LG TV 2024 lineup: All the new OLED and QNED TVs coming this year

LG QNED TV for 2024 in 98-inch size with family watching in living room
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Update: LG has just announced pricing of its LG G4 OLED and LG C4 OLED TVs, listed below, with shipping scheduled for late March.  

LG is going all-in on AI this year — and it's not alone. The company is touting the potential of its new alpha chipset, which now sports three different levels, including the A11, A9, and A8 processors. LG claims the new A11 chip presents as much as a four-fold higher AI performance over its predecessor. 

LG is expanding its OLED lineup to include two models, the G4 and M4, as the main attractions for 2024. Both TVs will be equipped with the A11 processor and allow for a nearly 70% improvement in graphic performance in tandem with 30% better processing speeds, according to LG's calculations.

Leveraging AI, these two A11-powered models will sport improved upscaling, color refinement, and dynamic brightness. Other exciting features include AI Sound Pro, which will gift LG TVs with a built-in virtual 11.1.12 surround sound speaker for impeccable audio quality, as well as both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on all models. 

The QNED side of things are looking incredibly promising as well, with the QNED99T taking a front seat as the main draw in the lineup. Several improvements on UI and UX, specifically with its webOS Dynamic Q Card, allow the new QNED lineup better levels of personalization and screen navigation. These models are, like the higher end TVs, getting built-in virtual surround sound speakers, too. 

All of these exciting new offerings out of LG were the talk of the town at CES 2024, although most of the attention sat glued to its forthcoming transparent OLED TV. Pricing and availability on LG's newest lineup won’t become clear until late February or early March, so stick to Tom's Guide on all the major 2024 TV updates. 

LG 2024 TVs: the two flagship models of 2024


Despite CES 2024 now several weeks removed, LG’s M4 OLED is still the talk of the town, due in large part to a swath of amazing features built upon its A11 AI processor. It shares practically all of its core features with the G4, aside from its Zero Connect, which essentially makes it a wireless TV. LG claims it’s the world’s first TV with wireless video and audio transmission at 4K 144Hz. 

Beyond that, the M4's 4 screen multiview and inclusion of both G-Sync and FreeSync will make this TV a gamer’s dream come true. It will be available in a 65-inch model going up to 97-inch and is built upon LG’s One Wall Design, making it incredibly easy to fit into practically any household space. 

Here are the M4 OLED TV sizes LG has announced so far: 97", 83", 77", 65"


Think of the LG G4 OLED as almost a little brother to the M4, though not exactly little by any means — it did, after all, steal the limelight away from its brethren to become one of the best TVs at CES. Aside from the addition of a 55-inch model and the loss of Zero Connect, the G4 is essentially the same as the M4 OLED TV. It even has far field voice recognition and Brightness Booster Max to boot. 

We didn't get a real intimate hands on with either products just yet, though we do have a quick sneak peak of the displays amid CES in a YouTube video, which you can watch above. In it, Kate Kozuch details how both the M4 and G4 are "150% brighter than the B series," with a purported over 2,100 nits of peak brightness (with more information to come at a later date).

The LG G4 OLED and M4 OLED will also sport 5 years of eligible WebOS upgrades, leveraging the same platform as their predecessors. Given that these OLED displays are positioned at the forefront of LG's 2024 TV offerings, expect to hear news of their  inevitable debut and pricing sometime in the coming months. 

Here are the G4 OLED TV sizes with prices LG has announced so far: 

97-inch OLED97G4WUA: $24,999 at LG (March 2024) 

83-inch OLED83G4WUA: $6,499 at LG (March 2024)

77-inch OLED77G4WUA: $4,599 at LG (March 2024) 

65-inch OLED65G4SUB: $3,399 at LG (March 2024)

55-inch OLED55G4SUB: $2,599 at LG (March 2024)

LG 2024 TVs: the two mid-tier series of 2024 

The LG C4 OLED at CES 2024.

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One of the most beloved TVs of 2023 will be getting a somewhat lackluster upgrade with the LG C4 OLED, which will be using the A9 processor as opposed to the A11 on both the M4 and G4. The C4 will be starting at an 83-inch size and go down to 42 inches, plus it will have 2 screen multiview and an ultra slim design. 

At CES, we were gifted a quick sneak peak of what to expect in terms of said improvements on the LG C4 OLED over its predecessor, which we cited as one of the best OLED TVs on the market. Unfortunately, it seems the display won't be a major step up, as Nick Pino highlights in his LG C4 OLED hands on several downsides, like screen reflectivity, the absence of a MLA OLED panel, and no a11 AI processor. 

We will have to wait until it's in our hands until we give it an official review, but as of right now it seems the LG C4 series was all but abandoned in favor of the G4 and M4 models' new reign. 

Here are the C4 OLED TV sizes with prices LG has announced so far: 

83-inch OLED83C4PUA: $5,399 at LG (March 2024)

77-inch OLED77C4PUA: $3,699 at LG (March 2024) 

65-inch OLED65C4PUA: $2,699 at LG (March 2024) 

55-inch OLED55C4PUA: $1,999 at LG (March 2024) 

48-inch OLED48C4PUA: $1,599 at LG (March 2024) 

42-inch OLED42C4PUA: $1,499 at LG (March 2024)


At the lowest tier is the LG B4 OLED, which uses the A8 AI processor. Unlike the former models, the B4 will only support 120Hz and, like its C4 predecessor, offer 2 screen multiview functionality. It will also be missing out on the C4's OLED Evo screen panel technology, but at least both will be equipped with 4 total HDMI 2.1 ports. 

As you can see, the real draw of the LG B4 OLED is its minimalistic feature-set, allowing it a much better price potential in the face of an ever-expanding (and ever-expensive) OLED market. In our LG C4 OLED vs B4 OLED faceoff, it becomes clear that the latter display will prove to be far more of an enriching experience — which is a shame as LG's C series has always been an utter delight in a sea of unwarranted OLED TV offerings. 

While we don't have any official hands on with the B4 just yet, it's looking to be a phenomenal entry point for those who may not already have an OLED. Prices, of course, are still to be determined, but LG might come out swinging this year by positioning its B4 OLED at a budget level (under $1,000 for the 48-inch model) alongside its newest C4 OLED. 

Here are the B4 OLED TV sizes LG has announced so far: 77", 65", 55", 48"

LG 2024 TVs: QNED series 

LG QNED TV for 2024 in 98-inch size with family watching in living room

(Image credit: LG)

LG’s QNED lineup will be split into four main entries, including the QNED99T, QNED90T, QNED85T, and QNED80T. Much akin to the premium line of TVs, the QNED models will also be sporting some incredible AI upgrades thanks to the A8 chip, which LG claims allows for 1.6 faster processing and 2.3-fold better graphics fidelity. 

At the forefront of its mini-LED lineup is the QNED99T, an 8K 120Hz display that comes equipped with a variety of major enhancements that make it the masterclass of LG’s QNEDs. These include AI Sound Pro, Precision Dimming, and so much more,. But don’t expect the QNED99T to come cheap — it will be available in both 86- and 75-inch models.

The QNED90T will be another powerful option for those looking to get a 4K TV with a plethora of features in a slim design. The QNED90T will have incredible contrast levels thanks to its million grey scale, which can differentiate shades of gray more easily. It also has a 20-bit accuracy for gradation. 

The final two entries, the QNED85T and QNED80T, will sport the most range in terms of sizes. They'll also come with QNED Color enhancements and advanced local dimming. They are designed with a sleek 29mm profile for easy slotting into practically any space in the household. 

Most TVs listed above will be shown off at CES 2024. Those in attendance can take a peek at LG’s 2024 lineup in person at the firm’s booth #16008 in the Las Vegas Convention Center starting January 9.

LG 2024 TVs: lifestyle series

LG Signature OLED T

Taking up after its $100,000 prototype OLED R brethren, the LG Signature OLED T is slated to be one of the most interesting new pieces of tech to come out of CES 2024. Hopefully it won't be sporting a similar price tag to its long forgotten cousin, as LG has stated the new transparent OLED will hit retailers sometime later this year. 

Think of the OLED T as a window of potential (both literally and figuratively). The TV acts as a transparent screen that allows users to place the display practically anywhere in their homes without sacrificing loss of art or aesthetics. Maybe you want to place the TV in front of a window, but don't want to miss out on your awesome views? The OLED T grants that request — and then some. 

While it's unclear as of yet how the OLED T will ship design-wise, at CES 2024 the display manufacturer showed off the technology encased in a sort of furniture stand. The TV uses a special black contrast screen to display more traditional forms of entertainment and content without the transparency, but it's without said screen where the true magic lies. 

When not using the traditional opaque picture mode, the OLED T can display a variety of content to the viewer as if it were floating directly in front of them. This gives these values a psuedo-3D effect, allowing would-be consumers to potentially experience a Travis Scott concert in the middle of their living rooms. 

The OLED T itself will be all but a mere 77-inch 4K OLED display, but LG had additional sizes for this new transparent panel breakthrough. Alongside the OLED T, LG had on display amidst CES 2024 a transparent 55-inch full HD (1080p) screen and another transparent 30-inch HD monitor, both of which could prove exciting offerings across a wide range of device formats. 

LG wasn't the only one with a transparent screen at CES, though. Samsung, too, brought a transparent microLED screen to the show that might give LG a run for its money. Samsung's transparent display, which takes up after its The Wall TV, is all but a mere a prototype currently and microLED technology most likely won't see the market until the 2030s — at the earliest. 

Still, it's interesting to wonder where this technology will lead manufacturers and how best consumers will utilize them. We'll know more about LG's OLED T and all of its other assorted 2024 TV offerings later this year, so stay tuned to Tom's Guide for all the forthcoming pricing and availability updates. 

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