Best unlimited data plans in 2024

best unlimited data plan
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The best unlimited data plans are more affordable than you might think, especially if it's been a while since you've compared one offering to another. There still are some expensive options out there, but there are just as many plans that provide a near limitless pool of data without costing an arm and leg.

Some of those plans are available at major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. But if you really want to save on your phone plan without sacrificing data, look at smaller carriers like Mint and Visible. They use the same networks owned by larger operators, but they don't charge nearly as much for their best unlimited data plans.

I know because I've spent most of the last decade writing about what phone carriers charge for data as part of my regular updates to our best cell phone plan guide. I see a lot of different unlimited plans, so I know what each one costs and what perks come with those plans.

Among the bigger names, T-Mobile has the most attractive unlimited plan in the from of its Go5G plan; AT&T can also be surprisingly cheap if you're not averse to paying for a year of service up front. But look at other options, and you'll find that the unlimited plans at Mint, Visible and Tello rank among the best cheap cell phone plans under $40.

If you're in the market for a new phone, the best cell phone deals usually require you to sign up for unlimited data to get a premium discount on your handset. You'll want to make sure that any plan you sign up for is the right one for your needs. And our guide to the best unlimited plans can help you with that decision.

The quick list

The best unlimited data plans you can get today

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The best unlimited data plan overall

Visible | Visible Plus | $45/month - The best unlimited data prepaid on a budget

Visible | Visible Plus | $45/month - The best unlimited data prepaid on a budget
A basic unlimited data plan at Visible starts at $25. But unless you need the lower rate, we'd steer you toward the Visible Plus plan, which costs $45 per month. With Visible Plus, you get access to fast Ultra Wideband 5G coverage on Verizon's network. (Verizon owns Visible.) Visible Plus customers can also use data when traveling in Mexico and Canada while making calls to more than 30 countries from the U.S. at no extra charge. Visible Plus now features a one Global Pass day that lets you use your plan for free overseas. Best of all, you can use 50GB of data without seeing your traffic slowed — Visible's cheaper unlimited plan is subject to throttling when Verizon's network is congested. A current promotion at Visible lets you use code "VIP20" to save $20 on your first month of Visible Plus.

Pros: Access to Verizon's fastest 5G coverage, international calling, 50GB of data usage without throttling
No discounts on additional lines of data

The best unlimited plan value

Mint Mobile | Unlimited data | $30/month - Unlimited data on a budget

Mint Mobile | Unlimited data | $30/month - Unlimited data on a budget
With a regular rate of $30/month for unlimited data, this  option is already one of the best Mint Mobile plans, even if you have to pay for a year in advance to keep that rate. Right now, a promotion at Mint lowers the cost of the first three months by half to $15. So you'll pay $45 for three months of unlimited service before the regular $30 monthly rate kicks in. With Mint, you can use up to 40GB of data each month before your service is slowed down. Mint also provides 5G access through T-Mobile, which now owns the low-cost carrier.

Pros: One of the cheapest overall unlimited plans, 5G speeds
Speed restrictions, price increases after 3 months unless you commit to a full year of service

The best unlimited plan value from a major carrier

AT&T | AT&T Value Plus | $51/month — AT&T's cheapest unlimited plan
Pros: Cons:

AT&T | AT&T Value Plus | $51/month — AT&T's cheapest unlimited plan
AT&T has three main unlimited data plans, which range in cost from $66 to $86 per month for a single line. (Of those offerings, AT&T Unlimited is the best and most expensive, but it has solid perks like lots of hotspot data, 4K video streaming and the ability to stay connected when traveling in Latin America.) If that seems like too much, though, AT&T's Value Plus offering charges a lower $51 monthly rate. (Technically $50.99.) Perks are few and far between, and AT&T can slow your service if its network is busy. But you get relatively cheap unlimited data on a great network. AT&T seems to have updated Value Plus to where you can add more lines of data, with per-line discounts kicking in once you add a third line.

Pros: Cheapest unlimited plan at AT&T, includes 5G coverage
Cons: Data speeds can be slowed, limited multiline discounts

The best unlimited plan perks

T-Mobile Go5G | Unlimited data | $75/month - Best perks from an affordable unlimited plan

T-Mobile Go5G | Unlimited data | $75/month - Best perks from an affordable unlimited plan
Pricier options deliver more perks, but we think the best T-Mobile cell phone plan for most people comes down to the $75/month Go5G option at T-Mobile. You get 100GB of priority data — that means your data speed won't be slowed until you consume a lot of data every month — plus 15GB of high-speed hotspot data and coverage when you travel overseas. You can also enjoy six months of Apple TV Plus for free by signing up for Go5G.
Pros: Attractive perks, affordable price, benefits for additional lines
Cons: HD video streaming costs extra

The cheapest unlimited plan

Tello | Unlimited data | $25/month — A cheap unlimited alternative to Mint and VisiblePros:Cons:

Tello | Unlimited data | $25/month — A cheap unlimited alternative to Mint and Visible
Tello's unlimited data option now cost $25, matching Visible's cheapest plan and beating Mint by $5. (You also don't need to commit for a full year of service at Tello like you to get Mint's best rate.)  Don't expect many perks from Tello's unlimited data plan — you can make free calls to 60-plus countries and use your phone as a hotspot, but that's about it. Tello also slows down your data after 35GB of use, which is a less generous cap than Mint's 40GB ceiling. If you don't need unlimited data, Tello offers even cheaper plans.

Pros: The lowest cost for unlimited data, includes free calling to 60-plus countries
Cons: Not many perks

The most flexible unlimited plan

Verizon | Unlimited Plus | $80/month - Most flexible unlimited planPros:Cons:

Verizon | Unlimited Plus | $80/month - Most flexible unlimited plan
Unlimited Plus is the more value-packed option among Verizon's top phone plans. You'll play $15 less each month for Welcome Unlimited, but that plan offers little more than nationwide 5G coverage. (Both Plus and Welcome add additional discounts to your monthly rate if you bring your own device.) With Unlimited Plus, you get faster Ultra Wideband 5G where available, plus 30GB of hotspot data and a three-year price guarantee. Also, you can use up to 30GB of data each month before Verizon slows your data speeds. Add-ons can layer on additional perks for an extra $10/month. These include packages like Disney's streaming services, Travel Passes for international travel and an Apple services bundle.

Pros: Excellent coverage including Ultra Wideband 5G, includes hotspot data
Cons: $10 add-ons can quickly add up, T-Mobile has cheaper plans

The best unlimited plan for Comcast customers

Xfinity Mobile | Unlimited plan | $40/month - Best unlimited plan for Comcast customersPros: Cons:

Xfinity Mobile | Unlimited plan | $40/month - Best unlimited plan for Comcast customers
If you're already getting internet service from Comcast — and there's a good chance you are, since it's the nation's largest ISP — consider bundling in phone service through Xfinity Mobile. The price is certainly right, at $40 a month for unlimited data on a single line. (Adding extra lines drops the price further — two lines cost $30 each, while a family of four would pay $25 per line.) Xfinity also has a $50 Unlimited Plus plan with better perks (faster hotspot speeds, a higher cap before speeds are throttled, and so on). But the $40 tier should be good enough for most customers.

Pros: Low cost, uses Verizon's network
Cons: Only available to Xfinity internet customers

Best unlimited data plan for travelers

Google Fi | Unlimited Plus plan | $65/month - Best unlimited plan for traveling


Google Fi | Unlimited Plus plan | $65/month - Best unlimited plan for traveling
Google Fi's main unlimited plan is not one of the most affordable plans. For travelers, though, the Unlimited Plus plan is the perfect option. Google doesn't charge you extra for texting or using data in more than 200 countries. There are other benefits to Google Fi's plan too, like a year of YouTube Premium. If you have a Pixel 8, Pixel 8a, Pixel Fold or any one of a number of select devices from Samsung and Motorola, you'll be able to switch seamlessly between cellular networks and Google's Wi-Fi hotspots. However, any handset can use Google Fi and any 5G-enabled phone can connect to the faster network where available. If $65 a month is too much, Google features a $50 plan, though you give up the international coverage.

Great international coverage, supports lots of phones now, includes YouTube Premium
Some features limited to select phones

Best prepaid plan perks

Cricket Wireless | Unlimited + 15GB Mobile Hotspot | $60/month - Best prepaid unlimited plan perksPros: Cons:

Cricket Wireless | Unlimited + 15GB Mobile Hotspot | $60/month - Best prepaid unlimited plan perks
Among prepaid carriers, Metro by T-Mobile charges less than Cricket with an unlimited plan starting at $40 a month. Yet, we like Cricket's plan because you can reduce the cost by $5/month when you enroll in autopay, bringing your total cost to $55. This Cricket plan also comes with perks like 15GB of hotspot data, 150GB of cloud storage and access to the ad-supported Max streaming serivce. (That perk's not even available from AT&T any more.)  As an AT&T-owned MVNO, Cricket subscribers can access 5G coverage from AT&T.

Pros: Uses AT&T's network, good perks for a prepaid plan
Cons: Expensive for a prepaid option

How to pick the best unlimited data plan for you

Besides making sure to choose a carrier that offers good service in your area — check out our guide to the fastest wireless networks in addition to asking friends and family about coverage — consider both price and perks. With the best unlimited data plans from major carriers ranging in price from $60 to $90 per month, pick the plan that fits in your budget or turn to a discount carrier like Mint or Visible. Also consider what benefits each wireless carrier includes with their different tiers of unlimited data.

Wondering if you need unlimited data? Unless you’re streaming video and music fairly regularly, you probably can get away with a tiered data plan, like the ones offered by AT&T and Verizon.

While we have a separate guide to the best family cell phone plan options, most of the unlimited plans featured here allow you to add extra lines, usually at discounted per-line rates. The exceptions are AT&T's Value Plus Plan, Tello's $25 option and the Visible Plus plan. Mint's approach to family plans is to offer the same discounted rate for each line of data, so unlimited plans would cost $30 per line, assuming you commit to the full year of service.

Are unlimited data plans truly unlimited?

That depends. While you do technically get unlimited data on all of these plans, many of them will impose a restriction somewhere in the plan to limit you slightly. 

AT&T reserves the right to start throttling data at 50GB for Unlimited Extra; Unlimited Starter customers can be throttled at any time. Unlimited Premium customers don't have to worry about caps, though, as AT&T has removed that limitation from its most expensive plan. Verizon is able to slow data after 30GB are used by Unlimited Plus customers; speeds can slow whenever there's network congestion for the Unlimited Welcome plan. T-Mobile lets you use 100GB of data before throttling can begin, though if you opt for the more expensive Magenta Max plan, there's no cap on data usage at all.

Get your service from a discount carrier, and you run the risk that your speeds will be slowed in favor of other customers on the parent carrier's network. Visible guarantees customers who sign up for its Visible Plus plan 50GB of premium data free of throttling. Xfinity Mobile slows speeds after you use 30GB of data on its standard unlimited plan, but under the Plus plan, that cap rises to 50GB, respectively. Mint caps its unlimited data plan at 40GB while Tello has increased its cap to 35GB. 

There could also be limits on the quality of video you can stream — some plans restrict video streaming to 480p, requiring you to pay more for HD video streaming. Many plans also impose limits on hotspot data, only allotting a limited amount of high-speed hotspot data. This isn't really as big of an issue as it sounds. For the average person, hotspotting is simply an added benefit and you won't really lose out too much by being limited on it.

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    There must be some kind of price fixing going on in the US. In Ireland, which is considered a ripoff for cellular plans compared to UK I have unlimited calls, txts, and 80GB + free social media data for about $23-/month including taxes. As I use whatsapp for everything it's all about data. The EU reins in these telecoms so they only make a small fortune in the low billions.
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    ATT prepaid has unlimited plan for 30/month. And when you do multi line discount you end up able to get 5 lines for $90 plus a little tax!
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    Verizon now has a 150GB/mo plan for $80/mo, with limited caveats.