Best 55 Inch TV In India : 4K 2020

Researching for the best 55 inch TV becomes an easy task if you are you know how to chose the one. With this curated list as which are the best 55 inch TV in India, you can end your heist to choose the best among the rest. A 55 inch TV has one of the main advantages among other TV’s with different sizes, the 55-inch screen can be put into the most ideal size to go with. The term, the bigger the better is not always true, and where it fits best, as an area which it takes is quite decent while comparing the entertainment experience it provides is truly mesmerizing.

If you are looking to enhance your home entertainment and TV watching experience but getting confused when it comes to picking the one that can suit your requirements, this buying guide will help you to make the decision hassle-free. In this guide for the best 55 inch 4K TV, you will be getting the best among the bests with a brief comparison and the facts which make them value for money.

A large screen TV has all the benefits and provides a wide range of bonuses whether you want to enjoy the widescreen gaming or wanted to consider the latest series which you have to finish.

Our Top Picks

MI 55 Inch UHD

Best 55 inch MI TV UHD 4K


One Plus Q1



Best LG 55 inch 4k TV


The above picks has been handpicked after going through each of the specifications of numerous choices and if you are in hurry and wanted to get the best one, we have narrowed the choice for you. All three of these 55 inch 4k TV are the best in class and you can go with any one of the above without giving multiple thoughts.

The Best 55 inch TV In India

1. One Plus Q1 Series 55′ 4k

Best 55 4k TV One Plus

4K Ultra HD (3840×2160)  
Built-In Wifi | Android TV | Google assistant 
Oxygen OS with Android Pie (9) | RAM 3 GB

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

In today’s fast-changing and dynamic world, nobody knows what a startup or a new brand is capable of and how fast it can dominate the market with its amazing products, the same goes for the One Plus. After ruling on the mobile segment in India, the One Plus has come up with the 4K TV, the newly launched One Plus 55 inch 4K TV got all the ears from the market and impressed everybody pretty much It made OnePlus in the hall of the best 55 Inch TV in India.

The best part about the One Plus 4K TV is its the cutting-edge technology it uses which makes it one of the best 55 Inch TV in India. Although MI is into the TV market they also did impress the audience quite a bit but as soon as the one plus comes up with their product, they truly provided everything which anyone can expect from their TV.


One plus claims to bring the holistic smart experience through its inbuilt software and compatibility with the one plus smartphone and the tv. You can experience the whole new features and next-gen entertainment after connecting the smartphone with the one plus 4K 55 inch TV.

OxygenPlay, One plus 55inch 4K TV is loaded with the Oxygen Play, which you can use as the OTT service, and it’s preloaded with numerous content from web series to movies and other stuff.

The other main thing which is quite helpful is the interaction and customization, which you can do through its nifty TypeSync tech, which means you can control and interact with your complete TV using the phone hassle-free.


Its 55-inch display is among the best in all top 55 inch 4k TV’s/ The QLED display has always the upper hand when it comes to providing the true and vivid pictures and the way one plus has created and customized the display, You can clearly differentiate the viewing experience and can see the picture with better clarity, crisp and saturated.

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2. Samsung Super 6 Series 4k

Samsung Best 55 Inch SmartTV 4k

 4K UHD (3840×2160) | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz  
Slim and stylish design 
Smart TV, Built In Apps

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

There is no doubt that Samsung is a well-established brand when it comes to the 4K Ultra HD TV. The difference which the well-renowned brands have among other brands is that they knew how to keep the inside parts long-lasting, this is the sole reason consumers go with these established brands.

Although you can find multiple UHD in the 55-inch range in Samsung as well, they are slightly different, with the above 4K ultra HD smart LED TV, there are certain things which makes It a bit different, which are the affordable price, the new 2020 model and apart from this you will get the discounts and extra warranty from the Amazon. These features along with other minimal imressed design puts it to the list of best latest 55 Inch TV in India.


This Samsung 55inch UHD TV is built by keeping in mind about all the latest and next-gen TV features that are about to be launched. It does have the 3 HDMI ports where you can plug the setup box, gaming console, or the Bluray players at the same time. All these features among other necessary features this surely do put it in the list of the best 55 inches LED UHD TV.


This is the most considerable spec which does matter in the long run as every other factor can be compromised but when it comes to the viewing experience it really does makes all the difference. It does have the A+ grade LED with the 60 Hz of the refresh rate which instantly captures the picture with minor details. If you wish to go ahead with a pretty relaible brand and wanted to get the value of your money then this is one of the best 55 Inch TV in India.

3. MI 55 inch UHD TV (Best Affordable 55 Inch TV)

Best 55 inch MI TV UHD 4K

 4K UHD (3840×2160) | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz  
Built-In Wi-Fi 
 Google Assistant, Subscribed Apps

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

MI always believed in the game-changing scenario and it does remind us of the era of Reliance when it made the cellphones quite affordable in the late 90s. Whether it is for smartphones, earphones, or other electronics, this time they impressed everyone with the most affordable and quality UHD TV experience on a big screen. Some people call this move brutal on other brands and it becomes really hard to compete with MI as of now. Although this is a bit off-topic I wanted to share it, the only reason MI is capturing the markets all over the world with its most affordable electronics is because of the advancement of chipset technology in China. Which makes it quite affordable and quality products without compromising with any of the features.


The MI 55 inch LED TV is nowhere less when it comes to packing their products with the best in apps and features like Dolby DBS sound quality, Vivid extra bright pictures, and hardware integration option such as 3 HDMI and 2 USB for easy and the go connection with devices like Blu-ray player, gaming console, USD storage device, etc.

It is packed with the latest Android 9.0 which makes it the latest TV in the market to go parallel with the latest android as well as its own pretty impressive apps.


The one thing which impressed us when we did put our hands on this one is its Vivid Picture Engine hardware, through this it delivers exquisite color accuracy and color vibrancy.

Its picture quality is capable of providing a true-to-life viewing experience and consists of 1.07 billion colors which are quite big.

All of these features and hardware power really made this one of the best affordable 55 inch UHD LED TV at present time.

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4. Sony Bravia 55 inch 4K UHD (Best 55 inch 4K TV)

Best Sony 55 inch 4k TV

4K UHD (3840×2160) | 4K X-Reality Pro: Best Clarity Ever  
Smart Plug & Play
Living Desing: Looks good, anywhere

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

Sony is also among those brands which do have plenty of year experience with TV and with its Bravia series they truly impressed in past about the quality that can be provided and to get a new visual experience in your home entertainment space. This Sony 4K UHD 55 inch LED is among the best 55-inch series and it really does impress us when we put our hands on this one. It kept its priority on the top 2 things which are must whenever you wish to go with the best for a long time, the Triluminous display which is just like the MI vivid display engine and is capable of mapping the true colors from its billion color palette at just the right moment. The second thing they did pretty well is its CelarAudio + feature which lets you experience the immersive sound and is capable to provide an emotionally enriching experience.


Just like all of the above 55inch 4K LED it is nowhere sown the line when providing the feature-packed product in fact it is somewhere on the top of the line. It does also have the 3 HDMI but unlike others, it has 3 USB which can be used parallelly. Along with that, it has the 4K X-Reality Pro and the Xtra bass reflex speaker. On the other hand, it is easy to plug and play and easiest among all of them when accessing the most used applications.


Although it does have the same 4K resolution and 60 Hz of refresh rate at the same time it is combined with its 4K X-Reality pro display which delivers the truest form of the bright picture in its entire range of UHD TV.

Motion flow XR and the Triluminous display is truly game-changing into providing the in-depth details irrespective of the object speed in the video, you can watch each bit in the enhanced form.

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5. LG OLED 55 Inch AI ThinqQ (Best 55 Inch TV India)

Best LG 55 inch 4k TV

4K UHD (3840×2160) | 4K X-Reality Pro: Best Clarity Ever  
40 Watts Output | AI sound
AI ThinQ with Built-in Google Assistant

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

LG always kept two things in all of their product the first is the latest innovation and other one the most powerful chipsets, This LG OLED 55 inch is no doubt can take a lot from your pocket but when it comes to the next gen device and if you wanted to experience the latest and the best in the market then you can go with this one without giving any other thought. it has the AI engine in both, the picture quality as well as the sound.


This 55 inch OLED is packed with each of the advanced techs which came into the LED technology. Its AI ThinQ with Dolby Atmos AI sound is truly the next-gen feature that shocked us and gave us a totally new experience. Although there is no point in discussing with the other features like 3 HDMI ports, 3 USB, latest android, etc, because it no doubt has all of those specs which are found in all of the above 55inch LED TV.  All in all, it is the best AI 55inch LED TV where the AI runs in its every part just like the blood in veins.


It’s AI detects the original content and enhances it to a whole new level to provide the truest cinematic experience which can not be matched with any of the above 55 inches LED TV present in the market. Not only that, the AI engine detects the brightness inside the picture & video and enhances it in the realtime by processing through its next-gen AI thinq processor and provides the deepest possible quality and viewing experience.

6. Toshiba 55 inch 4K Ultra HD (Best Affordable 55 inch LED TV)

Best Toshiba 55 inch 4K TV

4K UHD (3840×2160) | 4K X-Fast, Simple & Easy, Customizable 
Near Bezel-Less, Ultra Slim Design
Display: Dolby Vision HDR

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

If you remember the old days Toshiba was the one the oldest brand which was into the TV’s. This time why have provided the most affordable and quality 44 inch LED UHD TV. Although this is also one of the most affordable which is capable to provide the quality picture, sound and the smart TV experience with its android OS and inbuilt apps.

With the features and hardware, it does also stand head to head with its other rivals and if you wish to go with the decent option at quite an affordable price then this is the one which you can go with and won’t be disappointed seeing the price and other features.

7. TCL 4K 55 Inch UHD (Best Rated 55 Inch TV In India)

TCL Best 4K 55 inch TV

4K UHD (3840×2160) | 4K X-4K Androd TV + HDR
Google Cast + T-cast 
A+ Grade Panel | UHD | HDR PRO 

Our Rating: ★★★★☆

TCL is also good brand when it comes to the televisions and this time they tried to manufacture a product which is not only capable to provide the crystal clear quality picture or sound quality but slightly added the Artificial intelligence to provide the best home media experience with quite affordable price. It does have every feature which consumers want whether it is 4K crystal quality, 20 watt speakers, 3 HDMI, 2 USB or the features like Alexa, google assistant.

The features which stand it among the top list of our best 55 inches LED TV is its AI touch which is capable to provide the next-gen TV feeling along with the inbuilt premium apps with already subscribed content of around 950000+ hours of the viewing experience. These things truly make it worth every penny.

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