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Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant
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The “Alien” universe is expanding with not one project, but two: the upcoming movie “Alien: Romulus” and an unnamed TV show. Fans of this beloved franchise can experience more stories about the terrifying Xenomorph and the unfortunate characters destined to face these creatures next.  

This new “Alien” TV show has been generating masses of interest ever since it was first announced by Disney in 2020. Not much was revealed about the plans for this series, but as of late, we’ve been getting small teasers regarding its current development and who will be starring in it. 

“Alien: Romulus” will set up this franchise for a new generation, which can help pave the way for the TV show’s ultimate success. The movie takes place between “Alien” and “Aliens”, while the series is going to bring the iconic creatures home. Yes, you read that right, back to Earth. This concept alone was originally planned for a potential “Alien 3”, but after that fell through, it was reignited again for a modernized show. 

So, let’s get into the juicy details about the upcoming “Alien” TV show and what you can expect. 

‘Alien’ TV show plot

The “Alien” TV show is the first story that will be set on Earth, around 70 years in the future from where we are now. That makes it close to 2100, so we can expect to see some big changes to civilization and how it operates. What makes this so unique is that we haven’t seen this before in the franchise, so it would be interesting to watch how the Xenomorph reacts in that type of environment. 

According to Deadline’s report as of April 19, the upcoming show takes place 30 years before the first “Alien” movie and deals with “the emergence of the story’s infamous Weyland-Yutani Corporation and the race between corporations to create new android life.”

The Weyland-Yutani Corporation is a corrupt business that would rather sacrifice human decency for profit instead of following basic corporate morals. In the movies, it’s believed that they were always one step ahead with space colonization and research.

FX, the streaming network, said: “Expect a scary thrill ride set not too far in the future here on Earth.”

'Alien' TV show cast

Sandra Yi Sencindiver in Foundation interview on Youtube

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Surprisingly we already have a big list of the main cast. Of course, there could still be more people joining the cast as the show gets more updates, especially with trailers. 

The current confirmed cast includes:

  • Sydney Chandler (“Don’t Worry Darling”, “Sugar”, “Pistol”)
  • Babou Ceesay (“Guerrilla”)
  • Jonathan Ayaji (“Wonder Woman 1984”)
  • Erana James (“Uproar)
  • Lily Newmark (“Sex Education”)
  • Diêm Camille
  • Adrian Edmondson (“Bottom”, “3 Body Problem”, “War & Peace”)
  • Timothy Olyphant (“Fargo”)
  • David Rysdahl (“Fargo”)
  • Essie Davis (“The Babadook”, “One Day”)
  • Alex Lawther (“The End of the F*cking World”)
  • Samuel Blenkin (“Black Mirror”)
  • Adarsh Gourav (“The White Tiger”)
  • Moe Bar-El (“Honour”, “The Peripheral”)

As of April 19, Sandra Yi Sencindiver (“Foundation”) has also been added to the cast list. According to Deadline, she will be “a hybrid, a meta-human who has the brain and consciousness of a child but the body of an adult.”

‘Alien’ TV show filming updates

Xenomorph in Alien franchise

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Filming has also begun in Thailand (April 19) with Sandra Yi Sencindiver, and it’s reported that filming will continue until next summer in 2025. This could give the series a predicted release date of late 2025, but that depends on the development process and how many episodes there will be to film. 

When the marketing kicks off for this “Alien” TV show, we’ll come back and update this with any new filming updates and predicted release dates for a trailer or teaser. 

‘Alien’ TV show streaming platform

FX on Hulu

(Image credit: FX on Hulu)

Disney has confirmed you'll be able to stream the "Alien" TV show on Hulu in the United States, as it’s also being created as an FX original. For those living outside the U.S. you can watch the series on Star — another joint Disney Plus network made for streaming mature content. 

As more details are revealed about the upcoming show, it’s possible that additional streaming platforms will be added.

‘Alien’ TV show creators

Noah Hawley

(Image credit: Fargo Premiere)

Noah Hawley will be the creator, showrunner, director, and writer of the upcoming “Alien” TV show. He also worked on hit shows such as “Fargo” and “Legion”, so there’s no doubt that he’ll create another popular series, especially when it comes to expanding the “Alien” universe. It’s not confirmed whether he will be directing the entire first season or only working on a few episodes.

Original “Alien” director Ridley Scott will also be joining Hawley as an executive producer. He also worked on “Alien: Romulus”, which is promising because it means both projects will be accurate and true to the original franchise. 

The production companies involved in this series include 20th Television, FX, and Scott Free Productions. 

Dana Gonzales, who also worked on “Fargo” and “Legion”, will be taking control of the cinematography alongside Hawley. For production design, Andy Nicholson has the reins to make a visually stunning work of art, since he also worked on striking movies such as “Gravity” and “Captain Marvel”. 

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