LG just launched its newest 2024 OLED TV — and it’s completely wireless

LG M4 OLED on wall in living room
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LG is launching its wireless M4 OLED TV globally on July 1, 2024, on the heels of debuting its budget LG B4 OLED TV

The LG M4 OLED uses a design language similar to the underlying specs of the LG G4 OLED; instead, it leverages LG’s Zero Connect Box for wireless connectivity. It’s similar to Samsung’s own wireless iteration in the One Connect box, found on select displays like its Neo QLED 8K, The Frame (2024), and Neo QLED 4K options among Samsung’s 2024 TV lineup

Using its wireless box for all things connectivity, the LG M4 OLED could steal the spotlight from Samsung with its MLA OLED panel built on a chassis that supports a 144Hz refresh rate (120Hz on the 97-inch model). It will come in four sizes: 65-inch, 77-inch, 83-inch, and 97-inch models. 

LG has not yet given word on both US or UK pricing but has shared the Euro amounts which start at €5,000 for the base 65-inch TV. According to LG, the wireless M4 OLED will officially roll out in major markets worldwide starting on July 1, but US pre-orders have not yet gone live on its store page

LG in its wireless era  

LG M4 OLED TV zero connect box on stand

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LG is clearly taking on Samsung in its wireless display dominance with the M4 OLED. Like its predecessor in the M3, the new M4 OLED will leverage the Zero Connect Box, which uses sophisticated multi-path technology to communicate over an uncongested 60Hz wireless band for connections up to a 10-meter range. 

Despite its hefty price tag, as we don’t expect the M4 OLED to find itself among the best TVs under $1,000, it’s still an interesting new addition to the ever-growing range of OLED displays. Earlier this year, LG announced a transparent OLED in development, showcasing in great detail LG’s commitment to thinking boldly when delivering some of the best TVs in the market. 

Given that the LG G4 OLED aced our lab tests, and the M4 OLED essentially takes on the exact same specs as this display, it’s a safe bet to assume this new wireless OLED TV has some clear dominance in the market. Utilizing not only its exciting new Zero Connect Box in line with LG’s new Alpha 11 processor on an MLA panel could prove rewarding for those willing to pay a high premium. 

Without official US pricing, though, it’s hard to tell how well the LG M4 OLED will fare in the market just yet. Last year’s M3 OLED TV launched at an asking MSRP of $4,999 for its 77-inch model, a price that might be sequestered to its newly introduced 65-inch configuration for 2024 if the Euro prices are anything to go by. 

And, although marketed as a wireless TV, the M3 OLED isn’t exactly true wireless as it does require a power input to run properly. The Zero Connect Box essentially wireless connects its standard inputs, mainly HDMI. In contrast, something like the Displace TV is literally fully wireless, using battery power and a connect box to achieve zero connections to the display. 

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