LG smart TVs have a new game-streaming app — here’s what you can play

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Looking to play games like Saints Row, Lords of the Fallen and Jackbox on your LG C3 OLED without a game console? Thanks to a new partnership between LG and a indie game-streaming service, you'll soon have that option. 

Announced in a press release, LG says it's teaming up with a company called Blacknut to bring an additional cloud gaming service to the webOS ecosystem. The service will provide LG TV users with even more ways to play a portion of the service's 500 titles  for $16 per month. 

Blacknut will join other similar apps available on webOS TVs, which include some of the best cloud gaming services, like Nvidia GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Boosteroid. It will round out LG’s ever-growing gaming catalog, rolling out to select LG TVs sporting webOS 6.0 from 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. 

According to Blacknut’s official website, a monthly subscription to use its cloud gaming service is $16, but the first month is just $1. Against competitors in the space (and those available on LG TVs) it’s particularly expensive. Both Nvidia GeForce Now (Priority Tier) and Amazon Luna cost just $10 monthly, and the much-beloved base plan under Xbox Game Pass is also just $10 a month. 

LG taps the cloud

The new strategic partnership between Blacknut and LG aims to make several displays across its lineup some of the best gaming TVs through a new suite of cloud-based experiences. Two of the main draws in Blacknut’s catalog include some kid-friendly options in the form of Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3 and Jackbox Party Starter, both of which are perfect couch co-op titles. 

You’ll be able to fully download these games directly to the TV through the webOS app store, then have access to a 30-minute trial period. This free demo experience will let LG TV users try the Blacknut experience before fully unlocking the game through a monthly subscription, which LG claims in its press release is “with no lock-in contract required.” 

That being said, Blacknut does corral a solid list of experiences. It’s unclear if all of Blacknut’s library will be available to play over the cloud or just the two aforementioned games for now, but it still gives LG TV owners a step up in terms of their entertainment. Game Pass still remains nonexistent on webOS, aside from one potential workaround found on Reddit

Samsung has dominated the cloud-based TV ecosystem, but LG’s new partnership with Blacknut could spell the end to its reign. Looking for the best TVs for gaming like the LG C4 OLED? Don't miss our complete guide. 

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