Helix mattress deals and sales for April: 20% off beds for all types of sleepers

Helix mattress deals featuring one of our sleep editors on her side on the Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress
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What kind of Helix mattress deals are taking place in April? Right now, all mattresses are 20% off and include a free pair of pillows at Helix Sleep. This is the brand's standard offer, which has already been beaten this year by a 25% discount plus a free bedding set included with purchase (valued at up to $418).

However, Helix makes some of the best mattresses we've slept on, and a 20% saving still yields some solid prices. For instance, we think the Helix Midnight is the best mattress for side sleepers – and in the current Helix sale, you can bring home a queen for $1,099 after the discount (was $1,373). 

To make things simple, Helix mattress prices are the same across all 'Core' models, all the 'Luxe' models, and all the 'Elite' models. The only major difference is the warranty length, which is 10 years for its 'Core' mattresses versus 15 years for the rest. All Helix mattresses come with a 100-night trial.

Memorial Day is the next major holiday, so keep a close eye on mattress sales in the coming weeks in case Helix mattress discounts increase. In the meantime, keep scrolling for more details about the Helix deals you can check out this month...

The best Helix mattress sales and deals to shop now

Helix Midnight Mattress: $936$749 + 2 free pillows at Helix

Helix Midnight Mattress: from $936 $749 + 2 free pillows at Helix
The medium-firm Helix Midnight's hybrid design with a mix of foam and coils is a top-rated boxed mattress, and in our Helix Midnight mattress review we found it softly supportive with strong temperature regulation. The new Helix mattress sale knocks 20% off and throws in two free pillows worth $150. With this offer, queen size is discounted to $1,099, which is pretty standard pricing for this model. You'll get a 100-night trial, a 10-year warranty and free shipping to your home. 

Helix Dusk Luxe: $1,373$1,099 at Helix Sleep

Helix Dusk Luxe: From $1,373 $1,099 at Helix Sleep
The Helix Midnight Luxe is made just for front and back sleepers, with multiple foam layers and zoned coils that produce a medium feel for balanced comfort and support. This month's 20% discount brings the price of a queen to $1,899. Find out why we consider it one of the most comfortable mattresses we've slept on in our Helix Dusk Luxe mattress review.

Helix Midnight Luxe: $1,373$1,099 + two free pillows at Helix

Helix Midnight Luxe: from $1,373 $1,099 + two free pillows at Helix
If you fancy something slightly more luxurious than the Midnight, this is the Luxe version. It has extra-firm coils in the central third to support the lumbar and adds a quilted pillow top. There's the same medium feel, aimed at cushioning side sleepers' joints. With 20% off, a queen size costs $1,899, which is pretty standard pricing for this model. Get a feel for this mattress in our Midnight Luxe hands-on review. The 20% discount is available across the full Luxe range (same pricing structure), so if you want something softer, firmer, or bouncier, then there is an option for you. The warranty is longer on the Luxe model at 15 years vs 10 years for the standard version.

Helix Moonlight:$936$749 + two free pillows at Helix

Helix Moonlight: from $936 $749 + two free pillows at Helix
If you're in the market for a soft mattress, check out the Moonlight. There's no memory foam here, but instead a latex-foam hybrid alternative known as 'Dynamic foam'. It's designed to relieve pressure and contour your body. Helix rates it as 2 or 3 out of 10 in terms of firmness, although in our tests we found it wasn't quite as ridiculously squishy as that (we'd say maybe a 4 or 5). The brand promises even support and the "perfect loft". With the regular 20% off deal, a queen size is discounted to $1,099. 

Helix Midnight Elite: $2,498.80$1,999

Helix Midnight Elite: was from $2,498.80 now from $1,999
For the ultimate in luxury, check out the Elite range. This premium, 16-inch tall mattress includes the GlacioTex cooling cover as standard (an extra on the other two models), and has a more complex design, with an upper section made from layers of mini-coils and foams. Because it's a Midnight model, Helix still promises a medium feel and memory foam cushioning specifically geared towards side sleepers. With 20% off, a queen size costs $2,999. If you want something bouncier, softer, or firmer, look elsewhere in the Elite range – all have the same pricing structure and the same discount. 

Helix Twilight Mattress: $936$749 + two free pillows at Helix
20% off!

Helix Twilight Mattress: from $936 $749 + two free pillows at Helix
20% off!
If your preference is for a firmer mattress, take a look at the Helix Twilight. The design is similar to the Midnight, with the same Memory Plus foam and wrapper coils, but this time the sleep feel is firm. Helix recommends it to side sleepers (although we'd typically recommend something softer for these positions). In the current Helix mattress sale, a queen is discounted to  $1,099 (was $1,374). Again, you'll get a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. 

Today's best Helix mattress prices

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Helix Midnight mattress shown with gray base and white cover

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1. Helix Midnight mattress deals

The best Helix mattress for side sleepers is priced $999 for a queen

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 12 inches | Filing: Memory foam | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 10 years

Great for side sleepers
Free of fiberglass
Sleeps cool
Made in the USA
Prone to irregular stitching
Very heavy

The Helix Midnight mattress is designed for side sleepers and those who move around in the night. It's got a medium feel - not too firm or soft - which makes it Helix's most popular mattress. 

Memory foam is ideal for providing comfort and pressure relief, but it can be known to overheat in the night. Helix's breathable cover is designed to save you sweaty nights by increasing airflow, so hot sleepers can still get the advantages of memory foam with the Midnight mattress. 

For more cooling options, see our best cooling mattress guide. 

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Helix Plus mattress with quilted black sides and a white top

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2. Helix Plus mattress deals

The best Helix mattress for heavy bodies

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 13 inches | Filing: Memory foam | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 15 years

Extra density foam
Specially designed body contouring
Taller coils support extra weight
More expensive than other models

Designed for plus-size sleepers, the Helix Plus mattress has all the extra touches needed for big and tall users to get that perfect night's sleep. This includes extra-tall coils which provide more support, and 4-pound memory foam in a specialist Helix Plus blend. This high-density foam adds an extra inch of height, and will support your body no matter your sleeping position. 

It's more expensive on average than a Helix mattress, but the Helix Plus is still a reasonably priced mattress, and it's covered by a 15-year warranty, which means you can trust its durability. We rate it one of the best mattresses for heavy people.

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress shown with black base and gray-white top

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3. Helix Midnight Luxe mattress deals

The best luxury Helix side sleeper mattress

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 14 inches | Filing: Memory foam | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 15 years

15 year warranty
Eco-friendly Tencel cover
Lumbar support coils
Made in the USA
Very heavy to move

The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress offers everything users love about the Midnight, but with some Luxe upgrades. This includes a quilted pillow top covered with durable and eco-friendly Tencel, which adds an extra two inches in height. 

Instead of regular memory foam the Midnight Luxe has a layer of "memory plus foam", which is like a high density memory foam but with the same medium support. On top of all this there's an extra five years of warranty. That makes an impressive 15 years in total. 

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Birch by Helix Mattress

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4. Birch by Helix mattress deals

The best organic Helix mattress

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Filing: Memory foam | Depth: 11 inches | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 25 years

Extra density foam
Specially designed body contouring
Taller coils support extra weight
More expensive than regular Helix mattresses

The Helix Birch mattress is handmade in the USA and is one of the best organic mattresses you can buy. It's also covered by an impressive 25-year warranty (though brands like Nectar and DreamCloud offer lifetime warranties). This organic mattress offers an alternative to polyurethane-based foams and chemicals. It's made of totally natural and ethically-sourced materials. 

With a cover of 100% organic cotton and a wool comfort layer, the all-natural materials are a great selling point for the eco-conscious. This mattress doesn't skip out on comfort, though. It also offers natural support and breathable birch wool for temperature regulation. 

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Helix Sunset mattress shown with gray base and white cover

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5. Helix Sunset mattress deals

The best Helix mattress for lighter bodies

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 12 inches | Filing: Memory foam | Comfort: Soft | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 10 years

Comfy, soft finish
Great edge support
No nasty chemicals
Made in the USA
Too soft for heavy bodies

Think the Helix Midnight, only softer. The Helix Sunset is a plush mattress that promises marshmallow softness but with the same support for side sleepers and those who toss and turn. 

Edge support is a major concern for many soft mattresses, but the Helix Sunset has wrapped coils that create a reinforced edge to keep you centered when you're sleeping. There's also the same ten year warranty and 100-night trial as other Helix mattresses.

Best Helix mattress sales, discounts and deals: the Helix Twilight mattress shown with light gray base, white top and a green band around the middle

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6. Helix Twilight mattress deals

The best firm Helix mattress

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 12 inches | Filing: Memory foam | Comfort: Firm | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 10 years

Designed to stay cool
Firm, supportive finish
Wrapped coils cradle your body
Good for couples
Might not be ideal for side sleeping

We're trying our hardest to avoid Twilight references here... but like a vampire, the Helix Twilight mattress guarantees to always be cool to touch. That's because this mattress also offers a firm feel and solid construction. Unlike softer mattresses, a firm finish is more likely to release body heat through the night. You're not sinking into its foam layer, and so it's not retaining your body heat. It's also suitable for all body types. 

A special memory foam comfort layer guarantees a firm layer of support, and another bottom foam layer adds base support and extra durability. The Helix Twilight mattress has individually wrapped coils that limit motion transfer, making this a great choice for couples. 

Helix Dusk Luxe Mattress review: image shows the mattress on a wooden bed in a dark bedroom

(Image credit: Helix Sleep)

7. Helix Dusk Luxe deals

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 13.5 inches | Filing: Memory foam, other foam, coils | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 night | Guarantee: 15 years

Comfortable for back and front sleepers
Zoned support is good for back pain
Plush, thick pillow-top to sink into
Sside sleepers may not like it
Could sleep warmer

Back and stomach sleepers don't have to be relegated to firmer mattresses – if you like something softer, the Helix Dusk Luxe could be what you're looking for. It's a medium (6) mattress that has just enough pressure relief for front and back sleeping. (Side sleepers may find it lacking, especially along their hips.)

The Dusk Luxe features six layers consisting of wrapped coils (reinforced in the middle for lumbar support), a DuraFoam base, and a trio of foam comfort layers, including Helix's Dynamic Foam, which is a latex-foam hybrid. On top is a breathable Tencel cover, but if you sleep hot it may be wise to upgrade to the GlacioTex Cooling Cover, as this mattress may sleep warm. 

Helix mattress prices: how much do they cost?

How much your Helix mattress will cost depends on which tier of luxury you go for. Whichever model you pick, you can expect a Helix mattress sale that knocks at least 20% off MSRP

The basic Helix mattress collection sits in the mid-range market. Official prices start at $936 for a twin and go up to $1,749. There's never less than 20% off. 

For anyone looking for more back support and all-over body comfort, the Helix Luxe range is priced from $1,374 to $2,874, with a queen coming in at $2,374. Again, expect a minimum of 20% off those prices, but regardless of that, it's still in the premium price bracket. 

In 2023, Helix added a more luxurious tier of mattresses – the Elite range. At MSRP, prices for these range from $2,286 to $4,124 (again expect 20% or more off). 

There’s also the Helix Plus mattress, designed to be one of the best mattresses for heavier bodies. That one costs from $811 to $1,811 at full MSRP. 

Which Helix mattress should you choose?

Helix's three main mattress ranges – Helix Core ,Helix Luxe, and Helix Elite – are split into three different firmness options: soft, medium, and firm. Each is available in two versions, depending on your preferred sleeping position. One is tailored for side sleepers; the other is for back and stomach sleepers. Once you know this, it's very easy to choose the right Helix mattress. 

However, you can also take the Helix Sleep Quiz. This will match you with the right mattress in just a few minutes, based on the answers to some questions about your age, height, sleeping preferences and so on. (If you share a bed, you can fill in your partner's details too.)

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Helix Core
Header Cell - Column 0 Side sleeperBack or stomach sleeper
Soft Helix Sunset Helix Moonlight
MediumHelix Midnight (most popular)Helix Dusk
FirmHelix TwilightHelix Dawn
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Helix Luxe
Header Cell - Column 0 Side sleeperBack or stomach sleeper
Soft Helix Sunset LuxeHelix Moonlight Luxe
MediumHelix Midnight Luxe (most popular)Helix Dusk Luxe
FirmHelix Twilight LuxeHelix Dawn Luxe
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Helix Elite
Header Cell - Column 0 Side sleeperBack or stomach sleeper
SoftHelix Sunset EliteHelix Moonlight Elite
MediumHelix Midnight EliteHelix Dusk Elite
FirmHelix Twilight EliteHelix Dawn Elite

Alternatively, if you have a higher body weight or you're tall, then consider the Helix Plus. This Helix mattress has an extra layer of high density foam to provide maximum support. 

Finally, if you're looking for an all-natural organic mattress, head to sister brand Birch. In our Birch Natural mattress review, we were very impressed with the flagship option. It's Greenguard Gold and GOTS certified, which means it's eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, and free from harmful chemicals. 

Do I need a Helix mattress promo code or coupon?

A man dressed in a gray lounge top and white lounge shorts lies on top of the Helix+ mattress, smiling

(Image credit: Helix)

Many of the best Helix mattress deals will be automatically applied on-site, but Helix also uses promo codes to unlock some of its sale prices. To find the best price you should always check that you're not missing out on any extra coupons. You can find any Helix promo codes here on this page. 

Helix runs discounts and promo codes across its entire line of mattresses, including the Luxe range, the Plus range, and the Helix Birch. Because some of the Helix mattresses are already so affordable though, most deals and discounts work incrementally. That means that as you spend more in a Helix sale, you'll also save more.

Helix Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress sales

Helix kicked off its previous Black Friday sale a week before the big day. We saw the tiered discount system favored by this brand, but the amounts you could save went up. There's $150 off purchases of $600+, $250 off purchases of $1,249+, $300 off purchases of $1,700+, $350 off purchases of $2,550+, $400 off purchases of $2,700+, and $450 off purchases of $2,950 or more. 

As ever, you got free pillows thrown in with your mattress purchase. The offer rolled over into this brand's Cyber Monday mattress deal, but during the following week the evergreen offer kicked back in (under the name 'Cyber deal'. 

Was it a good Black Friday deal? Yes. The discounts were bigger than we usually see from Helix, and it's better than previous Black Friday offers too. 

With those discounts, here's the pricing for the Helix Midnight:

  • Twin: $699 (MSRP $849)
  • Full: $949 (MSRP $1,099)
  • Queen: $999 (MSRP $1,249)
  • King: $1,299 (MSRP $1,549)

That sale was preceded by a 'Black Friday Early Access sale', which went live at the start of November 2022. That had lower discounts: $100 off orders $600 or over, with the discounts rising incrementally to $350 off when you spend $2,950 or more. That was still a good sale, matching what we saw on Memorial Day. 

We were impressed with this year's discounts because for the previous three years, we've seen the same Helix Black Friday deal – up to $200 off mattresses plus two free pillows ($100 on any mattress, $150 of orders worth $1,250 or more, and $200 off orders worth $1,750 or more). These rolled over into Cyber Monday. 

Helix Black Friday Sale 2023

Now in 2023, Helix has transitioned to a percent-off model that for the most part yields higher dollar-off amounts once you break down the math. The standard is 20% off, with that figure bumped to 25% off during major holidays. This year the Helix sale offered 25% off mattresses plus you could get a free bedding bundle worth up to $418 with your Helix mattress purchase. 

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