With the exponential growth in each sphere of technology whether it is hardware or software, the new gen laptops are becoming more and more powerful. That is where the task becomes the real one when we have to pick the best among them. Here you will get the best laptops of each field whether you are looking for gaming, students or wanted the best in each price range.

Best Gaming Laptops

Those were the days when the laptops were not capable to run the high end games and we were left with the only Play stations, Xbox and Desktops to play the games. Now we do have multiple powerful laptops which are fully capable to run the latest high end games.

Gaming Laptop Under 40000

Rs 50,000

Gaming Laptop 50000

Rs 60,000

Gaming Laptop Under 60000

Rs 70,000

Gaming Laptop Under 70000

Best In India

Best All In Laptops

When there are numerous options avaliable in the market, it becomes really tough to pick the one which will be the best value for our money. Here you can check the best laptop among the different price range.

Laptop under 30000

Rs 30,000

Laptop under 40000

Rs 40,000

Laptop under 50000

Rs 50,000

Laptop under 60000

Rs 60,000