Apple reportedly abandoning Vision Pro 2 for cheaper headset — everything you need to know

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A new report claims that Apple will no longer be working on a high-end sequel to the Vision Pro headset. Allegedly, the suspension of work on a new Vision Pro is related to flagging sales of the $3,500 device, reports The Information.

The report comes from manufacturers in the Apple supply chain, who claim that Apple was planning to release two different models of the Vision headset, similar to how Apple has higher-end and mid-level versions of their other product lines like the iPhone and MacBook.

The existing Apple Vision Pro has struggled to find a buyers, mostly, we'd argue because of the absurdly high $3,500 price. While Tom's Guide Global Editor Mark Spoonauer found the Vision Pro to be a "revolution in progress" he did note that the device is hefty and can quickly become uncomfortable to wear.

Other Tom's Guide editors like John Velasco have said that the headset is little more than an expensive accessory for other Apple devices. For the price you could just buy a 15-inch Macbook Air and a 1TB iPhone 15 Pro Max

There have been rumors that Apple is working on a cheaper model. According to The Information, the tech giant is working on making a version of the Vision headset that is more inline with the price of an iPhone Pro or Pro Max, around $1,600. That's still about three times the price of the Meta Quest 3, which currently tops our list of the best VR headsets.

Supposedly, this more wallet-friendly model will release at the end of 2024. 

That said, suppliers reported that Apple has been struggling with a cheaper headset. The biggest issue appears to be in finding a replacement for the Sony-manufactured displays. A Chinese company called Seeya Technology, is allegedly working on cheaper displays but is failing to meet Apple's high standards. Based on those reports, that late 2024 number is generous and more likely Apple won't release anything until 2025. 

One report suggested that the expensive lens may stay but that the headset would lose cameras and feature a simpler headband. 

A simpler headband would only work if Apple is going to reduce the 1.4-pound weight of the Vision Pro. Supposedly, the company is trying to cut at least a third of the weight down to just less than a pound. 

In the meantime, Apple just announced a number of updates to the Vision operating system. And we're sure the company is working on some kind of Apple Intelligence integration.

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