Here are 3 mattress toppers I'd buy to soften a firm bed — get up to 25% off in the weekend sales

The Lucid Gel Mmeory Foam Topper in a well-lit bedroom with a price drop badge
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As a sleep writer, I know that the best way to add extra comfort to your bed is to buy an ultra-cushioning mattress topper — and there are plenty on sale this weekend. The cheapest topper deal offers you a limited-time chance to get 25% off the Gel Memory Foam Topper at Lucid Mattress, with a queen down to $74.99.

Even the best mattresses on the market can be a little too firm for some sleepers, and the Lucid Memory Foam Topper is the most cost-effective way to add some softness. However, it's not the only best mattress topper on sale this weekend, as there are deals at Viscosoft and Puffy that can save you up to 25%, too. 

These are the best mattress sales to shop if you're looking for a mattress topper that can transform your firm mattress into a cloud-like soft bed. Plus, all come with a sleep trial, warranty, and free shipping, so you know you're getting a good deal.

1. Lucid Gel Memory Foam 3" Topper:  $69.99 $52.99 at Lucid Mattress

1. Lucid Gel Memory Foam 3" Topper: from $69.99 $52.99 at Lucid Mattress
Right now, there's an summer clearance sale at Lucid which knocks up to 25% off their most popular topper, bringing a queen to $74.99 (was $99.99). Reviewers for our Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper review ranked this as the best memory foam topper for side sleepers on a tight budget and were impressed with its gel-infused foam and ventilated design that added some great cooling features.

2. Viscosoft Serene Hybrid Mattress Topper: $199.95$149.95 at Viscosoft

2. Viscosoft Serene Hybrid Mattress Topper: from $199.95 $149.95 at Viscosoft
Our testers for the Viscosoft Serene Hybrid Mattress Topper review found that this plush topper can make any mattress feel more luxurious. It also provides great pressure relief to side and back sleepers. Right now there's a 25% sale that reduces a queen size to $199.95. Extras include free delivery, a 5-year warranty, and 90-day money back guarantee. 

3. Puffy Deluxe Mattress Topper: $179 $152 at Puffy

3. Puffy Deluxe Mattress Topper: from $179 $152 at Puffy
Available in two comfort levels (firm or soft), the Puffy Deluxe Mattress Topper will add plush comfort to your mattress if you opt for the latter firmness option. Our Puffy Deluxe Mattress Topper review were impressed with the amount of softness it offers to side sleepers, and were equally impressed with its lifetime warranty and 101-night sleep trial. At 15% off, a queen is now $195. 

Are mattress toppers worth it? 

If you're wondering if mattress toppers are worth it or a waste of money, we say that it all depends on what mattress topper you buy. First of all look for a topper that's between 2" and 4" thick, as anything thinner will make no difference to your bed and anything thicker will be too squidgy. 

If you're a hot sleeper, choose a mattress topper that has cooling features such as gel foam, a latex design, or a cool, breathable cover. Meanwhile stomach sleepers and back sleepers should look for something that adds firm support as well as comfort.  

Frances Daniels
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