How to get Netflix for free — here are 3 ways

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Netflix is undoubtedly the leader in the streaming wars, boasting 269.6 million paid subscribers worldwide as of the first quarter of 2024. With its excellent catalog of original series like "Stranger Things," "Bridgerton" and "Wednesday," as well as crowd-pleasing films like "Nimona," "Damsel" and "Hit Man," it's easy to see how Netflix became the industry leader it is today.

However, because it is the most popular service, Netflix doesn't offer many deals or discounts. The streamer has chosen other methods of boosting subscriber numbers, such as introducing a lower-cost ad-supported plan and cracking down on password sharing

Still, getting free Netflix or discounted Netflix is not impossible. Here are some ways you can get Netflix for free.

Is there a Netflix free trial? 

Unlike most other major streamers, Netflix does not offer a free trial. The company discontinued all free trials in the U.S. back in 2020 and is not expected to bring promotional trial periods back any time soon. 

Those looking to get a very small taste of Netflix’s most popular series can only do so via YouTube, where the streamer has a curated collection of full episodes of selected shows like "Blue Eye Samurai," "Explained" and "Our Planet."

T-Mobile’s 'Streaming on Us' Netflix freebie

T-Mobile’s long-running “Netflix on Us” freebie has gone through some changes recently. Previously, T-Mobile users on more expensive mobile plans like Magenta Max were able to get ad-free Netflix Standard plans. 

However, this plan was officially retired in January 2024 when the company downgraded all customers to Netflix’s ad-supported tier. Not only does this mean unskippable ads, but much of Netflix's film library is unavailable on this tier due to licensing restrictions. 

Still, it's free Netflix, which is not nothing, and being able to stream new seasons of "Cobra Kai," "Emily and Paris" and "Bridgerton" for the low cost of nothing at all is still pretty appealing for those looking to save on streaming.

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Verizon’s Netflix + Max bundle

Verizon offers a $10 monthly subscription bundle that includes the ad-supported tiers of HBO Max and Netflix through its myPlan service. Though this might not technically be “free,” the cost of an ad-supported Max subscription on its own is $9.99 per month, so subscribers technically are getting Netflix at no extra cost with the purchase of a Max subscription through Verizon. 

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Comcast 'StreamSaver' bundle

In May 2024 Comcast announced a new “StreamSaver” package that will include Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV Plus all for a “vastly reduced price [when compared with] anything in the market today.” The bundle will be exclusively available to  Comcast broadband, TV and mobile customers.

The price of the bundle hasn’t been revealed just yet, but considering the strong language being used to describe it, we'd guess this will be a three-services-for-the-price-of-one kind of deal, similar to the Verizon/Max bundle described above. 

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