iOS 18 just tipped for a major productivity upgrade

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Rumor has it that iOS 18 is set to come with a swath of improvements and upgrades, ranging from generative AI, a super-powered Siri, better accessibility and more. The latest rumor claims that Apple will be improving the links between the Calendar and Reminders app in both iOS 18 and macOS 15 for better organization.

This news comes from AppleInsider, who claims that Apple is testing a “new and improved” version of the Calendar app that actually supports integration with the Reminders app. The idea being that you can use “schedule and organize reminders daily” from the Calendar app, and not have to touch the Reminders app. 

Crucially, reminders that are created in the iOS 18 Calendar app will apparently appear in the Reminders app as well — with support for specific dates, times, locations and priority settings. Users will also reportedly have the option to select a title and add a note or tag to their reminder. That way it should be easier to locate when you need it. 

It’s almost enough to make you wonder whether iPhones need a dedicated Reminders app at all, or if the functionality can just be rolled into the Calendar app. It certainly strikes me as the kind of doubling-up on apps that people don’t really need, though some Reminders app superfans may have some good reasons why they’re best kept separated. 

AppleInsider also claims that the Calendar app will be getting some minor design changes. The Today view and numbers that represent hours of the day will be slightly larger. Which is pretty minor, though hopefully that means they’ll be a little more comfortable to read.

In the grand scheme of things, this would be a pretty small change in iOS 18. But the smaller quality of life changes are still very important, even compared to bigger and flashier feature upgrades. Plus if Apple actually wants people to use its default apps, it needs to improve them to better compete with third party options — and combining all the small upgrades makes for a pretty big change.

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