'Welcome to Wrexham' fans set to get new must-watch Disney Plus soccer series

(L-R) Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in "Welcome to Wrexham"
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If 'Welcome to Wrexham' made you an ardent supporter of Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds' Welsh soccer club, then FX might be set to turn you into a die-hard Club Nexaca supporter soon, too. 

As reported by Deadline, McElhenney and Reynolds have teamed with another celebrity owner, Eva Longoria, for a new bilingual (English and Spanish) sports docuseries focusing on the club that will air on FX and Disney Plus Latin America. All three stars are on board as both executive producers and on-air stars. 

The series doesn't yet have a title, but is currently being referred to as "Bienvenidos a Necaxa". Variety has confirmed that filming got underway yesterday (July 9), just a few days after Mexico's latest Liga MX season began. The series is expected to be patterned after 'Welcome to Wrexham', and will similarly chart the ups and downs of Club Nexaca's journey going forward.

Welcome to Wrexham | Season 3 Official Trailer | FX - YouTube Welcome to Wrexham | Season 3 Official Trailer | FX - YouTube
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Nexaca was originally based in Mexico City, but the century-old team relocated to the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico (known as the "land of the good people") after several rough seasons. From the FX summary, it sounds very much like the celebs hope to work the same sort of magic that worked so well for Wrexham AFC. 

Per an FX summary, the series will follow Nexaca's staff and players "as they strive to reclaim their place as one of Mexico's top teams, while their Mexican-American owner Eva Longoria tries to breathe new life into the team by enlisting the help of her high-profile friends including new co-owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds".

The two Wrexham investors bought a stake in Club Necaxa back in April 2024. In addition to Longoria, McElhenney, and Reynolds, the club has also received investment from Kate Upton, Odell Beckham Jr. Mesut Özil, Justin Verlander, and Shawn Marion.

The series does not have a release date at the time of writing, but it seems logical that it would start airing after the current Liga MX season comes to an end.

Are we getting more 'Welcome to Wrexham'?

Rest assured, "Bienvenidos a Necaxa" isn't replacing "Welcome to Wrexham", as the series has already been renewed for a fourth season.

The good news was confirmed back in May 2024. In a statement released at the time, President of FX Entertainment Nick Grad commented: "Wrexham AFC has exceed all expectations on the pitch and with fans, scoring back-to-back promotions under the leadership of Rob and Ryan and rising to compete in League One next season. 

""Welcome to Wrexham" is scoring big too, winning five Emmy Awards and a fourth season that will continue to document the team's remarkable journey and its impact on the Wrexham community and growing legions of fans worldwide."

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