LG Display announces production of new gaming OLED — and it’s a world's first

LG Display new OLED panel with racing game on screen
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LG Display is producing a new gaming OLED panel for gaming monitors that uses a first-of-its-kind Dynamic Frequency and Resolution feature. 

This exciting new by LG Display is designed to give players the ultimate gameplay experience by letting you switch the refresh rate and resolution from 240Hz at UHD to 480Hz in FHD depending on the type of content presented.

LG Display highlights genres such as racing and first-person shooters as being perfect for high refresh rate mode (480Hz) as opposed to watching 4K movies or shows in high-resolution mode (240Hz). It will also come equipped with an MLA panel, which makes OLED TVs way brighter, and a so-called Thin Actuator Sound feature for improved audio. 

The first gaming OLED solution out of LG Display will be a 31.5-inch panel and supplied to LG Electronics, most likely in its Ultra Gear monitor lineup, like the LG UltraGear 45GR75DC. Alternative global gaming gear brands will begin receiving the panel later into the year.  

A gaming OLED panel with ample variety

LG Display’s new switchable refresh rate and resolution feature is a major game changer for players that want that variation when using the best gaming PCs. Aptly called Dynamic Frequency and Resolution (DFR), the new feature allows you to tailor your monitor’s gaming experience to your liking by switching from 240Hz in 4K to 480Hz in 1080p. 

The technology will first be used in the new 31.5-inch solution out of LG Display, but will be coming in a variety of additional sizes later as it continues to mass produce the gaming OLED panel. 

Using an MLA panel, which is often pit against WOLED vs QD-OLED displays, makes this new gaming OLED solution truly stand out. The panel breakthrough allows the monitor boosted brightness potential, as seen on some of LG’s own best OLED TVs, like the LG G3 OLED and LG C3 OLED

Aptly called Dynamic Frequency and Resolution (DFR), the new feature allows you to tailor your monitor’s gaming experience to your liking by switching between 240Hz in 4K to 480Hz in 1080p.

LG Display also claims the panel will feature the fastest response time of any PC monitor on the market at 0.03ms at the 480Hz mode. Anything below 10ms is quite good, but few panels even in the TV space can hit that low of an input lag, which could prove lucrative for gaming monitor brands if accurate.

A Thin Actuator Sound technology rounds out the list of features. This new technology will allow audio from the panel to sound more vivid as if being output directly from the screen without the need for one of the best computer speakers. It’s similar to the new Acoustic Surface Audio Plus as seen on Sony’s 2024 TV lineup.

LG Display’s new panel is an exciting new addition to the gaming monitor landscape and should bring some hefty competition to the ecosystem. While it’s unclear as of yet when gamers can expect this new panel to officially hit the market, we will definitely keep you posted.

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