5 signs you should buy a cooling bed topper and not a mattress in Memorial Day sales

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If you're constantly waking up in the middle of the night because you feel too hot to sleep, then you're probably wondering if a cooling mattress or a cooling bed topper could be your sleep saviour. Both are good choices, but one costs way more than the other, so how do you choose to make the most of your money? Here we've rounded up the five most common signs that you actually need a cooling mattress topper and not a mattress in this year's Memorial Day mattress sales.

Many of 2024's best mattresses are designed with temperature regulation in mind, either through the use of specific cooling materials (these include copper-infused memory foam and heat-wicking phase change material in the cover) or coils. But there's no need to spend extra money on a mattress when all you need is a good cooling topper.

Here we're looking at five common signs that you should buy a cooling bed topper this Memorial Day, we've rounded up the three best cooling mattress topper deals to save you scouring the Memorial Day sales.

What is a cooling mattress topper?

A mattress topper is a thin layer of padding that can be placed on top of your mattress to alter its feel and add support and/or comfort. A cooling mattress topper can change the firmness of the mattress, too, but it also adds temperature regulation. 

Cooling technology is found in most of the best mattress toppers. Cooling tech can be anything from a breathable, heat-dissipating cover to cooling infusions of gel, copper, or graphite. 

5 signs you should buy a cooling bed topper instead of a mattress

1. You're overheating at night 

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The most obvious sign that you need a cooling bed topper is the feeling of being overheated at night. If you're suffering from night sweats and insomnia due to feeling too hot, it's likely that your mattress may be at least partly to blame. While many mattresses feature cooling features such as breathable covers and springs or coils, a lot of mattresses sleep warm.

This is especially true for even the best memory foam mattresses as memory foam has a tendency to trap heat. A cooling mattress topper can help to completely alter the temperature of your sleep surface and prevent your mattress from making you too hot. 

2. Your mattress is less than eight years old

Just bought a new mattress but realised it has a few faults? It can be annoying if you realize your mattress isn't right for you after a couple of years. Mattresses are investments and are meant to last you at least eight years. Any less than that, and it can feel as if you've wasted your money. 

A mattress topper is great way to give your mattress a boost if you find that its performance has dipped slightly after a few years, saving you hundreds of dollars in the process. 

3. You want to make your mattress firmer or softer

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So, you read the online reviews, loved the feel when trying it out in the store, and decided to keep it after your at-home sleep trial was up. But now it seems like you made the wrong decision. The cloud-like softness that you initially loved is now giving you lower back pain, or the ultra-firm mattress you bought for support is now making it impossible to sleep on your side. 

Either way, there are plenty of cooling bed toppers on the market that not only change the temperature, but also change the firmness. Latex mattress topper are great for adding both firm support and breathability, while the best memory foam toppers are infused with cooling gel to add sink-in soft pressure relief and temperature balance. 

4. Your mattress is still supportive

There are multiple signs that your mattress needs replacing, including if its warranty has run out (usually after 10 years old), if it is sagging or has a significant dip in the middle, and if it is damaged, ripped, or unsanitary. However, most mattresses that are under 10 years old and undamaged are still supportive and don't need replacing.

Instead, they may need some alterations (be it the adding of extra cushioning, motion isolation, or cooling tech) and this is where the best mattress toppers really shine. 

5. You're only searching for cheap mattresses

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If your current mattress is making every night a sleepless one, you may be desperately searching for a quick-fix, cheap mattress that fits your budget - which may lead you to buying a low-quality mattress that causes you more harm than good. 

While the best cheap mattresses can offer support and comfort on a tight budget, others are less durable and may not come with important extras (such as at-home sleep trials and warranties). If you're looking to fix your sleep on a tight budget, investing in a mattress topper is a great cost-effective way of fixing your sleep as most cost the same as a cheap mattress. 

The 3 best cooling mattress topper Memorial Day deals

1. ViscoSoft Active Cooling Mattress Topper:was from $334.95$249.95 at ViscoSoft

1. ViscoSoft Active Cooling Mattress Topper: was from $334.95 $249.95 at ViscoSoft
When testing this bed topper for our Viscosoft Active Cooling Mattress Topper review, we found it to be ultra cooling and firmly supportive, making it a great pick for hot sleepers looking for back support. You'll rarely pay MSRP on this best-selling ViscoScoft mattress topper, with the average discount being around 20%. Right now, you can get a queen-size ViscoSoft Active Cooling Mattress Topper for $349.95 (was $469.95).

2. Molecule CopperWELL Mattress Topper:was from $179.99$125.99 at Amazon

2. Molecule CopperWELL Mattress Topper: was from $179.99 $125.99 at Amazon
Our testing panel for the Molecule CopperWELL Mattress Topper review found this to be one of the most affordable mattress toppers you'll come across for premium cooling. Right now, there's a limited time 30% off deal on this topper at Amazon, reducing the price to $174.99 for a queen (was $249.99). 

3. Casper Comfy Mattress Topper: was from $199$179.10 at Casper

3. Casper Comfy Mattress Topper: was from $199 $179.10 at Casper
Our Casper Comfy Mattress Topper review found this memory foam topper to be the best for side sleepers thanks to its cloud-like comfort and pressure relief. The review also found this mattress topper to boast excellent temperature regulation thanks to its AirScape perforated foam that draws heat away. There's an evergreen Casper mattress deal that takes 10% off this topper, brining a queen down to $269.10. The topper comes with a 5-year warranty, free shipping, and a 30-night sleep trial. 

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