I test gadgets for a living and these are the best Father's Day gifts you can still get

LG StanbyMeGo, Twelve South AirFly Pro, PhiGolf 2, Ninja Cooler and Sonos Ace headphones
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The clock is ticking on Father's Day, but there's still time to get him something he'll really love. And by he, I mean me. I've been covering gadgets for over 20 years, and these items stood out so much I just brought them on a TV segment to show them off.

For the golfing dad we have a simulator that lets you play awesome courses at home and train before you hit the real-world links, and for the audiophile dad there's Sonos' first-ever headphones with great sound and awesome battery life. And don't forget about the forgetful dads (like me) that leave their wallets everywhere and could use a helping hand.

Here's the best Father's Day gadget gifts you can still get now and where to buy them. 

Nomad Tracking Card 

Nomad Tracking Card

(Image credit: Nomad)

I tried putting an AirTag in my wallet so I didn't keep losing it around the house, but it was just too thick. The Nomad Tracking Card is super thin (about the size of two credit cards) and works with Apple's Find My App so you can easily track it down. All you need to do out of the box is open the app and press on the small button the card and it will be paired with your iPhone.

The best part about the Nomad Tracking Card is that you don't have to replace the battery. You can just slap it on any MagSafe or Qi charger to juice it back up. And the battery lasts a pretty solid 5 months on a charge. Fair warning, this is currently backordered at Nomad's site so you won't get it in time for Father's Day, but you can keep it in your back pocket for dad's next birthday. 

Nomad Tracking Card: $40 @ Nomad

Nomad Tracking Card: $40 @ Nomad
This slim card is a great alternative to the Apple AirTag because it slips in your wallet without adding bulk and it works with Apple's Find My app. And you can wirelessly charge it using a MagSafe or Qi charger. It's on backorder but it will ship in August. 

Sonos Ace Headphones

Sonos Ace

(Image credit: Sonos)

Give Dad the gift of silence — and extra long battery life — with the Sonos Ace headphones. The company's first ever headphones made a really great impression on me when I had a chance to test them on the way to Apple's WWDC 2024 event and back. 

The sound quality is superb through the Sonos Ace. In fact, "Here Comes the Sun" never sounded so pristine. Even better, you get 30 hours of battery life; after a full charge the Ace was down to just 89% after a 5-hour flight. I also like the comfy, minimalist design and that you can easily switch between the Ace and Sonos Arc soundbar

Sonos Ace headphones: $449 @ Amazon
Price check: $449 @ Best Buy

Sonos Ace headphones: $449 @ Amazon
Sonos is famous for speakers and soundbars and have just unveiled their first wireless noise canceling headphones. They integrate seamlessly with their other speakers, have a cool minimalist design and last 30 hours on a charge. Perfect for travelers.
Price check: $449 @ Best Buy

AirFly Pro 

AirFly Pro

(Image credit: Twelve South)

Sure, there are some modern planes that now feature Bluetooth, but many of them still don't. That's where the AirFly Pro from Twelve South comes in. This clever gadget acts as a Bluetooth transmitter, beaming sound from your seat back entertainment system to your favorite headphones or wireless earbuds.

You can also use this accessory in the car, with a TV or at the gym. Basically, you can plug this gadget into anything that has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The AirFly Pro offers an epic 25 hours of battery life on a charge and you get 30 feet of range. 

Twelve South AirFly Pro: $54 @ AmazonPrice check: $54 @ Best Buy

Twelve South AirFly Pro: $54 @ Amazon
The Twelve South AirFly Pro is an adapter that lets you wirelessly transmit sound from your in-flight entertainment system, gym equipment or TV right to your headphones. It lasts for over 25 hours of battery life.
Price check: $54 @ Best Buy

Ninja FrostVault Cooler 

Nina FrostVault Cooler

(Image credit: Nina)

It's nice that your cooler can keep food and drinks cold but it's not so nice when the food gets soggy from all the melting ice. Enter the FrostVault from Ninja, which has a dedicated Dry Zone drawer for storing everything from hot dogs for your barbecue to limes for your Coronas.

The heavy-duty insulated design of the FrostVault can keep ice cold for up to 5 days with its 3 inches of insulation, and the 50-quart capacity can easily hold more than 45 cans plus ice. I also like the sturdy handles for easy carrying and bold blue color, though you can get it in gray and white, too. 

Ninja FrostVault cooler: $249 @ Ninja

Ninja FrostVault cooler: $249 @ Ninja
The Ninja FrostVault offers top-notch ice retention and a dedicated FrostVault for keeping food separate and nice and dry for days. There's enough storage for 45 cans with ice, and it's also sturdy and easy to transport. 

PhiGolf Golf Simulator

man playing PhiGolf 2

(Image credit: PhiGolf)

If you want to perfect your golf game at home, look no further than the PhiGolf 2. This awesome golf simulator comes with a swing stick and smart sensor to analyze everything from head speed to your face angle. And you can play up to 9 complimentary courses via the Phigolf app.

I found it easy to stream the gameplay from my iPhone to my TV via AirPlay. And there's lots of replay value here since there's multiple modes like Speed Golf and Crazy Birdie. You can even attach the Phigolf sensor to your real clubs to take swings outdoors. 

PhiGolf Home Golf Simulator: $299 @ Amazon

PhiGolf Home Golf Simulator: $299 @ Amazon
This awesome golf simulator pairs with your phone or tablet and lets you experience up to 76 courses. It also analyzes your swing so you can improve each time you play.

LG StanbyMe Go

The LG StanbyMe Go in the back of an SUV.

(Image credit: LG)

There's tailgating. And then there's tailgating. The LG StanbyMe Go is the ultimate splurge for sports fans who want to watch the pregame action in the parking lot on a 27-inch screen that unfurls from a sturdy briefcase. It's also a great gift for those who like to go camping.

The StanbyMe Go offers easy access to all of your favorite streaming apps, has a built-in touchscreen and offers up to 3 hours of battery life. There's even HDMI built-in, just in case you want to play some Madden on your PS5 before heading into the stadium. 

LG StanbyMe Go: from $1,199 @ Amazon
Price check: $1,199 @ Best Buy

LG StanbyMe Go: from $1,199 @ Amazon
The LG StanbyMe Go is the perfect portable TV to take on your next tailgate or camping trip. It comes in a durable hard-sided briefcase and gives you easy access to all your favorite streaming apps. You get 3 hours of battery life.
Price check: $1,199 @ Best Buy

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