Scott Younker

Scott Younker

West Coast Reporter

Scott Younker is the West Coast Reporter at Tom’s Guide. He covers all the latest tech news, including phones, computing and more. He’s been involved in tech since 2011 covering everything from cameras and swimming pool equipment to the latest gaming consoles and smart TVs. He is on a seemingly never ending hunt to build the easiest to use home media system. 

Before Tom’s Guide, Scott worked for publications like Digital Trends, Outdoor Photographer, Dead Beats Panel, and in a brief detour, America’s Funniest Home Videos. Yes, he has seen more pratfalls, silly pets and ridiculous home movie fails than is reasonably healthy. 

When not writing about the latest devices or advances in chipsets, be sure to ask about Scott about disc golf and sustainability, or just if you’re being cheeky, ask about his noodle arm. If you truly want to get nerdy, bring up board games and his ongoing losing streak. 

Scott joined Tom's Guide in 2024 as the West Coast Reporter. He graduated from the School of Journalism at the University of Oregon with a degree in magazine journalism and a minor in communications. While there he blogged or wrote for several magazines including the Fluxx, Ethos and the Oregon Commentator. He briefly wrote and managed a moderately successful blog focused on web comics. 

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