A huge Samsung Galaxy Ring pricing detail leaked — what you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Ring
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Since Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Ring at the last Galaxy Unpacked event in January, the company has kept pretty mum on the device. This is despite us actually seeing the upcoming device at MWC 2024

Most of the information we have comes from leaks and rumors, the latest of which finally gives us an idea of the potential price for the Samsung Galaxy Ring. 

Shared by Android Police, leaker Yogesh Brar posted on X that the price will be between $300 and $350. This aligns with previous speculation and puts the Galaxy Ring in direct competition with the Oura Ring and the Ultrahuman Ring AIR

Brar did not post this information on X but apparently told Android Police that Samsung is looking into a subscription model for the Galaxy Ring that would come in under $10 in the US market. 

It’s annoying but not surprising. The Oura Ring Gen 3 has a subscription service of $5.99 a month or $69.99 yearly. Many of the Oura Ring’s features are paywalled behind the subscription. 

The first two generations of Oura Ring did not feature a subscription service, but one was added for the third. Competitors like Ultrahuman and Circular Pro 1 do not have subscriptions, at least for now.

Currently, Oura dominates the Ring market, so it’s no surprise that Samsung might look to Oura’s efforts to determine the path for the Galaxy Ring.

As noted by Android Police, Samsung VP and Head of Digital Health Team, Dr. Hon Pak, told CNBC that the Korean company is considering a subscription service for its Samsung Health app, which would align with the Ring. 

It wouldn’t be surprising if that $10 or less subscription provided new features for multiple Samsung devices; the company offering a broad health subscription seems plausible. 

This year has been the year of AI for nearly every tech company. It won’t be surprising if Samsung announces some kind of AI feature with the Galaxy Ring, especially with all of the AI updates that Google is bringing to AI and the Gemini app. However, Samsung does have its own iterations of AI in the Galaxy system.

As mentioned, we have not received much new information from Samsung on the device since the initial announcement. However, we believe Samsung will make more announcements on July 10 during the company’s next Galaxy Unpacked

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