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Though critically acclaimed, "A Simple Favor" was only a modest success when it was first released back in 2018, grossing just under $100 million at the box office before releasing quietly on DVD after a few months. 

Where to stream 'A Simple Favor'

"A Simple Favor" is streaming on Netflix

However, it looks like this movie is experiencing a second life thanks to Netflix, as this thriller was recently added to the streamer's library in May 2024 and immediately rocketed to the top of the streamers' daily most-watched films list.

If you, like many others, are just now discovering this stylish, twisty thriller for the first time, and find yourself hungry for more suspenseful films, here are a few movies like "A Simple Favor" that might fit the bill. 

'Gone Girl'

One of the most influential thrillers of the past decade, "Gone Girl" follows the mysterious disappearance of Amy Dunne, following the celebration of her fifth wedding anniversary with husband Nick. 

As detectives and the media try to unravel what happened to Amy, secrets begin to surface that paint Nick in an increasingly suspicious light. This begins to fuel a media frenzy that culminates in a shocking final act that will have viewers questioning their own biases not only concerning the events of the film but in their own lives as well. 

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‘The Talented Mr. Ripley' 

A classic story about obsessive and manipulative relationships, "The Talented Mr. Ripley" follows Tom Ripley, a down-on-his-luck young man who takes advantage of mistaken identity to fake a connection with Dickie Greenleaf, a wealthy playboy enjoying a life of extravagance in Italy with his beautiful girlfriend, Marge Sherwood.

What starts as a calculated scheme to gain access to Dickie's wealth and carefree lifestyle quickly morphs into a chilling obsession.  As Tom's desires escalate, he finds himself going to shocking lengths to take over Dickie's life and relationships, spiraling down a path of lies, betrayal and murder that culminate in a tense final act that still shocks 25 years after the film's first release. 

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‘Knives Out' 

A clever twist on the whodunnit, "Knives Out" follows detective Benoit Blanc as he investigates the suspicious circumstances surrounding the apparent suicide of the world-famous but reclusive novelist Harlan Thrombey. 

As Blanc gets to know the Thrombey family, as well as nurse Marta Cabrera, he begins to unravel a picture of a dysfunctional family where motives for murder are plentiful but the truth seems harder to track down. 

The film is unique as it unveils the seemingly guilty party fairly early on. However, even the supposed perpetrator is a victim in this twisty story where nothing is as it seems and everyone has an ulterior motive. 

This film was a smash hit when it was first released in 2019 and kicked off a series of mysteries featuring Blanc, including 2022's "Glass Onion" and the upcoming "Wake Up Dead Man" which will be released in 2025. 

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Another twisty story about how far obsession can reach, "Saltburn" follows Oliver Quick, a seemingly shy Oxford student who comes from a disadvantaged background. However, after a chance encounter leads to a friendship with the wealthy Felix Catton, Oliver quickly becomes a fixture at the family's Saltburn estate, where he learns shocking secrets about this seemingly "perfect" family.

Though Oliver is shown initially to be the victim of various manipulations by Felix and his family, a shocking reversal is revealed in the film's final act, where viewers learn that Oliver may not be as innocent as he first seemed, leading to a wild final scene that went viral on social media when the film was released in 2023. 

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'Game Night' 

"Game Night" is a rare thriller-comedy that follows couple Max and Annie, who host weekly game nights with their friends. Though these game nights are typically fairly elaborate, after a guest is kidnapped during a murder mystery-themed event, the couple realizes that what they initially thought was an elaborate setup might be a real-life situation where actual lives are on the line.

Though the film has a very funny and lighthearted tone, the mystery at the center of the story has a lot of twists and turns that should satisfy even the most discerning thriller fans as the real stakes behind this cat-and-mouse game are revealed.  

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'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' 

"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" follows enigmatic protagonist Lisbeth Salander, a brilliant but troubled computer genius who is hired to help Mikael Blomkvist, a disgraced financial journalist investigate a 40-year-old cold case involving the disappearance of young Harriet Vanger from her family's private island. 

Lisbeth is quickly drawn into the enigmatic world of the Vanger family, uncovering a history of violence and abuse that puts both her and Mikael in the crosshairs as they begin to uncover a tangled web of dangerous family secrets. 

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'Promising Young Woman'

"Promising Young Woman" is a suspenseful thriller that follows Cassie Thomas, who is haunted by the sexual assault and suicide of her best friend Nina Fisher. As an attempt to get justice for her friend, Cassie spends her nights feigning drunkenness at bars and clubs to expose the predatory behavior of "nice guys" like those she blames for her friend's death.

However, as Cassie confronts these individuals and the system that failed Nina, she grapples with unexpected connections to Nina's real life and the emotional complexities of vengeance. Though the ending of the film has proven controversial, the movie is still notable for its searing look at the societal failure to hold perpetrators of sexual assault accountable and also Its exploration the impact of trauma and grief on survivors.

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