Google's Gemini app could be about to get a major music upgrade — here's what we know

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It was recently revealed that the Google Gemini app will soon allow users to select their preferred music service provider on Android. This news comes to us from a post on X by known leaker AssembleDebug (via piunikaweb.) 

While Google Gemini has seen an impressive integration into the Android system over the past few months, there has been some resistance to swapping over to it completely and replacing Google Assistant.

This is partially due to the lack of certain features compared to Assistant. One of the missing features was the option to select a preferred music provider. 

Assemble Debug shows off two screenshots that reveal a new setting within the Gemini settings menu on Android. The first shows the basic settings as well as the new Music option that lets users set music choices. 

The second image shows the default media provider selection screen. The selection page appears empty which is understandable at this early stage. 

We expect that users will be able to select from media providers like Spotify and YouTube Music, as well as many others. 

Gemini app music selection screen

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One question that remains unclear is over the inclusion of Apple Music in the options for Gemini on Android. A recent report that Apple is in talks with Google to bring the Gemini AI model to the iPhone could hint at a wider partnership forming. 

Google has slowly been improving Google Gemini as a smart assistant to make it better for consumers and push people to accept it as the default app. This includes bringing more Assistant features over to Gemini, as well as improving the Gemini AI model itsellf.

Recently, Google updated its Google Gemini Pro 1.5 model to hear audio inputs from a clip or video. While this is currently only available to third-party developers and not part of the Gemini app, it will hopefully come consumer products in the future and further expand the capabilities of Gemini on Android.

We do not have any information about when this new feature will be added, and it appears to be in the very early stages. However, the integration of music could help the last few Google Assistant users swap over to the AI model. For any that do we have a couple of lists on how to test out Google Gemini. For instance, here are 7 great Google Gemini AI prompts to try this weekend.

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