Quick! This Cocoon by Sealy cooling mattress for hot sleepers just dropped to $344 at Walmart

The Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid Mattress in a bedroom with a Tom's Guide price drop deals graphic (right)
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One of our best cheap cooling mattresses just got a huge price drop, courtesy of an epic Walmart sale. You can buy a queen Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid mattress for just currently just $434 at Walmart– that's less than half what you'd pay shopping direct with Sealy.

The Cocoon Hybrid by Sealy is a cooling bed with a supportive feel that's ideal for back and stomach sleepers. The Cocoon range is one of the best mattresses for temperature regulation on a budget, and this Walmart deal knocks the already-excellent price down even further.

At Tom's Guide, we don't normally recommend buying from third-party retailers as you don't always get the same warranties and benefits. However, this deal entitles you to the same free shipping and 10-year warranty as shopping direct with Sealy. The biggest downside is that you'll get a 90 day trial period compared to 100 at Sealy – and comes with the frustrating caveat that the mattress must be in the box to be returned. 

Sealy has run the same evergreen 35% off plus free bedding deal for a long time now, and we don't expect them to deviate from it during the upcoming Memorial Day mattress sales. If you're sure that this is the best cooling mattress for you, this is a mattress sale well worth capitalising on. 

Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid Mattress
Was: Now: 

Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid Mattress
from $399
Now: from $344
up to $60 at Walmart

Summary: The Cocoon range by Sealy Chill is an affordable alternative to specialist cooling mattresses, aimed at hot sleepers working with a tighter budget. The Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid pairs gel-infused memory foam with open coils to draw heat from the body so you don't wake up sweating. We haven't had a chance to test the hybrid model, but the memory foam Cocoon consistently ranks among the best cooling mattresses. You can learn more with our Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress review. The hybrid model has a similar build but switches the dense foam base for breathable springs, so expect a bouncier bed which stays comfortably cool on longer nights. There isn't much body contouring to the Cocoon memory foam, and we assume a similar issue with the hybrid, making this bed better for stomach and back sleepers. However, the excellent pressure relief should appeal to side sleepers who prefer a firmer feel.

Price history: The Cocoon by Sealy Chill Hybrid has an MSRP of $1,389 for a queen at Sealy, but you can ignore that price because this bed is permanently reduced by 35%. Buy direct from Sealy and you'll pay $899 for a queen, with a bedding bundle worth $179 for free. Walmart lists the queen as $494, reduced to $434 in the current sale. You won't get the bedding, but you'll have enough money left over to buy your own sleep set. It's worth noting Sealy always runs the same 35% off mattress sale, so we don't expect cheaper prices for Memorial Day.

Benefits: Free shipping | 10-year warranty | 90-day return period

Should you buy a mattress from Walmart?

When buying a mattress from a third-party retailer such as Walmart or Amazon, it comes with certain risks. The biggest drawback is that they tend to come with a shorter mattress trial, or no trial at all. Many sites promise a lengthy return period with the caveat that the mattress must remain in the box – which isn't really a trial, just a chance to send it back if you ordered the wrong one.

Third-party sites can also have limited warranties, although many maintain the manufacturer warranty. You also risk poor after care, as you won't have the specialized service of buying from a sleep brand.

However, sometimes deals pop up on third-party retailers that are just too good to ignore – this Cocoon by Sealy Hybrid is one of them. If you do choose to shop third-party, make sure to read the fine print so you understand the kind of trial and warranty you'll be getting.

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