Josh Render

Staff Writer

Josh Render is a UK-based staff writer at Tom's Guides covering news and features focusing primarily on mobile phones and their workings. Josh has been around phones for many years, having worked in a few different second-hand retailers. He knows the ins and outs of most phones, including how to repair many of them. Meanwhile, he has worked as a freelance journalist for several publications which range over a bunch of different tech aspects. Josh is also a fan of pairing people with the right tech and helping people understand the more nuanced aspects of their latest purchases. Outside of phones Josh is a fan of video games, novels, and Warhammer and has worked around all three to some degree. 

Josh has a degree in Film Production from the University of Central Lancashire and has worked for publications such as GameGrin and CBR as well as a few smaller independent outfits. He is often found trying to paint models, completing levels, reading books, or figuring out the next best gaming app to invest his time in.

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