Meta Quest 3 Lite tipped to have the body of the Quest 2 and the mind of the Quest 3

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While the Meta Quest 3 is a fun headset, the rumors of a budget-friendly Meta Quest 3 Lite keep rolling in, with the latest leaks providing some details about the lens and processor that the virtual reality headset could use.

Spotted by our sister site, Tech Radar, the newest Meta Quest 3 Lite rumor suggests the brains of a Meta Quest 3 frankensteined into the body of a Meta Quest 2.  

This claim comes from X user Lunayian, who also provides a different name for the potential headset, the Meta Quest 3s. It's reminiscent of how phone makers sometimes append an A or SE at the end of a device that is the budget-friendly version of the flagship phone.

Lunayian claims that they have “seen multiple devkits and spoken to several people familiar with the device.” There's even an infographic sharing several details. 

As a Lite version of the Quest 3, the Quest 3s appears to share quite a bit with its predecessor. The 3s reportedly features a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chipset, the same as the Quest 3. It may also offer the same Touch Plus controllers and two 4MP RGB passthrough cameras.

The rumored display sounds like a clear downgrade from the Quest 3. The 3 features a 2,054 x 2,2208 resolution with a 25 pixels per degree in VR. The 3s appears to have the same 1,832 x 1,920 resolution as the Quest 2 and slightly less PPD at 20. It does reportedly have a 120Hz refresh rate.

From the infographic, the Meta Quest 3s appears closer in design to the Quest 2. If all this turns out to be accurate, it really does feel like Meta is shoving the Quest 3’s parts inside of a Quest 2.

Something we have not yet seen leaked yet is the price. Based on the leaks, it appears that the 3s would be cheaper than the Quest 3’s $499 starting price. The Quest 2 launched at $299. 

Generally, Meta has held a gaming showcase in June where it offers Quest updates. This year, Meta is attending Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest 2024 on June 7. They’ll be revealing more on the next Arkham Asylum VR game, Batman: Arkham Shadow. There's a chance we could hear about the much-rumored Quest 3s as well.

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