There is a lot of difference between an earphone and headphone, both have their pros and cons when coming to accessibility and sound quality. Although I have a pair for a good earphone and headphone as well. But still, I am using earphones most of my time. If you are looking for the best earphones under 3000 Rs then here I have crafted the list of top Wireless earphones which you can find for below 3000 Rs of the price range. Also as I have also regretted most of the buying a few years back when I was getting earphones, why because I was blindly following the reviews on the e-commerce site. That’s where I was doing wrong and later came to know that the brands are manipulating the reviews and ratings by paying a hefty amount to individuals for fake reviews.

From my experience and reading a lot about how to find the best earphones, now I have plenty of stuff which should be considered before buying and getting the maximum out of your money. After going from numerous reviews and testing a few earphones by myself, I have come up with these best earphones under 3000 Rs of price range which you will surely like.

Our Top Picks

CrossBeats Wave 

Best Wireless Earphones under 3000 Rs

Best Latest Pick


Tagg Inferno 

Tagg Inferno Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Under 3000 Inr

Best All In Pick


CrossBeat Pulse Sport

Best Sports Bluetooth Earphone Under 3000 Rs

Best Sports Pick


At the same time, Bluetooth earphones have changed a lot from the past few years when it comes to battery, connectivity, and sound quality.

Also, there are some new brands as well which are doing really impressive and giving a head to head to the big names in the industry. I hope you gonna find the one which is best suited for your daily lifestyle from the below list.

Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 3000 Rs : India 2020

1. CrossBeats Wave 

Best Wireless Earphones under 3000 Rs

IPX7 Waterproof 
9 Hours Playback
Noise Reduction

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

The CrossBeats Wave is a sweat-resistant as well as a water-resistant wireless earphone. It comes with Bluetooth 4.1 technology and a playback time of up to 9 hours.

Waterproof and sweatproof

The CrossBeats Wave is a waterproof earphone with IPX7 certification. It means you can use it for swimming sessions as well. The earphones fit perfectly in your ears and let you do whatever you want to while listening to your favorite tunes on the go.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the CrossBeats Wave is quite lovely as it comes with the renowned noise reduction feature. It has super bass with HD stereo sound perfect for workout sessions.

Other features

You can control your calls with the in-built microphone and the buttons on the remote. The battery of this earphone is expected to last for up to 9 hours of continuous usage.

2. ALFO Blaze

ALFO Blaze Bluetooth Earphone under 3000

8 Hours Backup 
Noise Cancellation CVC 6.0
Multi Feature

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Alfo Blaze is not coming from any top brands which are having a good experience with the customers but still it is able to provide a perfect sound with good bass whith its custom tuned sound, bass, and voice clarity features. If you want to get a decent yet powerful wireless earphones than Alfo Blaze makers has tried best to put it inside the list of best bluetooth earphones under 3000 Rs of price range. You can smoothley go ahead with this choice as it is none less int he competion and you will get total worth of your money.

3. Mivi Conquer

Mivi Conquer Bluetooth Earphone under 3000

30 Feet Range 
10 Hours Playback
Inline Button / Durable Build

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Mivi Conquer is an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts. The sound quality and the design is quite lovely and comfortable. They are cheap and affordable, and the battery is expected to last for up to 10 hours.


The design of Mivi Conquer contains mostly plastic. There is an in-line controller that has volume buttons along with a multipurpose button that can do multiple tasks like answering your calls, connecting to Bluetooth devices, etc.

Sound quality

This cheap pair of wireless earphones have an audio quality which isn’t that amazing, but surely it will please you with the bass heads. The bass usually is good, but in a song with heavy and mids and highs, the bass falls a bit flat. The treble gets high in these cases, which forces you to lower the volume.

Battery life

The battery life of Mivi Conquer is about 10 hours, as claimed by the company. On testing, it was noticed that it lasts up to 7-8 hours with the average volume level. It gets charged in about 90 minutes via Micro-USB port.

4. Mivi Thunder Beats 

Mivi Thunder Beats Bluetooth Earphone under 3000

30 Feet Range 
Perfect Sound, Bass & Treble
7 Hours Battery Backup

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

When it comes to budget wireless earphones, Mivi Thunderbeats is a perfect choice. It has some top-notch specs due to which it is popular among millions of users. The build quality looks premium, and the texture is quite lovely as well.

Ergonomic design

The Mivi Thunderbeats has a great ergonomic design. There are multiple sized earbuds included with the purchase. There are ear hooks as well with each earphone to keep them tightly fit in your ear.

Sound quality

Mivi Thunderbeats come with some seriously deep bass, but they lack a little on the mids. If you are a fan of bass, these pairs of earphones will be great for you but don’t use them on higher volumes. If you do so, the bass will crack up a bit.

Battery life

The battery backup of Mivi Thunderbeats is excellent. It works up to 5 hours of continuous playback. When it is not connected to any device, it shuts off automatically, which helps in saving battery.

5. Samsung Original EO

Samsung best bluetooth earphone under 3000

Inbuilt Button 
Balanced Sound
Durable Design 

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Samsung’s original EO is a series of wireless earphones by Samsung. The EO-BG920 is one of the headsets from this series that are great in sound quality. There are tons of positive reviews about battery life as well.

Sound quality

These earphones come with super high bass which you’ll love if you are a bass fanatic. The sound quality is worth the price. The mids are standard while the highs are better. Treble is great. They come with dual mic as well as a noise reduction feature.

Build quality

The build quality of these earphones is average. They come with magnetic earbuds that connect when not in use. You also get a set of Samsung Active Ear Gels with the purchase of these earphones.

Battery life

Battery life, as claimed by Samsung, is 10 hours of playback. The battery life, in actual, is excellent as well. It has up to 7 days of standby, as mentioned in reviews.

6. Tagg Inferno

Tagg best bluetooth earphone under 3000

7 Hours Playback Time 
Ergonomic Design
IPX4 Waterproof

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

TAGG Inferno is an excellent wireless earphone at a low price as compared to its competitors. The bass and treble in these earphones are quite balanced. Battery life is surprisingly impressive. The Bluetooth 4.1 technology in Inferno comes with a fast pairing feature.


The design and build quality of the TAGG Inferno is worth the price. It has a flat cable which prevents tangles. There are volume control buttons on the right earbud. There is a power button as well on the surface of the earbud, which isn’t easily noticeable.

Sound quality

TAGG Inferno has a smooth bass and balanced treble. Its microphone is excellent for answering calls. The CVC 6 noise cancellation feature is another plus point in the sound quality section.

Battery life

The great thing about these earphones is their battery life. With high usage, the battery lasted up to two days in a test. This is quite nice as the headsets are not much expensive for this super and fantastic battery backup.

7. Skullcandy Ink’d 

SkullCandy best bluetooth earphone under 3000

Flexible Collar 
8 Hours Battery Backup
Good Balanced Sound

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

The last but not the least on the list is Ink’d by Skullcandy. It is a lightweight, flexible wireless headphone in collar-style. The sound is pretty much decent, and it fits comfortably as well. The battery life is reasonably worth the price.


The Skullcandy Ink’d have skinny cords coming out of the neckband. They seem quite weak but are durable and can last for a long time. The band is a bit flexible. The headphone is so lightweight that you won’t even feel you are wearing it on a collared shirt. There is a remote control on the left of the neckband which has great powers that can be easily used.

Sound quality

The sound quality is better than expected on the first look. There aren’t tons of bass, but it still is enough to play songs like Shirley’s “Polar Night” flawlessly. Treble and midrange are helpful for a neckband headphone.

Other features

The battery life is up to 6-7 hours of continuous usage on average volume level. Overall, the headphone is excellent, cheap, and affordable. The lightweight design and the noise cancellation feature are plus points in the Skullcandy Ink’d.


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