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Hello, You … it seems like we’re back for one final rodeo. Yes, Netflix announced back in March that “You” season had been renewed for its final season, with production on the show having started in New York. This means Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg will be sneaking around the streets again, but hopefully, it shouldn't be too long until we hear that familiar voice. 

New to Joe’s adventures or need a refresher? "You" is a psychological thriller series that delves deep into the mind of Joe Goldberg (Badgley), and it's based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes. Joe becomes fixated on various women he encounters, often using social media and technology to learn everything about them. His infatuations quickly turn into obsessive behavior as he manipulates situations to get closer to these women, believing he is acting out of love and protection. 

As Joe's actions become increasingly sinister, the show challenges viewers to confront uncomfortable truths about obsession and the lengths people will go to in the name of love. 

So, here is everything we know about “You” season 5, including its release date, cast, potential plot and more.

‘You’ season 5 release date 

Unfortunately, “You” season 5 doesn’t have a specific release date other than sometime in 2024. This is still good news though, considering we could get a trailer within the next few months and even some first look photos of Joe Goldberg in action. What we do know is that there tends to be a gap between seasons (around 18 months to two years), meaning “You” could land on Netflix toward the end of this year.  

Looking back to the previous season though, Netflix delivered the episodes in two separate batches, much like "Bridgerton" season 3. This is usually to build hype, so we could end up having two release dates for season 5. We also predict this season will have 10 episodes in total for consistency.

'You' season 5 cast 

(L-R) Charlotte Ritchie as Kate, Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You season 4 part 2

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Of course, we all know that Penn Badgley will reprise his role as Joe Goldberg one more time for season 5. He’s had several aliases over the years as a cover-up for his crimes, including Will Bettelheim and Jonathan Moore. But in the season 4 finale, he finally returned to his real persona when going back to his home city — New York. 

Another confirmed cast member is Joe’s girlfriend Kate, who is played by Charlotte Ritchie. The two are now officially a couple after Joe admitted his crimes, with Kate surprisingly accepting it and moving to New York with him. She also has plenty of resources to help Joe live a normal life again and get his son Henry back. 

Speaking of his son, Digital Spy revealed some set photos that see Joe, Kate, and what appears to be an older Henry (Frankie Demaio) walking together.  

It’s also likely that we’ll see Tati Gabrielle return as Marienne since she managed to escape from Joe’s sinister plans in season 4. She’ll probably come back to New York to try and put an end to Joe. 

Here are some more confirmed cast members with their character names and descriptions provided by Deadline

  • Madeline Brewer as Bronte, an "enigmatic and free-spirited playwright"
  • Anna Camp as Raegan and Maddie Lockwood, the twin Lockwood sisters and Joe's new sister-in-laws
  • Griffin Matthews as Teddy Lockwood, the "snarky yet loyal" brother-in-law of Joe Goldberg
  • Natasha Behnam as Dominique, "a passionate, clever, fiercely loyal young woman"
  • Pete Ploszek as Harrison, the "trophy husband" to Reagan Lockwood
  • Tom Francis as Clayton, a "pretentious, self-absorbed, wannabe author whose vindictive, controlling nature draws Joe’s attention"
  • b as Phoenix, who is "shrewd and resourceful with a strong moral code"

So far that’s all we know regarding the cast, but we’ll come back and update this page when more is revealed in the coming months.

‘You’ season 5 plot

An image indicating spoilers are ahead.

Well, it seems as though the plot for “You” season 5 is being kept under wraps, because we don’t have an official synopsis. However, we can thank Badgley for sharing a few details with People about his character in the next season: 

"I feel like it's building towards a greater resolution. That's what I want for Joe ... because now, the circumstances are actually different. He has a level of power and wealth that he's never had."

He also said: "With Love (Victoria Pedretti), he technically had wealth and he was adjacent to some power, but he hated it and he didn't take it for his own. Whereas now, he seems to be embracing it and taking it for his own. And to be honest, that's sort of a terrifying prospect." He then added it's "an evolution of the whole conceit."

The ending of season 4 can give us a rough idea on what to expect. Joe embraced his killer identity as he moved back to New York with Kate. She knows his version of the “truth” about the whole ordeal with Love during season 3. And, to no one’s surprise, Joe avoided any consequences for his killings in London due to his framing Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman). However, one person still knows about the real Joe, and that is Marienne. It’s possible she’ll play an ever bigger role in season 5 when hunting him down and revealing the truth to the world.

‘You’ season 5 trailers and first look photos 

There have been a few sneaky photos circling the internet when it comes to new characters in “You” season 5. Digital Spy revealed the Joe and Kate photos as mentioned earlier, but they also revealed more with him and Anna Camp (who is set to play the Lockwood twins). It’s unclear what twin she is playing in the photos, but it seems as though her and Joe are having a deep conversation. 

Camp also did us a favor and shared a behind-the-scenes picture of herself and Badgley on Instagram

Even though we have a few set photos, we don’t have any official images from Netflix. These probably won’t come until the show is nearing the end of production. However, back in May, Netflix did give us the first official look at Joe Goldberg as he walks down the street in New York. And yes, the beard is gone, so the titular character looks just like his former self in season 1. Coming full circle, aren’t we? 

In terms of trailers, don’t expect to see one anytime soon. Netflix’s Tudum teaser is the only thing we have right now, and it mainly involves Badgley hinting at what’s to come, including “you’re probably considering what or who Joe will be up against when he finally returns to New York.”

He also reveals that characters from previous seasons could return in an epic conclusion: “There are many from Joe’s past, but the question is, who are you?” 

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