Forget canned air – this rechargeable, ‘jet-powered’ duster is my new favorite gadget

Kica Jet Fan 2 in the palm of a user's hand on a red background.
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Canned air has long been a necessary evil in my life. As a tech geek, photography/camera nerd, mechanical watch dork and all-around cleanliness-obsessed individual, I find an endless need to blast away dust, grime and debris.

My roommate also happens to be a 19-pound pup who sheds an ungodly amount. So, not only do I go through multiple cans of Dust-Off a month, but I also use up at least one lint roller.

Well, not anymore. Ever since I picked up the Kica Jet Fan 2, on a whim, for around $99, I haven't dropped a dime on canned air or lint rollers. In fact, in less than a month, this handsomely-designed handheld electric-powered duster has climbed the ranks and currently sits as my number one tech gadget. Here's why.

The Kica Jet Fan 2 on it's side showing it's sleek aluminum handle.

(Image credit: Dan Bracaglia/Future)

Lots of power in a little package

The Kica Jet Fan 2 is a little larger than the palm of my hand and weighs roughly 10.6 ounces. Well constructed, an all-aluminum shell gives it a premium feel. 

A slider above the on/off button allows you to adjust the speed while in use. The enclosed jet fan is powered by a brushless DC motor which maxes out at a whopping 100,000 revolutions per minute. That translates to a blowing force of 20 meters per second or 45 miles per hour —  enough force to easily move my iPhone 12 Mini across a desk. 

The built-in 1100 mAh battery takes a bit to fully juice up — around 3.5 hours — but it also lasts a fairly long time, depending on use and fan speed; I tend to recharge once or twice a week.

It keeps my gadgets looking spotless

Kica Jet Fan 2 on a black table next to its box.

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You get two attachments with the Kica Jet Fan 2, a thin nozzle and a wider nozzle. Much to my surprise, the wider one is much more useful when it comes to debris removal. 

In addition to blasting away dust and grime, you can also use the jet fan to pump up and/or deflate items like inflatable flamingos for the pool. I have yet to test this function, though I suspect the small nozzle will come in handy when I do.

Originally purchased primarily to keep my camera gear and mechanical keyboard spotless, I've also successfully used the Kica Jet Fan 2 to remove dust and gunk from the artwork on my walls, film negatives, vinyl records, video games, video game systems —  including my prized orange see-through N64 — and so much more. 

Kica Jet Fan 2 electric duster: $99 @ Amazon

Kica Jet Fan 2 electric duster: $99 @ Amazon
The Kica Jet Fan 2 is a handheld, rechargeable duster that blows as fast as 45 miles per hour, blasting dust, dirt, grime, pet hair and more into oblivion, with ease. Use it in your home, car, art studio, lab or anywhere cleanliness is a must.

Additionally, the Kica Jet Fan 2 has helped me successfully remove dried dirt and road grime from several bicycles and deep clean both a box fan and a well-used portable air conditioner. 

It makes light work of general household dusting, too, though it's best to be ready with a vacuum to suck up all it blasts away. I also put its jet power to use on the inside of my car. With all the doors open, I was easily able to send loose dirt, pollen, pet dander, crumbs and more sailing off into the distance, saving my vacuum much effort. 

It also blasts away pet hair from clothing

The Kica Jet Fan 2 in a user's hand as it blows dirt off of a red table.

(Image credit: Dan Bracaglia/Future)

Speaking of pet dander, this bad body is an easy-peasy way to get even the most deeply embedded fur or hair out of your finely knit cashmere sweater, without doing the garment any harm.

Belvedere, my pup friend, is not allowed on the bed. Despite knowing this, he occasionally makes himself at home there, often when I'm out (and have forgotten to shut the bedroom door). 

While he's wise enough to leave his plush perch long before I get to the door, a thick layer of pet hair on the comforter always gives him away. In the past, removing said hair might require anywhere from three to eight or more lint roller sheets. Now I simply blast the comforter with the jet fan for 15 seconds, and all is good as new. 

Lingering hesitations about battery life

The bottom of the Kica Jet Fan 2 reveals the USB-C charging port.

(Image credit: Future)

While researching electric powered dusters, I was initially tempted to go for a corded model, as my colleague Anthony Spadafora recommends, but ultimately succumbed to the sleekness and hassle-free nature of battery-powered solutions instead.

This brings me to my No. 1 hesitation about the Jet Fan 2. While the device is great right now, once the battery craps the bed, it's nothing more than a $99 aluminum paperweight. That said, Kica does include a one-year warranty on the Jet Fan 2. 

Either way, I'm being careful not to leave it on the charger for too long and have only been plugging it in when the battery gets to zero. Will this improve my chances of the Kica Jet Fan 2 serving me for the long haul? There's only one way to find out.

I'll check back in down the road, hopefully with a positive update on the Jet Fan 2's performance. Until then, keep it clean. 

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Dan Bracaglia
Senior Writer, Fitness & Wearables

Dan Bracaglia covers fitness and consumer technology with an emphasis on wearables for Tom's Guide. Based in the US Pacific Northwest, Dan is an avid outdoor adventurer who dabbles in everything from kayaking to snowboarding, but he most enjoys exploring the cities and mountains with his small pup, Belvedere. Dan is currently training to climb some of Washington State's tallest peaks. He's also a big photography nerd. 

  • ADarkTechie
    This brings me to my No. 1 hesitation about the Jet Fan 2. While the device is great right now, once the battery craps the bed, it's nothing more than a $99 aluminum paperweight.

    I don't get it. If the battery died couldn't you just use it as a corded vacuum? You said you were also thinking about that as an option. Sounds like the best of both worlds even if the battery died out.
  • xantonin
    I was interested in this until I saw it was a button to turn on/off. I have gone through a few on Amazon and found that I really like and miss the trigger of the old cans - hold it down for air, let go and it stops.

    I found a few like this, but they're not great. I hope the Kica Jet Fan will make a trigger version!
  • Rve
    Some is this doesn’t make sense. I can understand using this device to clean off computer keyboards etc, but using it to clean pet hair off your bed makes the whole pitch suspect. Now the pet hair is all over your bedroom. Just vacuum it up in the first place.