Best Tempur-Pedic mattress deals for June 2024: Up to $2,999 off

Monthly tempur-pedic mattress deals include the Tempur Cloud mattress and topper, shown here on a light wooden bedframe with a blue 'price drop' sales badge overlaid on the image
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Tempur-Pedic mattress deals are a great way to save over 30% on the brand's best pressure relieving mattresses and adjustable beds, with sales on pillows and mattress toppers too. The best deal right now will get you 30% off the Tempur-Cloud mattress at Tempur-Pedic, reducing a queen to $1,399 (was $1,999). You'll also get free mattress installation and old bed removal. 

The biggest discount overall is found in the Tempur-Pedic Close-Out sale – save up to $2,999 on a past-season Tempur-Breeze cooling bed for hot sleepers. Prices start from $2,799 (was $3,999) at Tempur-Pedic, and while all sales are final on that mattress (no returns or trial), the savings are significant.

Tempur-Pedic makes some of the best mattresses we've tested for joint pain, but they also cost a lot so this new sale helps you make a significant saving. Here are the best Tempur-Pedic mattress deals for June 2024...

The 5 best Tempur-Pedic mattress deals to shop now

1. Tempur-Essential mattress: was from $1,999 $1,399 at Tempur-Pedic

1. Tempur-Essential mattress: was from $1,999 $1,399 at Tempur-Pedic
This new deal saves you 30% on the Tempur-Essential mattress, but sizes are selling out – only a queen and king are left. A queen is on sale for $1,399 (was $1,999), saving you $599 and you get two free Tempur-Cloud pillows. The all-foam Tempur-Essential offers a medium-firm feel and a breathable sleep surface. It isn't as contouring or as capable of deep pressure relief as other Tempur-Pedic mattresses, but it's comfortable for back and stomach sleeping. You'll get a 90-night trial, free mattress installation and old bed removal, and a 10-year warranty.

2. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud mattress: was from $1,699 $1,189 at Tempur-Pedic

2. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud mattress: was from $1,699 $1,189 at Tempur-Pedic
This is the best Tempur-Pedic mattress deal for you if you're a side sleeper with hip and shoulder pain and you enjoy sinking down into a softer mattress. The Tempur-Cloud contour your curves to relieve pressure points during sleep, and it stops motion being transferred from one side of the mattress to the other (good for couples). It's one of the most affordable Tempur-Pedic beds on sale right now, with a queen discounted to $1,399 (was $1,999).

3. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Breeze mattress: was from $3,999$2,799.30 at Tempur-Pedic

3. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Breeze mattress: was from $3,999 $2,799.30 at Tempur-Pedic
The best deal for the biggest saving is 30% off last season's Tempur-Breeze cooling mattress, plus you'll get $300 of Tempur bedding for free. Because this is offer is part of Tempur-Pedic's Close-out sale, there are no trials or returns, so all sales are final. You do get free mattress installation and old bed removal though, plus a 10-year warranty. A queen is now discounted to $3,149.30 (was $4,400), with the biggest saving of $2,399 on the Split CA King. 

4. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Mattress Topper: was from $319$191.40 at Tempur-Pedic

4. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Mattress Topper: was from $319 $191.40 at Tempur-Pedic
As we explain in our Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Mattress Topper review, this 3" slab of NASA-developed foam can instantly transform the feel of your bed, making it more contouring and capable of eliminating all pressure points. We see this saving most months from Tempur-Pedic but it's still on of the best topper deals in this month's sales. A queen is discounted to $251.40 (was $419), up you can upgrade it with Tempur cooling tech for an extra $60.

5. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Pillow: was from $178$119 for two at Tempur-Pedic

5. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Pillow: was from $178 $119 for two at Tempur-Pedic
If you buy a luxurious Tempur-Cloud Pillow ($89), you can add another one to your cart for $30, saving you $59 on a pair. That means you could either give one to your partner or have two for yourself for an extra level of comfort and support. This deal runs permanently, but it's good to know if you're in the market for some pillows.

Which Tempur-Pedic mattress should you buy?

US Tempur-Pedic mattresses

The UK and US Tempur ranges are different, and both are, in our opinion, far more complicated and confusing than they need to be. Let's start with the US selection. 

There are three mattress types in TEMPUR-Pedic's US range: the TEMPUR-Cloud, the TEMPUR-Adapt and the TEMPUR-Breeze. Within each of those, there are various iterations to choose from. 

Originally, there was also a more budget-friendly Tempur-Essential, but it's available only as a closeout item. (It doesn't qualify for returns.) Here's all the key info in a table, or read on for some more info.

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LineVersions Main benefitStarting MSRP
TEMPUR-CloudMedium, Medium HybridCheapest overall option $1,699
TEMPUR-AdaptAdapt (Medium, Medium Hybrid), ProAdapt (Soft, Medium, Firm, Medium Hybrid), LuxeAdapt (Soft, Firm)Pressure relief$1,699
TEMPUR-breezePRObreeze (Medium, Medium Hybrid), LUXEbreeze (Soft, Firm)Cooling$4,099

The Tempur-Cloud is the cheapest of Tempur's US range (MSRP starting from $1,699). This is a boxed mattress that uses the original Tempur Material, and will deliver the classic Tempur experience, with excellent pressure relief and a soothing, sink-in feel, but if you go up the range you'll find extra features.

You can choose between two versions: the Medium (with no springs) and the Medium Hybrid (which adds a layer or springs). Go for the former if you're purely after pressure relief, or the latter if you want something with a little more pushback. 

The addition of springs means this version has sturdier edge support, and will be easier to move about on than the Medium. That goes for all the Hybrid options mentioned below, too. 

The Tempur-Adapt Collection sits in the middle of the US range. It also has a starting MSRP of $1,699 but otherwise costs up to $500 more than the Tempur-Cloud in sizes larger than a twin. The main selling point here is that it delivers even better pressure relief than the Cloud. 

There are three iterations within this line, with different versions within those. So you can choose – deep breath – the Adapt (available as a Medium or Medium Hybrid), the ProAdapt (available in Soft, Medium, Firm, or Medium Hybrid) or the LuxeAdapt (in Soft or Firm). 

The main difference between the Adapt, Pro, and Luxe is that they deliver better pressure relief and conform to your shape more as you move up the line, as a result of using slightly different versions of Tempur Material. Compared to the Cloud, you're also getting a zip-off, washable cover with the ProAdapt and the LuxeAdapt.. 

TEMPUR Adapt in Medium

(Image credit: TEMPUR-Pedic)

Finally, there's the Tempur-Breeze collection. It's the priciest option, with MSRP starting at a none-too-cool $4,099 in a twin long, but it does promise to keep you between 5 and 10 degrees cooler at night, which is pretty compelling if you sleep hot. 

There are two versions to choose from, and again, sub-versions beyond that. There's the ProBreeze (in Medium or Medium Hybrid) and the LuxeBreeze (in Soft or Firm). The Luxe promises greater cooling power. 

If all those are too expensive, you could opt for a topper instead. We rate Tempur's options amongst the very best mattress toppers you can buy, and a great way of grafting a Tempur feel onto another, totally different bed. They're not cheap, but they are much cheaper than buying a whole mattress. Currently, the brand only sells one topper based on the Tempur-Adapt model.

Tempur-Adapt Topper

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UK Tempur mattresses

Moving on to the UK line. Here, you've got five collections to choose from. The TEMPUR Cloud, TEMPUR Original, TEMPUR Sensation, TEMPUR Hybrid and One By Tempur. Because there's so many, we've consolidated the key info into a handy table. 

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LineVersionsSleep feelLowest RRP
TEMPUR CloudSupreme, Elite, LuxSoft£1,499
TEMPUR OriginalSupreme, Elite, LuxMedium£1,499
TEMPUR SensationSupreme, Elite, LuxFirm£1,499
TEMPUR HybridSupreme, EliteMedium, with bounce£1,499
One By TempurSoft, Medium, FirmSoft, Medium or Firm£1,449 (double)

In the UK, the mattresses are named based on their sleep feel. So the Cloud, Original and Sensation are all very similar in design, with the difference being that they're soft, medium and firm (respectively) to lie on. Each is made up of three materials, which we assume are all types of foams. The top layer is geared towards comfort, the second is geared towards support, and the bottom is designed to provide a firm base. 

For each line, you can choose from three depths: 21cm ('Supreme'), 25cm ('Elite') or 30cm ('Lux'). No extra types of material get added, but the depth of the layers goes up as the mattress gets thicker. 

The TEMPUR Hybrid is similar to the Original, but adds a layer of micro-coils beneath the support layer. This will bring with it a bit of bounce and more responsiveness than you'd find with an all-foam model, although it is buried fairly deep in the mattress. There's no super-thick option with this one, but you've still got Supreme and Elite depths to choose from. Head to our TEMPUR Hybrid review to find out what we thought when we tested this one out. 

Finally, there's the One By Tempur. This one works differently from the rest of the range – you choose your sleep feel (from soft, medium and firm) and all are 20cm deep. It's also cheaper than the others in the UK line, and there's no Single option. In terms of design and sleep feel, though, we honestly have no idea what makes this different from the rest of the UK Tempur mattresses, other than it's slightly thinner than the thinnest of that main range. We're reaching out to Tempur to clarify.

Tempur Original mattress

(Image credit: Tempur)

Tempur Pedic offers a 90-night risk-free mattress trial. So if you don't love yours within that time, you'll get a refund and the mattress will be collected. 

For an alternative that's cheaper yet no less premium, read our Saatva Classic mattress review. This luxury innerspring hybrid suits most sleepers and is often around $200 off in the Saatva mattress sale.

The best Tempur-Pedic mattress deals to shop

Best Tempur-Pedic mattress sales, deals and promo codes: The Tempur-Cloud mattress on a white background

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1. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud mattress deals

The best Tempur-Pedic mattress for smaller budgets

Sizes: twin, twin long, full, queen, king, split king, CA king | Depth: 10" | Turn: no | Versions: Medium (foam only), Medium Hybrid (foam + springs) | Trial: 90 nights | Warranty: 10 years | MSRP: $1,699 - $2,399

Cheapest option in US
Still excellent pressure relief
Available as a hybrid
Cover can't be removed
Not specialist cooling 
Not the most pressure relieving

The Tempur-Cloud is the most affordable of the US range, although with a starting price of $1,699 it's still an investment (which is probably why so many of you are hunting for TEMPUR-Pedic mattress sales). 

If you're looking for a classic Tempur experience, this will deliver it. Both versions have a medium sleep feel, and uses the original Tempur Material, which molds gently to your body to offer excellent pressure relief and motion isolation. Couples and those who suffer sore joints will benefit. 

Another benefit is that as well as the foam-only Medium, it's available with springs in the form of the Medium Hybrid. It's slightly more expensive, but it promises a little more pushback, making it easier to move around on, and sturdier edge support too. 

Potential downsides are that there's no removable cover on either version, and it doesn't offer as much pressure relief as the Adapt, or extra cooling prowess like the Breeze. 

Tempur-Pedic mattress sale and deals: The Tempur-Adapt mattress shown on a white background

(Image credit: Tempur-Pedic)

2. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt mattress deals

The best choice for hip and joint pain

Sizes: twin, twin long, full, queen, king, split king, CA king, split CA king | Depth: 11" | Turn: no | Versions: Medium, Medium Hybrid (with springs) | Trial: 90 nights | Warranty: 10 years | RRP: $1,699 - $3,998

Extra pressure relief
Available as a hybrid 
Cool-to-touch cover
Cover can't be removed
Not specialist cooling
Only one firmness (medium)

Sitting in the middle of the TEMPUR-Pedic range is the TEMPUR-Adapt. The USP here is that it's extra pressure relieving, compared to the cheaper Cloud. It's the cheapest of three Adapt models – this is the 11" version, scroll down for the 12" ProAdapt and the 13" LuxeAdapt. 

The focus of the Adapt line is on pressure relief, and while the original Adapt is the least pressure relieving of the three, it should still excel in this area. That's thanks to a layer of original Tempur Material, which will mold to your body and gently cradle your joints. 

Although it's not a specialist cooling bed like the Breeze, the cover has been upgraded to a cool-touch version. It's not removable here though – for that, you'll need to opt for the Pro or Luxe version. You also only have one sleep feel to choose from – medium – but you can buy this mattress either in an all-foam or a hybrid version. The latter has a layer of coils, to boost airflow through the bed and improve responsiveness, making it easier to move around on. 

Tempur-Pedic deals, sales and promo codes: Image shows the Tempur-Pro Adapt mattress

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3. Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt mattress deals

The best Tempur-Pedic mattress for advanced pressure relief

Sizes: twin, twin long, full, queen, king, split king, CA king, split CA king | Depth: 12" | Turn: no | Versions: soft, medium, firm, medium hybrid | Trial: 90 nights | Warranty: 10 years | RRP: $2,899 - $5,798

Advanced comfort and support
Available as a hybrid
Pick you firmness level
Removable cover
Not specialist cooling

Sitting in the middle of the Adapt line is the ProAdapt. This model adds more Tempur Material compared to the basic Adapt (above), which elevates the profile to 12 inches and delivers even more pressure relief. 

There's a cool-touch cover (although for maximum cooling you'll want to go for a Breeze model) and it's removable for washing here, which you won't find on the basic Adapt mattress. 

You're spoiled for choice in terms of sleep feel here, with soft, medium and firm all-foam versions, as well as the option of a medium hybrid (which adds premium spring coils). 

Tempur-Pedic deals and promo codes

(Image credit: Tempur-Pedic)

4. Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt mattress deals

The best Tempur-Pedic mattress for contouring comfort

Sizes: twin, twin long, full, queen, king, split king, CA king, split CA king | Depth: 13" | Turn: no | Versions: soft or firm | Trial: 90 nights | Warranty: 10 years | RRP: $3,699 - $7,398

Ultra-conforming comfort
Removable cover
Luxuriously thick
No medium option
No hybrid option

The LuxeAdapt is the only Tempur-Pedic mattress that features the company's advanced pressure-relief material, which responds and reacts to your body with expert precision. At 13", it's the deepest of the three Adapt mattresses. There's a choice of two comfort levels: soft or firm. 

The soft mattress cradles you as you sleep, while the firmer option delivers the densest, most supportive sleep experience of the range. There's no hybrid option here, and no medium firmness option, although those are covered by the two other Adapt models. 

As well as being the most pressure-relieving bed in the range, you're getting superior motion cancellation here, to help you achieve undisturbed sleep, making the Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt a particularly good mattress for anyone with a restless partner.

Tempur-Pedic deals and promo codes

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5. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Breeze mattress deals

The best Tempur-Pedic mattress for hot sleepers

Sizes: 7 - twin long to split Cal king | Depth: 13 inches | Turn: no | Versions: LUXEbreeze (medium, medium hybrid), PRObreeze (soft or firm) | Trial: 90 nights | Warranty: 10 years | RRP: $4,099 - $10,198

Advanced cooling tech
Premium quality foam
Lots of versions to choose from
Not all sleep feels available for both versions
Very expensive

The top-tier TEMPUR-Breeze mattress sits near the top of our best cooling mattress guide because it offers two different levels of in-bed cooling. The PRObreeze promises to make you three degrees cooler, while the more expensive LUXEBreeze aims to make you eight degrees cooler. 

There's a decent selection of options in terms of sleep feel, too – although not quite a complete range for each version. If you opt for the PRObreeze, you'll have a choice of a medium or medium hybrid (with additional spring layer). The LUXEbreeze, meanwhile, is available in soft or firm, but no medium options at all. 

Tempur-Pedic's Breeze mattresses have been designed in response to research that suggests a cooler sleep environment helps you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer with less tossing and turning. On top, a SmartClimate cover makes each mattress feel instantly cool when you lie down, and has a zip-off outer layer that's machine-washable. 

Next, a PureCool layer will provide a cooling sensation for the next 20 minutes; and then over the next eight hours, an extremely breathable comfort layer will cycle out any heat or humidity trapped under the covers. This pro mattress tech comes at a cost. But if you're a hot sleeper, and can justify the price, the luxury Tempur-Breeze mattress is an excellent choice.

Do you need a Tempur mattress promo code?

To make the most of a Tempur-Pedic deal, you don’t usually need a Tempur-Pedic mattress promo code for Black Friday or otherwise – the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Just add your chosen mattress and any other parts of your order to the basket, and proceed to the payment section of the site. 

Tempur-Pedic Black Friday sale: analysis

If you're hoping to buy a cheap Tempur-Pedic mattress, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are good bets for scoring the lowest prices of the year. This has certainly been true over the past few years. 

While you're waiting for the 2023 Tempur-Pedic Black Friday deal to drop, here's an idea of what to expect based on the discounts we've seen over the last three years:

Last year's Tempur-Pedic Black Friday sale

  • 30% off the Tempur-Cloud
  • $300 off the Tempur-Breeze and Tempur-Adapt
  • 25% off the Tempur-Adapt mattress topper

Essential offer aside, we've seen these same deals matched or even bettered at multiple points over the course of the year. In short, they're nothing particularly special, although the fact the discounts have been going up each year is a promising sign. 

Although you'll find Tempur-Pedic mattresses at several other retailers including Amazon, Mattress Firm, and Pottery Barn, those stores are likely to follow Tempur-Pedic's lead for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, if Tempur-Pedic happens to sell out of the mattress you want, at least you'll have options to shop elsewhere.

Tempur-Pedic isn't always the most generous with its discounts, compared to other brands, so we're not necessarily expecting a showstopping Black Friday sale. That said, we'd hope for a huge deal on at least one of the mattresses – our money's on the Tempur-Cloud, which is the current cheapest model, although the Tempur-Essential could possibly make one final appearance with a hefty 40% off.

In the meantime, find out if the Tempur-Adapt is worth buying from Black Friday according to one of our seasoned mattress reviewers.

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