Best Wireless Printer In India 2019 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Wireless Printer IndiaTop Picks Of Best Wireless Printer In India:  As Technology is growing exponentially, So our lifestyle and ease of doing daily tasks. Also, those were the days when we got stuck with wired printers and there was always a web of wires around our Desktop whether it’s in the office or in Our home. Wireless printers have some awesome features which makes it irresistible to buy one. Here, we have a guide which will help you in buying one as well helps you for further setup.

Also, the best modern wireless printers have some good features which make the task completions easy by using robust networks and connecting to almost all of the smartphones as well as tablets.

Connecting Wireless Printers With Your Smart Devices

Almost all of the new wireless printers offer, printing with mobile support. This means you can connect your Android, iPad, or iPhone and direct print your Photos or Documents through wifi. Some of the brands even provide apps with their printers which makes the task much easier. Although all of them support cloud-based printing services.

Strong Connection and Fast Speed:

Sometimes the wifi connection can be weak which depends on the quality of your Wifi signal strength. Although it’s not a concern as they usually perform well with the stable connection up to 20-30fts.

Inkjet printers are a good choice for high-quality photos. You can check the brief guide below which will help you to choose the best affordable wireless printer.

Best Wireless Printers HD MultiFunction

Although there are numerous printers which are wireless, being in the market but some of them provide stable connection, High-Resolution DPI, Good Speed and which are lightweight with some good extra features. Below is our recommendation for the best wireless printers.

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HP DeskJet 4729

HP Deskjet 4729 Wireless

Wi-Fi, USB, App
LCD Display,
High Quality Inkjet

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

If you are looking for an affordable as well good quality wireless printer, then HP Deskjet 4729 is a perfect choice. Low maintenance, crisp photo-quality, and Ease to setup are some of the features which makes it better than others in its price range. Largest print cartridges are available for it in the market. So no need to worry about the clogged print heads.


  • Ideal For: Home & Small Office
  • Supported Page size – A4, B5, A6, DL envelope
  • Weight: 5.24 kg
  • Hold Capacity: 60 Pages
  • Excellent print quality on matte
  • Low Ink cost per page
  • More cartridges availablity
  • Affordable
  • Expensive for large workloads
  • Not Suitable for glossy papers

Brother DCP-T710WHP DeskJet 4729

Brother DCP Inktank Printer

Wi-Fi, USB Dual
LCD Display,
Inkjet-Good Speed

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Canon 7270

Canon 7270 Wifi Printer Color

Wi-Fi, USB App 
Collage Software,
Photo Quality Inkjet

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Epson L605

Epson L605 Wireless Wifi

Multiple Paper Compatibility 
High Page Yeild,
Great Speed

Our Rating: ★★★★☆


Multiple Page Compatibility 
High Page Yeild,
Nice Speed & Quality

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Canon Pixma G3000

Canon Pixma G3000 Wifi Printer Inkjet

Multiple Page, High Yeild 
Easy Refilling,
Speed & Quality

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

HP DeskJet 3636

HP DeskJet 3636 Color Printer

Affordable Low Cost 
High Quality,
Good Speed

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Wireless Printer Buying Guide – Main Things To Consider Before Buying

A wireless printer can be helpful from getting rid of unwated wires, as well gives you handy features which can make the task easy. Along with that wireless printer lets you control itself using Smartphones, Tablets and through your personal computer. But before getting the wireless printer or normal wired printer there are some points to consider, so you won’t regret later after buying it.

Purpose Of Buying 

Firstly you have to decide on what kind of work you want to purchase it. Whether it’s for home use only, small business, for photographs, or just the tasks related to school or college. Let’s dig in further which things are suitable for the above scenarios respectively.

For Home Use Only

A printer that can handle almost all the tasks like stationary, homework related, occasional documents, presentations, or photos. Also which is having features like the built-in memory card, wifi capability for easy sharing will be ideal for a wireless printer for home use.

Office Or Small Business 

An ideal printer for small business and office use will be, which can handle the document scanning, printing brochures, flyers, large-scale documents, fax along with the mobile or remote connectivity for hassle-free tasks on the go. As the remote connectivity will be beneficial when there are multiple persons are handling the tasks so the work can be done quickly. 

Printer For Student

A good inkjet wireless printer can be great for printing assignments, thesis, term papers with crisp and detailed images. Also, remote connectivity lets you print while you are in your library, or just figured out some important infographics which can be useful and don’t want to forget it for a later time.

Types Of Printers

After the new edition of 3D printers in the squad now there are major four types of printers, having different speed, quality, and features in the market. All of them are suitable for different tasks in their field.

Laser Printer

The laser prints are introduced for fast printing with good speed and with less per page of cost. They are a perfect fit for small businesses and large enterprises as well as cafe shops. They use a toner (powder) instead of inks which eliminates the smudges over the printed papers.

Inkjet Printer 

Unlike the toner, the inkjet printer uses tiny droplets for printing the crisp text and high-quality images. They can be used for a wide range of paper types and different sizes. Although speed can be a little concern but not a major one, while comparing with the laser they take a little longer for printing the papers. Major variants in the inkjet printer came in usually two variants, a 3 in 1 (Print, Copy & Scanning ) and a 4 in one which additionally lets you fax also.

Photo Printers

As the name tells, Photo printers let you print high-quality photos for CD Covers, Albums, Cards, and much more. They come with their software which lets you edit the photos for different tasks. They have a wide range of features like editing directly from the touchscreen on the printers, SD cards, memory sticks compatibility, and obviously the remote connectivity with Bluetooth or wifi.

3D Printers

They let you print the 3D models by using different materials like Plastic, Powders, and Soft-Solid Resines. The Meltdown the material in the form which you have Designed through the 3D Softwares. Widely used for artifacts and toys but normal creative users are also buying them nowadays. Time is not far when you can see them in your daily life and let people make their creativity alive.

Printer Features To Look For While Buying

From paper handling, easy to set up, connectivity, duplexing, and speed there are some features to look for while choosing the printers.


This feature lets you print on both sides of the paper without manually adjusting it in the tray. Duplex printers are both, time as well as paper savers. These printers auto-reverse the paper to the feed tray and prints on the other side of the paper.

Touch Screen 

Some printers have the touch screen panel over them, which lets you easily navigate, edit, crop, and enhance the photos before printing them. These offer some more features like selecting the number of pages, adding footers, header, or signature right from the touchscreen panel.

Memory Card Reader Or Memory Stick Inbuilt

Printers which allows memory sticks and SD card are useful when you don’t want to use the PC for editing or organizing the files. You just have to plug the card or stick and check them on the touch screen panel before giving a final print command.

Wifi Compatibility

When you want to connect the printer with more than one computer and smartphone without wire, wifi connection makes it handy and fast to use them over the network. As per recent studies, the demand for these wireless printer is increasing and people are preferring the wireless over the wired printers.

Benefits of wireless printers over wired printers

In the fast-paced world when everybody on the move, and want to accomplish as many tasks as possible in a short time. Whether printing the documents right from outside the office or sending the photos to your home printer for your loved ones from outside. They give you much more freedom by using cloud technology by which you can print from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions For Wireless Printers

Mostly while setting up a new wireless printer with your Mac, Windows or Smartphone some minor issues can occur which can be fixed with the printer manual. Additionally, some of them are discussed below.

How Should I Connect My New Wireless Printer To Wireless Router?

  1. Turn on your wireless router and a wireless printer.
  2. Make sure you know the password of your wireless router.
  3. Or, you can connect with WPS as well if it is enabled.
  4. Go to your wireless printer setup wizard.
  5. Scan for the available wireless connections.
  6. Choose your wireless router SSID from the options.
  7. Connect with it by entering the password or WPS Push-button.

How To Connect A Wireless Printer With Computer?

  1. Go to devices and printer options from your start menu or control panel.
  2. Click on add printer.
  3. After that click on the wireless, Bluetooth printer in the connection wizard.
  4. Select the printer from the available printer list.
  5. Install the driver if it prompts for installation.
  6. Lastly, Click on the finish after the installation process completed.

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