New on Netflix: 7 movies and shows to watch this week (April 1-7)

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Spring has fully sprung a ton of content that's new on Netflix. The beginning of April brings a shower of new Netflix shows and movies, starting with "Ripley." It's an impossibly cool take on the classic character from Patricia Highsmith — previously seen in "The Talented Mr. Ripley"). Andrew Scott picks up where Matt Damon left off in this reimagining of the tale, which finds a man devolving into a life of fraud and deceit he has to keep up at all costs

There's also "Scoop," which is based on a real-life 2019 BBC Newsnight interview with Prince Andrew, who staunchly defended his ties to Jeffrey Epstein. Gillian Anderson heads up a colorful cast that explores how this interview came to be and what happened behind the cameras at the time. Check out the complete day-by-day rundown of what's new on Netflix this week.

New on Netflix this week: Top picks

'The Magic Prank Show with Justin Willman'

Hosted by, you’ve guessed it, Justin Willman this is a hilarious prank show with a magical twist. Willman uses his unbelievable trickster skills to pull off a whole range of devilishly comical pranks that will amaze you. With some help from a team of twisted pranking professionals, Willman pulls open his box of mind-blowing tricks on unsuspecting targets and even helps settle a few old scores. This looks like the perfect Netflix show for families. — RM

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'Demetri Martin: Demetri Deconstructed'

Comedian Demetri Martin returns with his first standup special in six years with a new exploration of hellish desk jobs, seeing your favorite band in concert, and scented trash bags. He brings more of its demented doodles, musical jokes, and deadpan jokes to this new "story" told in multiple parts. There's more music playing in the background, more self-deprecating quips, and enough bang swoops to fill an entire late-2000s time capsule. 

Watch on Netflix starting April 2

'Space Jam: A New Legacy'

The long in-development sequel to iconic 90s flick "Space Jam" arrived in 2021, and much like it's predecessor its a vibrant family comedy that mixes the world of Looney Tunes with professional sport. In "Space Jam: A New Legacy", LeBron James is subbed in for Michael Jordon, as the record-setting basketball star must lead a team of cartoon characters including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Taz against an AI-generated super squad. The stakes are winner takes all in this epic sporting showdown, and there's a whole load of ridiculous cameos to spot as well. RM 


Andrew Scott becomes the titular Tom Ripley in this new twist on the classic Patricia Highsmith character. Ripley makes his way to Italy in the '60s on an assignment to convince a wealthy man's son to return home and continue the family business. While intending to complete his task, this kicks off a seemingly neverending spiral of lies and deceit as Ripley devolves into spending most of his time lying about his true identity and murdering those who threaten to find out his secrets. If you loved "The Talented Mr. Ripley" with Matt Damon, this suave take will be a must-watch. 

Watch on Netflix starting April 4


In 2019, the infamous BBC Newsnight interview that found Prince Andrew on the defensive about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein aired on TV. Now, in 2024, an entire movie based on that very interview is headed to Netflix in the form of "Scoop." Gillian Anderson heads up a cast of familiar faces as this film explores how the scoop was secured and all the behind-the-scenes chaos that happened before, during, and after the segment. 

Watch on Netflix starting April 5

'Parasyte: The Grey'

Based on the manga series by Hitoshi Iwaaki, this live-action Korean TV adaptation of "Parasyte" is about exactly what its name implies: parasites. An alien race that can take over host bodies means to conquer Earth, but ends up starting with Jeong Su-in (Jeon So-nee) after one of the aliens tries and fails to take over her brain. The two establish a bizarre symbiotic relationship as Jeong Su-in attempts to thwart the invasion before humanity as she knows it meets its doom.

Watch on Netflix starting April 5

'The Anti-Social Network: Memes to Mayhem'

This documentary focuses on communities like 4chan and QAnon, and how many of them splintered off groups of bored teenagers online. It delves into the reasons behind these websites and similarly shady parts of the internet as well as their collective beliefs, tenets, and the memes and real-life misinformation they spawned. 

Watch on Netflix starting April 5

Everything new on Netflix: April 1-7


"The Magic Prank Show with Justin Willman" (Netflix Series)
Famed magician and comedian Justin Willman uses his extraordinary skills to pull off ambitious and hilarious pranks like you've never seen before. With his team of twisted professionals, Justin executes brain-bending experiences to help everyday folks blow people's minds and settle old scores.

  • "American Graffiti"
  • "Baby Driver" 
  • "Battleship" 
  • "Born on the Fourth of July"
  • "Glass"
  • "Happy Gilmore"
  • "Hotel Transylvania"
  • "Hotel Transylvania 2"
  • "How to Be Single" 
  • "Inside Man"
  • "Inside Man: Most Wanted"
  • "It's Kind of a Funny Story"
  • "The Land Before Time"
  • "The Little Things"
  • "The Matrix"
  • "The Matrix Reloaded"
  • "The Matrix Revolutions"
  • "Molly's Game"
  • "Mortal Engines"
  • "One Piece Film: Red"
  • "Role Models"
  • "Sex and the City: Seasons 1-6"
  • "Smokey and the Bandit"
  • "Smokey and the Bandit II"
  • "Split"
  • "Step Up: Revolution"
  • "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"
  • "The Theory of Everything"
  • "Wild Things"
  • "You've Got Mail"


"Demetri Martin: Demetri Deconstructed" (Netflix Comedy)
From his thoughts on aggressively scented trash bags to desk jobs in hell, comedian Demetri Martin delivers a one-of-a-kind stand-up special.

"Space Jam: A New Legacy"


"Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer (DE)" (Netflix Documentary)
In 2012, a string of grisly murders sent shock waves through the Berlin party scene. The killer remained at large — until one of his targets survived.

"Files of the Unexplained" (Netflix Documentary)
Eerie encounters, bizarre disappearances, haunting events and more perplexing phenomena are explored in this chilling investigative docuseries.

"Rodeio Rock" (BR) (Netflix Film)
When a rock wannabe is forced to replace his famous sertanejo look-alike, he faces a life-changing choice — lose his own identity or follow his heart.


"100 Days to Indy" Season 1


"Crooks" (DE) (Netflix Series)
A priceless coin puts rival gangs across Europe at odds, forcing a retired safecracker to team up with a two-bit gangster for one last heist.

"I Woke Up A Vampire" Season 2 (Netflix Family)
Carmie starts high school, but a charming sophomore drives a wedge in her friend group. Can Carmie balance boys, school — and an ancient prophecy?

"Ripley" (Netflix Series)
Tom Ripley, a grifter scraping by in early 1960s New York, is hired by a wealthy man to travel to Italy and convince his vagabond son to return home. Tom's acceptance of the job is the first step into a complex life of deceit, fraud and murder. The limited series drama is based on Patricia Highsmith’s bestselling Tom Ripley novels.

"The Tearsmith" (IT) (Netflix Film)
Adopted together after a tough childhood in an orphanage, Nica and Rigel realize that unexpected but irresistible feelings pull them together.


"The Antisocial Network: Memes to Mayhem" (Netflix Documentary)
From Rickrolling to viral conspiracy theories, explore how an anonymous website evolved into a hub for real-world chaos in this documentary.

"Parasyte: The Grey" (KR) (Netflix Series)
When unidentified parasites violently take over human hosts and gain power, humanity must rise to combat the growing threat.

"Scoop" (GB) (Netflix Film)
Inspired by real events, this fictional dramatization gives an insider account of how the women of Newsnight secured Prince Andrew’s infamous interview.

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"Day of the Dead: Bloodline"
"Imposters" Seasons 1-2

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