The 7 Best Gaming Monitor – Latest 2021 Edition

The true immersive experience can only be provided by the best gaming monitor, Whether it’s the high response time, high refresh rate or immersive high quality display, the justice can only be made by the best gaming monitor for gamers. A gamer’s big screen experience is totally different from when we watch music videos or movies on our big screens, A gamer goes through a complete journey where it makes memories and dives into the game journey which makes it necessary for gamers to invest in top gaming laptops with respect to their budget and total use.

What it makes it more difficult to pick the one which pass with flying colors and brings the answer to your question of “Which is the best gaming monitor” is the number of choices present in the market. Every brand has their pros and cons, although the line of difference is getting narrower day by due to the heavy research by the brands to provide the gaming laptop which is best in all critical parameters. That is why we have curated the best gaming monitors list after reviewing all the top ones present for gamer’s.

Although hardcore gamer’s which do have plenty of years of experience do know the critical points which should be kept in mind while going to get the best gaming monitor for your ultimate immersive experience, but still with this ever-changing market at fast pace, we are keeping our list up to date by keeping an eye on the gaming industry as well as the new innovations made by the gaming monitor big brands. After going through this article you will be able to make a good choice which will be worthy in the long run and will be a one time investment until you became the next level gamer to go for the best latest gaming monitors in the market.

In hurry, pick the one from the below top picks and grab the one which is latest as well as the top gaming monitor at present.

Our Top Picks

Asus Rog Gaming 

Best Gaming Monitor Curved


MSI Optix Gaming

Best Gaming Monitor MSI


ViewSonic FHD Gaming

Best Affordable Gaming Monitor India


In the above top selections we not only placed the one which is the best in gaming industry but the one which is most affordable yet so powerful, for the complete list we have narrowed down our list to the 7 best monitor for gaming which are best in their category whether the priority is value for money or top in viewing experience.

Which Is The Best Gaming Monitor In India?

The few things which should be taken care of while buying the best monitor for gaming are a high quality 1080p display, higher refresh rate and lower response time to get each details intensified throughout the different stages of the gameplay journey.

1. Asus ROG Gaming Monitor

Best Gaming Monitor

Ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rate
Supports both Adaptive-Sync|Nvidia | AMD
Immersive Curve LED Experience

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Asus Rog Strix (Best Gaming Monitor)

Growing with ever since the gaming industry evolved, the Asus knows insights whether it is making the powerful gaming machines or providing the best in gameplay viewing experience with its top gaming monitors. Whether it’s providing the high refresh rate to note down each bit of the gaming journey or bringing the best response rate for in depth responsiveness throughout the gameplay.

The 32 inch 1800R gaming display is packed with powerful chipset and supports the AMD Free Sync as well as Nvidia Adaptive Sync technology. Apart from that few things which makes it exciting and gives it the top spot in the list of best gaming monitors in India is its inbuilt backlit which are customizable according to gaming needs and other one is its curved display which provides a near 3D immersive experience, what works as cherry on cake is its Aura Sync tech which is like its own CPU to completely sync the viewing experience with your fast actions on your keyboard and mouse.


If you are just going to the next level after playing games for substantial time and wanted to experience the best immersive gameplay and show of your gaming skills and wanted to enhance the journey than the Asus Rog Strix is the best gaming monitor which you can go without giving any other thoughts.

2. MSI Optix Gaming Monitor

Best Gaming Monitor MSI

144Hz Refresh Rate | 1ms Response
A+ Grade Panel | FHD High Resolution
IPS Panel – Immersive Experience

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

MSI is among the top brands which never disappoints its user when it comes to performance, although their devices have a decent appearance from outside but inside they are packed with high performing cheap sets. The MSI Optix does complete justice to the price range and performance when it comes to the best gaming monitor category.

Its 1MS of response time and high 144Hz of refresh rates provides the perfectly smooth gaming experience without any noisy or teared pixels on screen. The performance doesn’t stop here as its full HD and IPS display along with wide color gamut makes sure to not hide even minor details of the game.

Apart from this it is also having the Anti flicker technology which helps to get rid of the flicker on the screen, pain of which a gamer knows pretty well.


If you want on the intermediate stage among the true gamers and wanted to invest a bit into your artillery and experience the on the upper extent of the gameplay without disregarding every important detail than the MSI optix is the best gaming monitor for which you can go ahead.

3. ASUS TUF Gaming VG259Q Gaming Monitor

Best Affordable Gaming Monitor From Asus

HDR | IPS panel 144Hz refresh rate 1ms
Extreme low motion blur (elmb) | HDR Gaming
Asus Shadow Boost Technology1

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

The Asus Tuf Strix is in the last from quite  long time and it is not getting any kind of dent in its popularity in spite of its growing age. It was one of the top gaming monitor few years back and it is still one of the best gaming monitor.

If we talk about the features, it comes with the same configuration but different screen sizes which you can choose accordingly. But all of them have the same configuration inside and all of them are packed with powerful chips, the number of Sync techs, Anti aliasing and other powerful display enhancement tech they have used in this is unmatchable and that is the reason it is standing on top of the list of best gaming monitors.

It is quite rare when you hear or see the refresh rate of any screen above than 144hz but it is having the refresh rate of 280Hz which lets you see every tiny details of the gaming journey while using your GPU a bit in return.

ELMB tech of the Asus is Extreme low motion blur technology which reduces the blur and doesn’t skip or any kind of tiered or fog screen, which we gamers very well understand and which can spoil the gaming experience.


If you are on to heavy games which does use your GPU in providing the best class graphics wanted to feel the true potential of that game, then Asus Tuf Gaming monitor is certainly the best choice for you. The price ranges differently for each screen size but apart from the screen size they do their best and this choice is the one which you won’t regret in your long run as well.

4. Acer Nitro inch Full HD IPS Gaming Monitor

Acer Best Gaming Monitor India

HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen IPS display
0.5 MS Response Time 165 Hz Refresh Rate
AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology – Zero Frame Design

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Acer is another big and to be honest never disappointing brand which do complete justice to the gaming industry with its high performance devices. This time with the Acer Nitro they didn’t only slash the price which comes under best affordable gaming monitor range but also did use the high performance cheap and sync technology which can not go unnoticed. 

The best thing which you can get in this price range is the lowest response time of 0.5ms and the high refresh rate of 166hz. Apart from that it comes up with the AMD free sync tech and the IPS display which synchronizes each steps within a flash of eye blink and perfect coordination to your hands and eyes. Its stunning display didn’t end here as while playing we did notice the vibrant color with in depth details, which if you are a pro multiplayer gamer or esports pro knows how it can make difference in identifying the targets with its perfect red and blue radiant.


If you are looking for the best affordable gaming laptop, then nothing can beat the Acer Nitro in its price category when critically considering it’s each aspect. So if you want to go ahead with your journey in the most affordable way, this is the one of the best gaming laptop which won’t disappoint you in a long run as well.

5. AOPEN Acer IPS Gaming Monitor

Best Cheap Gaming Monitor India

1920×1080 resolution 1800R curve FHD
4 MS response time, 144 Hz refresh rate  
AMD Radeon Free Sync technology

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Not everybody knows that AOPEN is of the Acer. The AOPEN with IPS display impressed us while analyzing the best, affordable, premium and other gaming monitors in the range, If you take a look at the price of this gaming monitor, you will be amused by not only seeing the less price but the performance and build of this monitor which does a perfect justice to its price range and for the gamers who are looking for the best affordable gaming monitor.

Its 144Hz refresh rate and IPS display does a perfect job in providing the vivid and bright gameplay with pretty impressive detailed view which can be said is bang on bucks at this price range.

Another best part of it is full HD 1920×1080 resolution along with the 1800R curve display, yes you heard it right, in this price range you can get the curved display for immersive gameplay, apart from this it has the AMD Radeon free sync technology and Anti flicker with wide color gamut for perfectly balanced gaming experience.


If you are not professional gamer and wanted to use your system for other things apart from the gaming, at the same time wanted to enjoy the 3D immersive gameplay feeling than this will be the perfect choice for you at this price range, After all providing multifeature with perfect game sense Acer did pretty good job by providing this one of the best affordable gaming monitor.

6. LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor

Best LG Gaming Monitor

144Hz, Response time: 1ms native response
Radeon Free sync for Stuttering and Tear Free Gaming
Display Type: Flat | Custom Gaming Mode

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

LG is not the brand which does knows inside out of the gaming industry like other top brands, but still they have the upper hand in making the perfect LED’s for multipurpose, whether it is the latest innovation of OLED or AI integrated LED TV’s they are always does have the cutting edge tech used.

That is the reason after putting our hands on the LG Ultragear, it impressed us to an extent that it took its spot on the best gaming laptops in India. It does come on different screen sizes where the screen to edge ratio goes minimal when you go for the larger screen, we have included the base variant from the LG Ultragear series, and we would suggest to check out the other models in the same category which does all have the same inbuilt configuration but different screen size and ratio.

The LG Ultragear has the 144hz refresh rate and a response time of 1ms, along with that it does also support the AMD Free Sync tech combined with custom game modes so that you can switch between the FPS, RTS and Custom modes. Apart from this it has inbuilt dynamic sync which provides the minimal distraction, flicker and better viewing experience in dark.


If you are on a journey to become the pro gamer than this will be the best entry level gaming monitor for intermediate gamers. With this price range LG has done pretty good job in packing all the required features into the LG Ultragear.

7. Viewsonic Full HD Gaming Monitor

Best Affordable Gaming Monitor India

Curved design: immersive 1800R curved
Smooth gaming: AMD Free Sync technology
Fast 1ms mrpt response time, 144Hz refresh rate

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

The Viewsonic VX245 is another gaming monitor which amassed praise from the gaming community, The brand has mastery in LED’s as they deal with the Monitor, TVs and other displays mainly, This California based company also won multiple awards for their products among the people’s choice.

This having the curved screen with 1080P and 1800R on the curve along with the IPS display enhances the gameplay experience and you can get the feeling of the immersive 3d gameplay. 

Another best thing about it is its arsenal of multiple customized display modes which works perfectly for FPS, RTS, eSports, or MOBA games. Now the switching part in between and response time is 1ms as per the brand’s statement which doesn’t disappoints.


If you wish to enjoy the curved gaming experience with really affordable price and full feature packed display, then this is the choice which won’t let you down irrespective of the different modes of the games, it is on the par side and is truly one of the best curved gaming monitor at really affordable price.

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