Amazon is finally dialing back on Fire TV video ads — what to expect

Amazon Fire TV home screen
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Amazon is bringing some big changes to its Fire TV interface that will make those annoying video ads far less of a nuisance. 

According to CordCutterNews, the new platform redesign will see these types of advertisements moved to a smaller mini-player that takes up less screen real estate in tandem with automatic playback being shut off. 

Amazon first introduced the video ads in late 2023, which auto-played the moment you turned on your Fire TV. This has obviously caused a stir with users and Amazon is taking steps to amend the situation. 

It’s a welcome first for TV interfaces as Fire TV competitors like Roku aim to only ramp up their advertising. The latter even confirmed in April that video ads will grace the Roku home screen in due time, so expect the problem of intrusive ads to only worsen before it improves. 

Video ads begone

Amazon Fire TV with intrusive video ad example

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Amazon is taking new steps in keeping its Fire TV interface as seen on some of the best streaming devices and assorted TVs as clean as possible. Following an update in December 2023 that introduced video ads to the platform, Amazon is now rewriting the ways these ads are shipped to customers. 

For starters, where once the video ad would take up a demonstrably large part of the screen, making it difficult for users to navigate to their intended content and even see the apps they use on a daily basis, Fire TV video ads will now play in a smaller window instead. 

Additionally, Amazon Fire TV 2-Series users and beyond can expect the interface to feature video ads that won’t auto-play the moment you turn on your TV or streaming device. You’ll even be able to skip video ads with a handy new shortcut setting for the remote, making Fire TV that much more user-friendly for those who aren’t too keen on intrusive promotions. 

Amazon’s new Fire TV interface will also make it more fluid and easier for you to access all of the best streaming services before the ads start playing. This goes against the norm on similar interfaces, like Google TV, which typically auto-plays its video ads the moment you select featured content. 

If you’re hoping that video ads might soon go away, you’re in for a rude awakening as they’re only just getting started. While other options in the space, namely LG’s webOS, gives you ways of turning off ads, Roku and others like it have plans to plaster the home screen with even more ads in the long run. 

These new changes are set to roll out on all Fire TVs released since 2016 in the next few days. As of right now, for those looking for the best way to rid themselves of the ever-growing TV interface advertisement debacle, Apple TV 4K is your best bet. 

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