23 biggest canceled TV shows or series ending in 2024

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All good things must someday come to an end. That quote may not have been written about TV shows, but it certainly does apply to them. There are dozens of TV cancellations every week, and new ones spring up to replace them faster than you can say "new season." Some of the most recent canceled shows include "NCIS: Hawai'i" and "Quantum Leap." 

But not all your favorite shows are having their plugs pulled unceremoniously. Many are coming to a natural end or a planned conclusion the creators set in motion. That includes favorites like "Young Sheldon" and "Star Trek: Discovery." Not sure what's still running and what you can cross off your list for next year's slate of new shows? Want to see what's meeting an untimely end?

Here are some of the biggest canceled TV shows and series that are ending in 2024 (want to find something new that has a chance of survival? Check out our new on Netflix list).

'NCIS: Hawai'i' 

Seasons: 3 | Ending: May 2024
The decision to bring this spinoff to an end ultimately came down to budget cuts following industry strikes around the time negotiations for a fourth season took place. Other series managed to avoid the axe while budget was shuffled around at CBS, but this series was not salvaged ahead of its third season, with May marking its final episodes' airing and a fourth season off the table. 

'Station 19' 

Seasons: 7 | Ending: May 2024
This action-packed "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off set in Seattle was a fan-favorite addition to the universe, so viewers were shocked to see it coming to an unexpected end. As part of a sweeping decision by ABC to save money in an ongoing shift from scripted shows to a balanced combination of reality and sports programming, the show is set to end this year. 

'Young Sheldon' 

Seasons: 7 | Ending: May 2024
According to "Young Sheldon" producer Steve Holland, endiing the series when its titular character turns 14 was "the right time" for the story to end, with Sheldon going to Cal Tech at that age. Holland added that the show was going to "end strong while it was on top." The story is set to continue beyond "The Big Bang Theory," however, with a spinoff based on Sheldon's big brother Georgie (Montana Jordan) and his wife Mandy (Emily Osment), however. 


Seasons: 5 | Ending: November 2024
The massively popular drama is coming to an end after its fifth season not because of low ratings, but because of scheduling issues with star Kevin Costner. Rumors swirled around Costner's availability, but after negotiations fell through and Paramount supposedly walked away over salary requests and scheduling dilemmas, season 6 was no longer on the table. Creator Taylor Sheridan already has several other series cooking, so you'll still be able to get your fix elsewhere. The final season is set to air in November.

'Star Trek: Discovery'

Seasons: 5 | Ending: May 2024
The crew of the U.S.S. Discovery are ending their voyage as "Star Trek: Discovery" is set to conclude with its fifth and final season. Another casualty as a result of streamer Paramount Plus' attempts to return to profitability, the show wasn't intended to end with its fifth season. However, the "Star Trek" slate is currently set to continue with the return of "Strange New Worlds," despite the animated series "Lower Decks" soon ending as well. 

'What We Do in the Shadows'

Seasons: 6 | Ending: 2024
FX's popular vampire-centric series didn't step out in the sun and turn to dust. It just came to a natural end, according to FX chairman John Landgraf, after a six-year run. Now, it's gearing up for its sixth and final season that's set to air later in 2024. This ensemble comedy is poised to go out with a bang, even if fans are more than disheartened by its end. 

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' 

Seasons: 12 | Ended: February 2024
HBO's longest-running comedy said goodbye as Larry David put the kibosh on his raunchy series as of February 2024, when season 12 officially came to an end. David ultimately indicated he had run out of ideas, joking that he could now "finally shed this 'Larry David' persona" and "become the person God intended [him] to be." No, he isn't quitting to write more "Seinfeld" episodes, but there is a callout in the finale you might want to check out.

'The Good Doctor'

Seasons: 7 | Ended: February 2024
Fans said goodbye to the staff at San Jose St. Bonaventure in February of this year due to the unexpected cancellation of this popular show. Showrunner David Shore offered an explanation during the Television Critics Association that the cancellation was ultimately due to the way the story had been going and a surprising call from the network confirming a cancellation. 

'Bob Hearts Abishola' 

Seasons: 5 | Ending: May 2024
Though "Bob Hearts Abishola" is drawing to a close this May, it wasn't creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre's choice to cut out early. He told The Hollywood Reporter that he didn't feel like the show was "done," but added that it was not his call, explaining that the show was axed in part due to budgetary issues as well as low ratings — for the final season, many of the series regulars were let go. 

'Good Trouble'

Seasons: 5 | Ended: March 2024
This spinoff of "The Fosters" ended after a two-season run after executive VP of programming and content strategy at Freeform, Simran Sethi, failed to find the funds to justify bringing it back for another season. Disney made the decision to cut $2 billion from its budget for the channel, with "Cruel Summer" coming to an end alongside the show. 


Seasons: 4 | Ending: May 2024
The end of "Evil" came as another cost-cutting decision from streamer Paramount Plus, not as a result of the staff looking to close the book. Star Katja Herbers took to social media to announce the end of the show in February 2024, noting that the cast was "super sad" and asking Netflix if it was interested in a move to "snatch up the goods" at the time, an offer that does not appear to have been taken by the massive streaming platform. 

'Quantum Leap'

Seasons: 4 | Ended: February 2024
Though the second season of "Quantum Leap" came as a result of an early renewal by NBC, the network was not so keen to do the same thing this time around. Showrunners Martin Gero and Dean Georgaris spoke about the series "living in a bubble existence" and depending on multiple platforms and numbers that determine a series' fate. They acknowledged that the way season 2 was written was like a "completion" for part of the journey instead of leaving fans on a cliffhanger. 

'CSI: Vegas' 

Seasons: 3 | Ending: May 2024
Despite raking in around 7.6 million viewers per episode, CBS ended up deciding to pass on this "NCIS" spinoff due to the fact that there wasn't enough room on an already-packed schedule for it to return. This lead to an early cancellation for a series with spinoffs that often seem too big to fail, so the end is expected to come for the "Vegas" team in May. 

'So Help Me Todd' 

Seasons: 2 | Ending: May 2024
Just like "CSI: Vegas," this big performer, with an average of 7.7 million viewers per episode was axed due to an overly packed schedule, with supposedly not enough room to give it space to breathe for a third season. Now it'll draw to a close at the end of its second set of episodes in May. 

'Star Trek: Lower Decks' 

Seasons: 5 | Ending: 2024
Though "Strange New Worlds" is getting a renewal, shows like "Discovery" and "Lower Deck" in the "Star Trek" universe are ending. Creator Mike McMahan and executive producer Alex Kurtzman called working on the show "a dream come true" and confirmed that all of the series' previous episodes would remain available to watch on Paramount+, though neither came forth with the reason for the show's cancellation. They did express hopes that the crew of the animated Cerritos would "live on with new adventures,"  however. 


Seasons: 2 | Ending: 2024
This musical comedy is meeting an early end, despite the fact that a new season was completed with 25 new songs, according to co-creator Cinco Paul. Apple hasn't shared an official reason behind the cancellation, but between the expensive production costs and potentially low viewer ratings, it's possible the streamer wanted to focus on its other scripted series, with renewals for shows like "For All Mankind" and "The Morning Show."

'The Brothers Sun'

Seasons: 1 | Ended: January 2024
Netflix shocked fans with its abrupt cancellation of this series before it could ever see a second season. It fell just short of the 7 million weekly views Netflix demands of its series to justify a new season, and as such was swiftly taken off the table before it could ever get off the ground — despite peaking at number 2 on Netflix's English-language top 10 and sticking there for around a month just days after its debut. 

'Scavengers Reign' 

Seasons: 1 | Ended: May 2024
It's unclear what led to the decision to cancel this Max series after the animated show premiered on the streamer in october. However, it will continue to stream on Netflix as of May 31, meaning there could be hope yet for a new season. Though it garnered positive reviews and a decent following at Max, it ultimately was not renewed for a second season. However, it could see a resurgence in popularity on Netflix and additional episodes if all goes well, which has happened before with other series. 


Seasons: 1 | Ending: May 2024
This sci-fi adventure completed its limited six-week run in March and then saw an untimely cancellation in May. There was no concrete reason given for Apple's decision, which is a slightly baffling one since the streamer values sci-fi as a core part of its programming. Nevertheless, it was decided that this psychological thriller will not see additional episodes in the future, news that has been upsetting to fans looking to see it continue after its short first run. 

'The Flight Attendant' 

Seasons: 2 | Ended: April 2022
This Kaley Cuoco-led Max series last streamed in April 2022, and a third season was potentially on the way. Cuoco, however, declined to return for additional episodes, and the plug was officially pulled on the show in January 2024. Creator and executive producer Steve Yockey called the show a "true passion project" and found viewer reception "stunning" in a statement confirming the show's end earlier this year. It will remain available for viewing for the time being. 


Seasons: 3 | Ended: February 2024
This surreal comedy based on rapper Lil Dicky's real life ran for three seasons, with its third premiering in April 2023, before FX announced that there were no current plans for a fourth season. Instead, Dicky, real name Dave Burd, is "pursuing other projects" at this time. However, according to FX, that "does not" rule out future projects. It's possible that the series could return at some point, but right now Burd is looking into working on other things. 

'Death and Other Details' 

Seasons: 1 | Ended: March 2024
Hulu's mystery drama failed to connect with audiences or critics, making its cancellation all but a given. After reaching just a 55% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and failingto reach the Nielsen Top 10 streaming rankings, it didn't have the steam needed to stay on top and continue plugging along. With lukewarm reviews and equally uninterested viewers, it seemed this mystery series was destined for an early death all its own. 


Seasons: 1 | Ended: February 2024
Netflix's action comedy didn't have what it took to continue soldiering on, though it spent six weeks in the Netflix Top 10 English-language series after its November 2023 release. The adult comedy apparently had viewers interested, but Netflix seemingly wasn't ready to commit to another season after all, with no reason offered at the time of cancellation. However, its writers seem keen on heading back to the show, possibly exploring it in movie form, at some point in the future. 

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