My favorite ever headphones are $150 off in epic early Prime Day deal

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I’ve owned my Apple AirPods Max for a couple of years at this point, and these headphones have served me incredibly well. From carrying me through the baking heat of a jog in Hawaii to watching some of the best Netflix movies with them through my Apple TV 4K, I’ve gone through a lot with my AirPods Max and now they’re on sale ahead of Prime Day at Amazon. 

Right now, the Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Active Noise Canceling are on sale at Amazon for $398. That’s one of the lowest prices I’ve seen these high-end headphones sold at, as they normally retail for $549, meaning this early Prime Day deal is saving you $151.  

Apple AirPods Max: was $549 now $398 @ AmazonHURRY!

Apple AirPods Max: was $549 now $398 @ Amazon
HURRY! The AirPods Max are Apple's premium, retro-style headphones. They feature large ear cushions, a digital crown, active noise cancelation and Spatial Audio. The latter feature uses head-tracking to offer a surround sound experience. In our AirPods Max review we said that the combination of comfort, pristine audio quality and fantastic features (like Dolby Atmos support), is hard to beat. The Max also proves a doddle to pair with the best iPhones and the best iPads over Bluetooth.   

I’ve said this before, the AirPods Max are my favorite headphones I’ve ever owned, and it’s not all that close. I use them across my aforementioned streaming box, my iPad Pro 2024 and my iPhone 14 Pro, and pairing them with my various Apple devices over Bluetooth is a doddle.

The AirPods Max are also a battery beast. Thanks to this headset’s low power mode, the Max will easily last 20 hours between charges. Most people will probably go several days without needing to charge these enduring cans. 

How Apple handles bass with these headphones (which also support 3D spatial audio) is downright superb. Authoritative and constantly deep, it’s a pleasure listening to music or watching the best streaming services with the AirPods Max. 

Noise-canceling performance is also terrific. These headphones legitimately saved my sanity on holiday last year when every cockerel on the island of Kauai (it turns out Hawaii has a lot of cockerels) started screaming their lungs out in the early hours. 

I’d be surprised to see the AirPods Max drop any lower than this current $399 deal even on Prime Day next week, so if you’ve been thinking about picking these headphones up for a while now, I’d say this is the perfect time to take the plunge. 

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