The Kindle Scribe is the perfect summer sidekick — get $100 off on Amazon right now

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With summer right around the corner and a plethora of adventures on your agenda, finding the perfect travel companion is a must! Enter the Kindle Scribe, a versatile e-reader that not only offers a library of books at your fingertips, but also doubles as a travel journal, sketch pad and so much more. But here's the best part: It's currently $100 off on Amazon. 

For a limited time only, the Kindle Scribe is on sale for $239 at Amazon. The device is typically priced at $339, which we think is a bit steep. But with the current discount (at the lowest price we've seen!), we can certainly recommend the purchase. 

Kindle Scribe: was $339 now $239 @ Amazon
Price check:  $239 @ Target

Kindle Scribe: was $339 now $239 @ Amazon
The Kindle Scribe is the first Amazon e-reader you can write on. It has a 10.2-inch 300 ppi display, an adjustable light, and comes with the Basic Pen included. You can handwrite sticky notes on your Kindle books, edit documents, and create notebooks and journals. In our Kindle Scribe review we said its larger screen size, screen quality, and general design are great for reading, but make it a tough sell at its full price. However, with the current sale price, it's easier to recommend.
Price check:  $239 @ Target

The Kindle Scribe has a 10.2-inch high-resolution touchscreen and the same 300 ppi display found on the smaller Kindle Paperwhite (2021), which we named the best Kindle you can buy. One of its most impressive and convenient features is its battery life which offers months of reading and weeks of writing on a single charge. 

It has a glare-free and front-lit display, allowing you to read and write as you naturally do on paper. Using the Basic (included) or Premium Pen, you can apply handwritten sticky notes to your books. You can also use the Kindle Scribe as a digital notebook, where you can write and organize notes or lists.

Priced at $239, the Kindle Scribe is your go-to gadget for entertainment and productivity this summer. Shop the device today for the biggest discount and best e-reading experience possible.  

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