Last chance to save 30% on Brooklyn Bedding's hybrid mattress topper — 4th of July sale ends tomorrow

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Hybrid mattress toppers combine the body-cradling comfort of foam with the responsive, breathable feel of microcoils, and you can currently still get your hands on Brooklyn Bedding's hybrid mattress topper in their extended 4th of July sale. Right now, save 30% on the Microcoil Mattress Topper at Brooklyn Bedding, with a queen size down from $660 to just $462.

Even our top picks in this year's best mattress guide need an extra comfort boost from time to time, and hybrid bed toppers are some of this year's best mattress toppers for adding some refreshing breathability and contouring comfort to your bed. 

The Brooklyn Bedding Microcoil Topper is made from premium foam for extra pressure relief, microcoils for support and temperature control, and a refreshing cool-to-the-touch cover. While there are always mattress sales at Brooklyn Bedding, their 30% discounts are only reserved for certain holiday events, so we reccomend taking advantage of this deal while you can. 

Brooklyn Bedding Microcoil Mattress Topper
Was: Now: Saving: 

Brooklyn Bedding Microcoil Mattress Topper
From $400
Now: From $280
Saving: Up to $238.50 at Brooklyn Bedding

Summary: The Brooklyn Bedding Microcoil Mattress topper offers the comfort of foam mixed with the support of microcoils (which is why microcoil toppers are often known as hybrid mattress toppers). This topper has a 3.75" design featuring a cover made from GlacioTex, a cooling material that dissipates heat for a refreshing night's sleep. It also boasts a top layer of premium comfort foam that's designed to prevent sagging and provide body-contouring plushness. The next layer features 0.75" micro wrapped coils, which are designed to adapt your movements for responsive comfort. At the bottom, you'll find high density foam for a sturdy base. Plus, the mattress topper comes in two firmness options - choose from Soft or Firm. 

Price history: Brooklyn Bedding are known to only roll out their 30% discounts during holiday events, such as Memorial Day and Presidents' Day. After sale events are over, their site-wide sale reverts back to the standard 25% off deal.

Benefits: 30-day returns | 3-year warranty | Free shipping

What are hybrid mattress toppers?

Hybrid mattress toppers are designed to be placed on top of a bed to adjust its feel, but are different to the the best memory foam mattress toppers as they combine foam with coils to add both comfort and support to beds. Most hybrid mattress toppers use microcoils, which are flexible coils designed to be small enough to fit inside mattress toppers.  that are designed to be smaller and more flexible than standard mattress coils) for enhanced support. 

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