building sessions, regular meditation, and early morning walks.