Dell and Nvidia teaming up on AI PCs? The two companies play coy

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Nvidia is hitting new highs lately. After the GPU manufacturer pivoted to going all-in on AI in the last year, everything has come up Milhouse. 

Just this week, Nvidia stock rose 9% adding over $200 billion in value to the company. 

And it seems that everyone is clamoring to work with Nvidia. Recent rumors suggest that MediaTek is partnering with Nvidia to create chips for AI laptops in a bid to compete with Qualcomm as AI PCs start entering the market later this summer. The two companies are also rumored to be working on some kind of gaming handheld.

Now, it appears that Nvidia and Dell are teaming up to take on the AI PC market, as reported by

During an interview Bloomberg at Dell World Conference in Las Vegas, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and Dell Chairman/CEO Michael Dell hinted that the two companies would be entering the AI PC market, perhaps together. 

From the interview:

Ed Ludlow (Bloomberg): Jensen where is NVIDIA’s place in the AI PC? I know you as gaming, again I grew up with the gaming side of NVIDIA, do you have a place in the AI PC market?

Michael Dell (Dell): Come back next year.

Jensen Huang (NVIDIA): Exactly. 

Huang went on to explain that their GPUs use the same Tensor cores that are running in H100 accelerators. He said the Nvidia GPUs already use AI suggesting that Nvidia is already in the AI PC market.

The vague answers could be interpreted as Nvidia’s continuing plan to address the Windows-on-ARM AI PC market. As it stands, Qualcomm has the market with Microsoft leaning in on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Elite X chipset for their Surface tablets.

If Dell and Nvidia are teaming up on something for AI PCs, it makes sense that we wouldn’t see anything until next year. Even the MediaTek and Nvidia rumored partnership has the earliest release of a chip as late in 2024 at best. It’s expected that anything from the two companies won’t release until early 2025.

Earlier in the interview, Dell does confirm that going forward their PCs will be AI PCs. And Huang and Dell confirm that they’re working on what they’re calling AI Factory with new edge, workstation, services and solutions to enable commercial enterprises to quickly adopt AI into their workflows.

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